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After the incident, Gong Lingye directly arranged for someone to send Song Ziheng to Huaguo and temporarily stay in his villa, because there were people there to protect him, so that he would not be able to get away from too many things.

    The Song Yi people came with Gong Lingye, Gong Lingye went to see the explosion site, Song Yi people had been waiting at the entrance of Gong Mochen's operating room.

    Seeing the door open, the Song Yi people couldn't help tightening their heads and stood up suddenly.

    But, just after she got up, there was a movement behind her.

    I saw Gong Wenchen's mother Yue Wenqing hurriedly rushed over to help Mrs. Gong, and behind them, there were several followers.

    Seeing Gong Mochen pushed out, Yue Wenqing and Mrs. Gong's eyes suddenly turned red, and they quickly rushed over.

    "Mo Chen!" Yue Wenqing's voice was trembling: "Mo Chen, how are you?"

    She said, raising her eyes to the doctor who asked: "Doctor, my son he--"

    The doctor's forehead was also sweaty, and he said, "We have done our best to operate, but because of the serious injury, Mr. Gong has been unable to wake up the brain. If he still can't wake up tonight, the possibility of brain death is not ruled out ..."

    When Mrs. Gong heard this, her head almost fainted, and she softened on the spot. The entourage behind her quickly supported her.

    But after listening to Yue Wenqing, the whole person was still on the spot, and the good calm temperament usually disappeared, as if ten years old.

    The Song Yi people stood less than five meters away from them. She just understood what she had said just now, but it seemed unbelievable. She looked at the quiet man on the bed again.

    Gong Mochen's eyes closed tightly, and the whole person had almost no breath. His body was still connected to a ventilator, and his face had bruises on his face, but he could not hide the original delicate facial features.

    She was completely unacceptable. How could he, who was so ambitious to make some achievements in Country F, become so dying at the moment!

    Although Song Yiren couldn't respond to Gong Mochen's likes, but he was the first person she saw after her rebirth, and it was his original contract with her, which made her escape Yu Chengzhi's troubles. Nowadays.

    Because Gong Lingye is Gong Mochen's younger uncle, in fact, Song Yiren has regarded Gong Mochen as a relative-like existence in his heart. Hearing what the doctor said at the moment, Song Yiren only felt that the pain of losing loved ones in the previous life seemed to invade again, surrounding her, cold and painful!

    The doctor sees everyone's reaction at this moment and is not without regret. Although they said that they will have a chance before tonight, in fact, they also know that this may be very small, so they are also somewhat stunned.

    Yue Wenqing seemed to have just reacted. She saw that the doctor was going to push Gong Mochen away, and quickly grabbed the edge of the bed: "Where do you want to take Mo Chen? He has been hurt so badly!"

    "Mrs., we have to transfer him to the intensive care unit. You can go with us," the nurse explained.

    Yue Wenqing nodded slowly: "Well, my son will be fine!"

    She repeated it over and over again, as if she had been pumped, walking behind the bed.

    Song Yi people also followed everyone, but someone suddenly stopped her: "Miss, this seems to be Mr. Gong's thing. When he just had surgery, it suddenly talked, so we took it out."

    After all, the man handed over some incomplete Ruwa to the Song Yi.

    Song Yiren's eyes were a little red, and he thanked the other party, so he hurried to Gong Mochen's ward.

    The ward is not large, and originally needed to be quiet, but the medical level here is poor, and there is no special management, so everyone poured into the room and no one was in charge.

    When the Song Yi people entered, Gong Mochen's bed was already surrounded by people.

    It was easy for her to squeeze a little to the foot of the bed, and looked closely at the man on the bed.

    Yue Wenqing has been crying, but perhaps in order not to affect Gong Mochen, so she has been crying silently with her voice, her eyes red.

    On the other side, Mrs. Gong was still awake, and someone looked after him.

    Gong Mochen was covered with a thin list, and the Song Yiren did not dare to reveal it, for fear of seeing him hurt too much.

    After a while, he was always quiet, even his chest did not fluctuate much.

    Before, when Song Yiren's mother passed away, she just heard the news in that room, but she didn't know that it was such a powerless thing to watch close relatives close to death a little closer!

    She and Gong Lingye have tried their best, and the first time they heard the news, they immediately contacted the best doctor and used the best equipment.

    However, some things may really not be able to be exchanged for without effort.

    After a while, Yue Wenqing suddenly raised his eyes, only to see the Song Yi people at the foot of the bed.

    Her eyes startled and she shot straight: "Miss Yu, why are you here?"

    Song Yi took a breath and immediately spoke: "Mrs. Gong, I heard that Brother Mo Chen was injured, so I came to see him."

    Yue Wenqing nodded, and had no thoughts about whether the Song Yi people came by plane or when they came. She thought of something else at this moment, and then her eyes fell on Gong Mochen again, sighing: "Also you have a heart Now! "

    Her son, she never loves to communicate with her, but she clearly remembers that day, Le Haisheng did the thing and was left after she was penetrated. She mentioned a new word for Gong Mochen to find the marriage partner, Gong Mochen He said that he wanted to find it himself.

    At that time, Yue Wenqing asked: "Mo Chen, do you have a girl you like?"

    Although Gong Mochen was as silent as she was in the past, Zhimo Mo Ruomo, after hearing this question, Gong Mochen's instant reaction told Yue Wenqing that Gong Mochen really had someone she liked.

    On the same day, she paid attention to what Gong Mochen had done. Until the servant she sent told her that when Gong Mochen went to Yu Ruo Nuan, Yue Wenqing knew that Gong Mochen seemed to really like that girl. Too.

    Today, Gong Mochen is injured and dying. Has Yu Ruonuan come to see him, has he also lost his son's heart?

    In the past, she very much hoped that Gong Mochen could marry a girl whose status can match him, but at this moment, seeing her son dying, Yue Wenqing just thought that if there is a girl, she can wake her son even if the girl is born No matter how humble, she can recognize her as a daughter-in-law!

    So, she beckoned to Song Yiren: "Miss Yu, you come."

    Where did Song Yiren know Yue Wenqing's changed mindset? She just saw the other party waving and she quickly got up and walked over: "Mrs. Gong, what do you ask?"

    "You don't have to be so polite, just call me my aunt as before." Yue Wenqing said, pulling Song Yiren to the bedside: "I don't know how Mo Chen can wake up, but I know you have been together before, Can you help me wake him up? "

    Song Yiren raised his eyes and looked at Yue Wenqing's almost pleading light, only to feel that her heart was stung a bit, she nodded: "Well, I also hope that Brother Mo Chen can wake up early."