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He Wanshuang has never been to Yicheng since finishing divorce with Lieyuan Shen that day.

She took Xiaoju and its nest away, took some carry-on luggage, and drove to the south again.

She had a few intentions before, but she hadn't decided, so she planned to live in each place for a few days.

These days, she learned about Gong Lingye's company, and heard Luo Tianqi mentioned that Lie Yuanchen was kicked out by the L Group.

She knew that her strength could not help Gong Lingye, and she also knew that Gong Lingye could overcome the difficulties by herself.

So, she just went all the way south quietly, looking for her next stop.

Sometimes life is really like a journey movie, she walks in it, playing the movie scene that belongs to her alone.

She went to several places to consider, but finally settled down in that place called Ercheng.

It was a small town, no big or small. There was no industry in the city. Instead, it lived on handicrafts and natural food.

The people here are very hardworking. They get up almost at dawn and go to the mountains to pick some edible flowers and fruits, and then make various kinds of handmade desserts and sell them to nearby big cities.

Because they are all handmade, the output is not high, but the people here seem to be accustomed to this kind of life. They don't have much material requirements. They work at sunrise and rest at sunset.

What really kept He Wanshuang was her experience of riding a bamboo raft at the guesthouse that day.

The bamboo rafts here are supported by local people. Moreover, all of them are voluntary labor, and there is no charge.

When she arrived that day, it suddenly rained. She thought she couldn't find anyone to take her to the guest house opposite, but found that the boatman was waiting there with a hat.

She carried her bag, pulled a trolley suitcase, and got on the bamboo raft.

The water here is not deep, it is estimated that it has just passed the knee, although it is raining, the water surface is also very stable.

On both sides of the river bank, the entrance is green, and the guest house on the opposite side is reflected in the lush greenery.

Because of the rain, a thin layer of mist even formed on the water. During the bamboo raft, the hazy water vapor wetted the cheeks, and the clear singing of the boatman echoed on the river.

He Wanshuang suddenly fell in love with this place. She hugged Xiaoju and lowered her head and asked, "Xiaoju, shall we live here for a while?"

Xiaoju's fur was stained with a thin layer of water vapor in rain and fog. It lazily held He Wanshuang's arms and meowed.

"So, are you willing?" He Wanshuang smiled: "Then we will stay."

The river is not very wide, and it will reach the opposite bank in a short time.

The boatman helped He Wanshuang walk off the bamboo raft, then helped her carry the suitcase and came to the door of the hotel.

He Wanshuang wanted to give him the money, but he refused to accept it. He just smiled: "Girl, we don't have this rule! And if you are willing to come here, it is just to bring blessings to us. We should thank you!"

The other party really didn't accept it, and He Wanshuang couldn't help it. After thinking about it, she took out a snack from another city and stuffed it to the other party.

The homestays here are almost all wooden structures. The rain on the eaves drips down the tiles, like beads with broken wires.

He Wanshuang's room was on the corner of the third floor. She walked in. Although the room was not big, it had everything.

There are bedrooms, small halls, bathrooms, and even kitchens and balconies.

She put Xiaoju down, and Xiaoduanzi directly carried the catwalk and went around to inspect.

He Wanshuang sat down and took a deep breath.

The fresh smell of the surroundings, mixed with the dampness after the rain, poured into her lungs, and she felt that her whole person seemed to have merged into this light rain world.

After staying here for two days, she began to learn how to make pastries from the owner of the hotel.

Everything you can eat in the mountains at this time can be used as raw materials.

She took them off, beat them into a syrup, kneaded them, then added sugar, ghee, and finally some fresh flowers to make pastries one by one, and finally put them in the stove to bake.

She was not eager to write the official account, but was learning to do things with the boss's wife for several days.

She usually doesn't eat much, and she can only eat one or two of the prepared pastries.

The proprietress said that she has done so much, if there are any friends, it is better to send them to them.

He Wanshuang thought for a while, took out his mobile phone, looked for Gong Lingye's contact information, and sent him two boxes. After asking him to receive it, he turned around and gave Luo Tianqi and Xuanyuan Che some.

After that, she thought about it again and filled out a courier slip.

The delivery address of the courier is Yicheng, Xiaocheng’s tea house.

She didn't write the name of the sender, it was completely blank.

Since she left that day, several members of the Border Town band have contacted her, but Xiao Cheng has not.

She knew that he might be a little angry, after all, she had a friend, and she didn't tell them until the last day.

However, she also thanked him, it was he who took her to such a strange world, spent the gloomiest time in her life, and let her find the passion and confidence in life a little bit.

After He Wanshuang sent the goods, he returned to normal days.

She will continue to go to the mountains to pick ingredients and make things with the proprietress, and she will also go to the village to watch the old people make handicrafts.

A week later, she will also use rattan to make a small basket. Although it is a bit ugly, Xiaoju loves it very much. She is no longer willing to sleep in its original nest, but only recognizes the small basket.

In the evening, He Wanshuang also began to write about his experiences.

At this time, she would often sit under the light and write while listening to the rustle of bamboo leaves outside.

The young couples next door and downstairs came and went, one after another. She occasionally met to say hello.

Until that day, the lady boss greeted two more guests.

Lie Xiaoruan went to Gong Lingye's house to stop by and eat the cake.

Although the pastries are generally in appearance, the taste is very sweet, and there is a unique fragrance in the aftertaste.

She ate four of them in one go, and she also swallowed what Gong Lingye had brought to Luo Tianqi when she went to work. Then she remembered to ask where Gong Lingye bought it.

Gong Lingye looked at her, hesitated for a moment and said: "It was made by Night Cream and sent to me."

"Sister-in-law?" Lie Xiao blurted out instinctively, and then she asked: "Where is she?"

"Xiaoshuang doesn't want to say." Gong Lingye smiled: "You like to eat, I will buy it for you elsewhere."

Lie Xiaoruan agreed on the surface, but secretly went to the trash can of Gong Lingye's house.

She flipped out the courier slip, took a photo of the address on it, and then left quietly.

When he went home that day, Lie Yuanchen also returned early.

Lie Xiaoruan pestered him: "Brother, tomorrow weekend, you haven't spent the weekend with me for a long time, can you accompany me to a place..."

Lie Xiaoruan was very grateful that He Wanshuang also wrote the name of the homestay on the express note, so she had checked the guide that day, bought a ticket, and took Lie Yuan Shen the next day.