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#458 Two marriage certificates

He Wanshuang and Xiao Cheng met at more than 12 o'clock before they went back.

At home, Xiao Ju heard the movement and jumped into He Wanshuang's arms.

She obviously felt that Xiaojue seemed to be lighter, and was a bit puzzled. It has been able to eat more than ten days in the past ten days, and she is still thinner.

However, He Wanshuang did not think much about it and was ready to take a bath.

And just then, a call came.

Seeing that it was Li Yuanyuan who had hit her, she was about to hang up. Anyway, Xiao Ju jumped up, and the small paw with the meat pad touched the screen, and she answered.

He Wanshuang took a deep breath, and before it was time to hang up again, heard what seemed to be a female voice inside.

She picked it up suspiciously and heard the female voice inside: "Do you know the owner? He had a car accident and is now being sent to the hospital..."

Lieyuan Shen was rushed to the nearest hospital by well-meaning people passing by.

When he woke up, it was already the next morning.

At that time the sun was just right, he opened his eyes and saw Lie Xiaoren beside the bed.

Lie Xiaoruo's eyes were a little red, and there were still blue marks under his eyes. When he saw him, he almost cried out: "Brother, you scared me!"

Lieyuan Shen still felt the pain in his head, he frowned: "Xiao Ruan, what's wrong with me?"

He remembered that when he saw a cat suddenly sprang up in front of him at a high speed, he did not know what happened, and thought of Xiaotang, he instinctively turned the steering wheel, probably because of drinking, he missed his head a bit, Just hit the barrier.

After that, he can't remember.

"Why do you still drive when you are drunk?" Lie Xiao was so angry and worried: "The doctor said you have a concussion and need to be hospitalized for a few days."

After all, she asked again: "Brother, do you have any urgent matter, can't you deal with it the next day? Why did you come out at night? Fortunately, it was just a little concussion, a little bruise on the hand, if something happened... "

Lieyuan listened to Lie Xiaoruo reading aside, but he frowned suddenly.

Yeah, why did he go out at night and still drinking?

Why can't he remember at all?

Lie Xiaoruo obviously noticed Lieyuan Shen’s sudden strange expression. She grabbed his arm and said nervously, "Brother, is there something wrong?"

"Xiao Ruan, I don't know why I went out." Lie Yuan said doubtfully: "Did I not tell you when I went out?"

"Brother, how much wine did you drink?" Lie Xiaoruo was really angry.

Did you drink the fragments? !

Lieyuan Shen raised his hand and rubbed his temples. He always felt that something was wrong. He should not be a drunk driver.

At this moment, the nurse came over and said, "Mr. Lie, your phone is fully charged."

Lieyuan sinks in the past: "Thank you."

His hand was a little swollen, but he easily unlocked it.

Click on WeChat, there is no special news, and then he clicked on the call log.

The top call was with Xiao Ruan, apparently this morning, Lie Xiaoruo woke up and found that he was not there, and was called by the nurse.

The word "wife" below made him stunned.

He stared at the name for a long time, and his heartbeat became inexplicable: "Xiao Ruan, am I married?"

Lie Xiaorou wondered: "Brother, what are you talking about? You and the sister-in-law are not divorced."

When Lieyuan Shen heard this sentence, the whole person was shocked. He locked Lie Xiaosoft's eyes: "Xiao Ruan, what do you mean by sister-in-law? I'm really married? Why don't I know?"

Lie Xiaosoft’s eyes suddenly opened, and she waited a few seconds before saying: "Brother, don't you remember?"

Lieyuan Shen’s heart was a little silent: “So, I am really married and have a wife?”

"Brother, have you really forgotten your sister-in-law?" Lie Xiaoruo felt only a burst of coolness all over his body.

She has read reports before that someone may selectively forget something when the head is hit hard and the memory center is damaged.

And her brother, really don't remember He Wanshuang?

"Xiao Ruan, tell me the truth." Lie Yuan sank.

Although Li Xiaoxiao was surprised again, she still said: "Actually, you and the sister-in-law may have been caused by an accident at first... After that, your relationship is actually okay, but, because of my affairs, you hurt her... "

Lie Xiaoruo simply said something she knew, and then said: "Brother, you should like her. She wants to divorce, but you disagree."

"She really wants to divorce?" Lie Yuan Shen asked again.

"Huh." Lie Xiao sighed softly: "I blame me."

"In this case, then I give her freedom." Li Yuan said in a deep voice.

"Brother, you--" Lie Xiaoren stunned.

"I can't remember her, so this marriage is even more bound for her." Lie Yuan said, "When I get out of the hospital, divorce her, since it is what she wants."

"Brother, don't do that. If you think about it later, you may regret it!" Lie Xiaoruo was a little annoyed. She knew she was not honest.

Li Yuanyuan said: "Marriage has no affection for each other, so there is no meaning."

He said, deep in his heart, he felt a little empty for no reason.

However, he tried to ignore this feeling. After all, as a bystander, he also felt that she had left him, maybe well.

"Since the marriage between me and her is alive, it is divorced and it is good for each other."

And just when his words just fell, Lieyuan raised his eyes and found a woman in the ward.

The woman looks very young, elegant and refined.

She saw him for a moment, stopped, and watched.

And Lie Xiaoruo noticed something, turned around, the whole person was shocked: "Sister-in-law!"

Lieyuan Shen only re-looked at the strange woman in front of her. Is she his wife?

And just now, did she hear what he said?

Strangely, he was suddenly worried.

After a short silence, He Wanshuang said, "I got a call from the doctor, so I came."

"Sister-in-law, just now my brother actually meant--" Lie Xiaoruo tried to explain Lie Yuanshen.

"It's okay, I just need the result." He Wanshuang looked at Lie Yuanshen, feeling relieved for no reason: "Then we are going to get a divorce when you are discharged."

Lieyuan Shen also looked directly at her eyes: "Okay."

Lie Xiaoruan glanced at his brother and sister-in-law, rubbing his brows in a headache.

After learning about his situation, the doctor of Lieyuan Shen gave him another examination, but concluded that the problem of Lieyuan Shen may be a relationship between physical and psychological functions, and mainly psychological.

The possibility of remembering it later is actually very high.

After three days of hospitalization, his body was indeed fully recovered and he could go through the discharge procedures.

On the same day, He Wanshuang came to the hospital with two marriage certificates in hand, along with her lawyer Zhang Zixun.

*The third brother will remember it soon, and then regret that the intestines are green, haha