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#80 Indifference? Abstinence? Hard to push?

The next day, the robot competition was held as scheduled in the science and Technology Museum of imperial city.

In the early morning, Song Yi people took the school car and went to the science and technology museum with Xiao Pei.

The first three days are the preliminaries of individual competition, and the next three days are the preliminaries of group competition. After that, the elimination competition will be carried out according to the results.

And the final finals, two weeks later.

The preliminary match is a draw system, the Song Yi People's matches are in the afternoon, while Xiao Pei's is in the early morning.

In the guild hall, there are university students from various universities in China, and some teachers sitting in the stands, while the central arena is handed over to the competitors and their robots.

"Come on." Song Yi people to Xiao Pei than a fighting action, Xiao Pei smile, hit a ring finger: "rest assured."

When he walked into the competition field in a casual way, the cheers of his classmates around him seemed to stop for a few seconds.

Then someone recognized: "he is Xiao Pei!"

"Isn't Xiao Pei the school grass of emperor Da? It's a bully! "

"How handsome! Come on, Xiao Pei!"

Song Yi people listened, the girls' voice is particularly warm. She couldn't help laughing and began to watch the game.

Xiao Pei's opponent is a shaved boy from Imperial University of science and technology. The boy looks ordinary and has a solid body, just like his robot mark, and he is also a master who looks like a heavy tank.

Xiao Pei's robot is called "kindling". It's an all-in-one red guy. It looks much thinner than the other's. The first gesture is to hold your arm and hook your fingers arrogantly.

All of a sudden, there was a smile from the audience, while the students of Imperial University were very angry. Xiao Pei was so arrogant!

So mark attacked. He turned the track. He was very big, but not slow. He quickly came to the front of the fire, and then he waved his arm!

When he saw that the fire was about to be hit by his back, he suddenly had a beautiful back somersault and landed steadily on the ground. Then he stretched out a finger and pointed at an interface of mark.

All of a sudden, mark made a quick "stab" sound, and then suddenly stopped all his movements.

There was silence, and then they all looked in shock at the smoke rising from mark.

So, the fire is really the fire. This guy can make mark short circuit by spraying fire?!

Xiao Pei's opponent's complexion is blue and white, his robot seems to be damaged, this competition, also stopped here!

The fire won, walked to the center of the stage, bowed to all the people on the stage, then turned around and left without a trace of dust.

When Xiao Pei returned to his seat, his tutor was very satisfied: "Xiao Pei, winning with one stroke, very good! If it's warm, I'll see you in the afternoon! I'm very relieved of you both. You are the powerful general who will attack the gold and silver card! "

Xiao Pei and Song Yi didn't leave even after the match ended, because they still need to watch each opponent's match, so that they can know when they encounter opponents in the knockout.

At noon, people eat in the guild hall.

Only listen to someone discuss: "just heard a gossip!"

"What gossip?"

"It's the award ceremony of individual competition and group competition that the president of Tiangong group will attend!"

"Wow! Who is the president? "

"It's like the one who doesn't like to appear at ordinary times! It's uncle. "

"Wow, uncle? I like my uncle. He is different from his nephew. His nephew is Gao Leng. He is kind of indifferent and ascetic. It's hard to push him down! "

"Yes, yes, that's the feeling. It's especially fascinating to imagine what it would be like to knock him down!"

"However, he doesn't have any gossip. It feels like he doesn't have to have sex. It's kind of cold to the bone!"

After listening, the songI people turned their lips.

Indifference? Abstinence? Hard to push?


As a result, when she got up after eating and was going to find a place to rest for a while, her mobile phone rang, which was called by the indifferent and abstinent president Gong.

"Warm, in the stadium?" Gong Lingye's voice came from the receiver.

"Well, my game is in the afternoon," said the Seigner

"I'm going on a business trip tomorrow morning. I'll have dinner together tonight to celebrate the first victory for you." Palace Ling night way.

"It's not like it hasn't come out yet!" Song Yiren.

"Don't guess, I'm sure you can." Gong Ling said at night, "let's cook hot pot at home."

"Mr. Gong is really creative when eating hot pot in summer." Song Yiren thought of what he heard just now and asked, "you will attend the first three awards?"

"You heard?" Gong Ling's voice joked with some joy: "warm, then I can hold you in the public."

Instead of taking up the subject, Song Yi said, "but I've heard the gossip about you. Do you want to hear it?"

"Good." He responded cheerfully.

Song Yi people retell the words of several girls just now.

"Gong Ling's lips are warm at night. It can be seen that the eight trigrams are just the eight trigrams. They can't be true. You should tell them that the real me has desire for you. Hope, passion for you, want to be pushed down by you anytime and anywhere. "

As soon as Gong Lingye's words were mentioned here, the sound of "Dudu" came from the receiver.

He helplessly looked at the screen and smiled, as if she was the only one who dared to hang up his phone.

It seems that the little girl is more and more brave. Should he clean up her?

In the afternoon, the song is in the middle.

When they heard the broadcast and asked mians to prepare, the Songyi people couldn't help laughing.

On one side, Xiao Pei did not understand: "what's the matter?"

"All of a sudden, I think my robot has a bright future." Song Yiren laughs, picks up mians and goes backstage to prepare.

She was also a little girl at war. Because there are not many girls learning AI, the straight men on the stage were excited when they saw that it was actually two girls at war.

In particular, there is also a beautiful woman who can become a beauty in a prosperous age!

Some people began to talk about: "the emperor's big girl must be their school flower, right? Why haven't you heard of it before? "

"I know her! It's said that she is Gong Shao's girlfriend, the girlfriend of Gong Mochen of Tiangong group! "

"Isn't it? Have all the beauties been booked so early? What a pity! "

"However, since she is Gong Shao's girlfriend, is she cheating in the competition?"

"Right. Now Tiangong group also has artificial intelligence. I heard that a batch of artificial intelligence robots will be launched at the end of this month."

"That's not fair! She has the whole Tiangong team behind her. Who can win her? "

A few people's comments are not small, immediately, attracted a lot of people's attention.

However, the Song Yi people on the court did not know, because the referee had announced the start.

Song Yi people have studied others before. Many people have exposed some characteristics of robots in order to win in the beginning. Therefore, she decided to take the path of violence.

In addition, when she was doing mians, she referred to some Sanda movements and specially strengthened the robot's limb joints.

So, as soon as the game is announced, mians rushes directly to the opponent's face, and then, a violent fist, then a whirling kick, directly hits the opponent.

Almost within a second, the opponent's counterattack just came out, and he had been smashed by the violence of mians, breaking his legs and lying on the ground.

Second wins!