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#454 Young man

Everyone said with a smile, Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen also grilled the skewers, and then several men grilled oysters there again.

Gong Moyan was eating skewers, and Baidu gave a look at ‘Why do men eat grilled oysters’? After reading the explanation, he suddenly flushed his cheeks.

Seeing that Xiao Pei did not eat, she throbbed her heart and asked him, "Brother, why don't you eat oysters?"

Xiao Pei glanced at the men and smiled lightly: "Because I am young!"


Lunch was particularly pleasant, and when everyone was full, they walked together in the manor to eat and drink.

Luo Tianqi asked: "Brother Ye, what are the arrangements for the afternoon and evening?"

Gong Lingye turned his head: "What do you want to play?"

"Sing and play bubble girls?" Luo Tianqi asked.

He fell, and all the girls looked at it.

He smiled and waved his hand: "Talk casually."

"Is it almost digested?" Gong Lingye asked: "It's almost time for us to go to the villa behind the old house. I really have arrangements."

It's just that when everyone got there and went up to the second floor and saw all the fitness equipment, Luo Tianqi was stunned: "Brother Ye, you are--"

Song Yiren laughed: "The devil instructor is going online!"

"Brother, this afternoon's schedule is fitness?" Lie Xiaoruo was surprised.

"Yes, all exercise well, let's get a lap of equipment first!" Gong Ling night said.

Therefore, Luo Tianqi thought that the corrupt life was carried out in the sweat.

Song Yi people are used to it because Gong Lingye has always been her personal trainer. At home on the weekend before, he arranged for her at least one and a half hours of fitness every day.

A 20-minute warm-up, a 40-minute machine, and a jog for at least half an hour.

Therefore, she was already familiar with the equipment, but she did it in a good manner.

Lie Xiaoruo has only practiced yoga, knowing nothing about the equipment, standing in front of the equipment and hesitating, there is a laugh in his ear: "Little soft girl, do you want your brother to teach you?"

She turned her head and saw Luo Tianqi Diao Erlang standing nearby.

She was not convinced: "Will you? Looks like a weak chicken, it is estimated that there is no muscle!"

"You look down on brother?" Luo Tianqi said, straightening his waist bar and tightening his abdomen: "You touch it to see if I have eight abdominal muscles?"

Lie Xiao softly pouted, but still stretched out his hand.

The place where her fingertips touched was hard, and she was a little surprised, covering her entire palm.

She actually felt the muscles.

She raised her eyes and her hands were still on Luo Tianqi's abdomen: "Are you sure?"

"Don't you know?" Luo Tianqi put her arm on her shoulder: "I tell you, just like the top student with the best grades in school, you usually see him, and you don't listen to it in class. , And he secretly stayed home until three o'clock!"

Lie Xiaoruo was so hooked by him, only thinking that half of his body seemed to be trapped in a man's siege, which was strange and dangerous.

She moved uncomfortably, but listened to Luo Tianqi again: "You can't look at the surface, and teach you to order these, so that you won't be deceived!"

He deliberately lowered his voice, and the lips and flaps were next to her ears. Without going through any sound, he slammed straight into her cochlea.

Lie Xiaosoft felt a little tingling in his ears and responded: "If you know it, just talk, what do you do with your shoulders?"

Luo Tianqi smiled: "You are the elder brother's sister, that is my sister, who and who we are! Someone will bully you in the future, brother will beat you to death!"

Lie Xiaoruan couldn't help raising his lips: "You said it!"

"Nonsense! Don't look at how much muscle brother has!" Luo Tianqi said, grabbing Lie Xiaosoft's hand, and put it on his chest: "Can you feel it? The chest muscles are as good!"

Lie Xiaoruo wanted to say no, because she seemed to only feel his heartbeat, hitting her palm, especially clear.

"Okay, tell the right thing." Luo Tianqi let go of Lie Xiaoren and rushed to her: "Sitting on this, with his back straight, his shoulders relaxed, his back pulled back to this position..."

He explained, Lie Xiao nodded softly: "Is it so?"

"Well, yes." Luo Tianqi said: "The arm is also relaxed. Do you feel the power of the latissimus dorsi?"

"It seems to be felt," Lie Xiao said softly.

"Little soft girl is quite smart, as soon as you say it." Luo Tianqi said: "Do 20, after finishing, I will take you to stretch."

He took her like this and did all the equipment one by one.

Lie Xiaoruo found that when Luo Tianqi was not kidding, the whole person was completely different from the usual.

He will patiently explain to her where to exert force, will tell her where each exercise is exercised, and will correct her shortcomings one by one.

After a round of practice, he took her to run again, and helped her adjust the speed and incline.

"I went to practice over there." He said, he was leaving.

Lie Xiaoruo stopped him: "Luo Tianqi, do you usually have time? If you go to the gym, can you take me?"

Luo Tianqi stopped, "How about your brother?"

"They are all married." Lie Xiaoren was full of grievances.

Gong Ling nightly sprinkled dog food every day and didn't take care of her; Lie Yuan went to chase Evening Cream a while ago, but things on the company's side couldn't be ignored, so he ran on both sides and had no time.

"Okay." Luo Tianqi smiled: "It seems that you should find a boyfriend, I will help you pay attention."

Lie Xiao's hand holding the treadmill suddenly increased her strength, even she didn't even notice it.

She nodded: "Okay."

"Yes, you add me a WeChat, it is my mobile number 18877771111." Luo Tianqi said: "I will take you back when I go out to exercise."

"Okay, thank you!" Luo Tianqi had turned around when Li Xiaoxiao spoke.

She heard Luo Tianqi seem to be talking to herself: "I have to find Yeye to take the babysitting fee of the child!"

It's just that when he walked to Gong Ling Ye's side, the whole person was not good: "Brother Ye, we are already full at noon and don't need dog food."

Gong Lingye was doing push-ups, and Song Yi was lying on his body, adding to his weight. And every time he got up, she helped him sweat.

After Gong Lingye did 20, Song Yi people came down and went to get Gong Lingye a towel and water.

"Tian Qi, can you do it?" Gong Ling Ye Gu Gudong asked after drinking water.

"Of course!" Luo Tianqi got down and turned his head: "Which sister is on?"

Who knows, he just shot the styling, Chi Jingyu went straight up: "Tian Qi, I'm up, should you be able to?"

Everyone laughed, Luo Tianqi directly squeezed the people away, and beckoned to North Momo: "Momo, you come."

"Oh, I'm going to secretly send it to A Che!" Song Yiren smiled.

It's just that people are really here at the gym. Everyone looked up and found out that it was Xuanyuan Che.

He seems to have just come out of the company, still wearing a suit, which is incompatible with the atmosphere of the gym.

He walked to Luo Tianqi: "Tianqi, they just said, you want to back Momo?"

Luo Tianqi collapsed: "A Che, is your ear downwind?"

When everyone laughed, Bei Mingmo asked Xuanyuan Che: "Did you say you have no time?"

"I came here just before my busy schedule." He pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear: "I don't want you to eat only their dog food."

Bei Mingmo heard the words and smiled: "Why did you suddenly learn?"

He smiled, but he thought of the way to the company today and saw the wedding dress in the mall window...