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Song Yiren wore a low-key gray sweater and bottoming pants. The jacket was a long down jacket, and she was put on the seat.

    There was no one beside her, only Zahara in the down jacket accompanied her.

    Before long, the plaintiff was already in place, and Bei Mingmo sat on the plaintiff's seat.

    Chu Mingyao has already caught it, and she is not from the Shangguan and Rongjia families, so there will be no problem in restoring her original identity.

    On the other side, the dock was empty until someone pushed Chu Mingyao out.

    The eyes of the Song Yi people suddenly locked the man in the wheelchair.

    The beard on Chu Mingyao's face was shaved and clean clothes were put on him, but his face was blue-grey. It seems that these days, he has almost destroyed his will.

    He dragged his head and was pushed over. Just as the wheelchair turned, Yu Guang suddenly saw Song Yi in the corner of his eye.

    Suddenly, he shrank fiercely, and then quickly cut his face.

    Song Yiren suddenly understood that Chu Mingyao felt ashamed and did not know how to face her.

    She sneered, but the expression on her face was not obvious, still looking at him so determinedly.

    She was paralyzed and suffering in that bed for three years, and after half a year of hard work, finally, everything is going to be wronged!

    On the trial bench, the presiding judge announced the hearing.

    After the prosecutor read the indictment in court, Bei Mingmo's representative lawyer began to speak: "I represent the victim, Miss Bei Mingmo, as well as the deceased victims, Mr. Song Yuncheng, Ms. Xu Qing, and Ms. Song Yiren. Murder brought a lawsuit ... "

    Song Yi's hand, holding Zahara tightly, her fingers trembling slightly.

    She was the victim, but she could not get ahead because she changed her status. However, those past will not be buried, the justice trial will come!

    The plaintiff ’s attorney concluded, and the presiding judge agreed to witness Su Yunfei appearing in court.

    Hearing Su Yunfei's name, Chu Mingyao suddenly raised his eyes.

    Soon, Su Yunfei came out.

    Her footsteps were a bit vain, the whole person was so thin, and there was also a blue under her eyes, but there were obviously no scars on her body.

    After the integrity of Su Yunfei ’s testimony, the plaintiff ’s lawyer asked, “Miss Su Yunfei, were you all present when the three victims Song Yuncheng, Xu Qing, and Song Yi were killed?”

    Hearing this problem, almost everyone's eyes locked Su Yunfei.

    Chu Mingyao's only intact hand tightly gripped the wheelchair armrest, the green muscles on his forehead bulged, and sweat beads oozed out.

    Song Yi people are equally nervous, although people who know Gong Lingye have absolute means to let Su Yunfei speak the truth, but at this moment, she is still afraid that even a little change will happen.

    "Yes." Su Yunfei's voice sounded, and the sound quality was slightly more hoarse than usual: "I am all present."

    Her words fell so that the people on the hearing floor could not help but whisper.

    "Quiet." The judge opened his mouth, beckoning the lawyer to start a specific question.

    "So Miss Su, you saw with your own eyes that Chu Mingyao killed the three victims, and did not leave the line of sight all the way?" The lawyer asked.

    Su Yunfei nodded: "Yes."

    "Then please describe in detail the process in which Chu Mingyao killed the three victims," ​​the lawyer said.

    Su Yunfei raised his eyes and looked at Chu Mingyao on the dock.

    Her eyes were horrified momentarily, because, when she came in, she didn't see him because she was nervous.

    But at the moment, seeing that the man holding the dagger to cut her belly became what he is now, she suddenly hooked her lips.

    She was originally just an ordinary model. Because she is beautiful and has a good figure and is willing to dedicate her body, she climbs quickly.

    Later, with Chu Mingyao, she was really moved.

    He is different from the men who support her. He will be romantic with her, will buy her gifts, and will even accompany her on her birthday.

    At that time she thought, maybe she could consider and marry him later.

    Human desires are always bottomless.

    When her career was flourishing, she was not satisfied with her reputation in the country. Therefore, let Chu Mingyao use the identity of the son of the Song family to help her pave the way for the world and make her gradually gain a reputation at the international event .

    The next time, she had his child, and she called without saying hello to him, just because she would have a particularly important catwalk two months later.

    At that time, it happened that he and Song Yi were engaged.

    She was not upset, but was tempted by the olive branch thrown by Chu Mingyao.

    Because, Chu Mingyao said that when he and Song Yi were married, the property they shared was half of her Su Yunfei.

    Therefore, she still became his loveless person until she was broken by Song Yi.

    At that time, Chu Mingyao wanted to get started, and Su Yunfei persuaded him that he had not married Song Yi, so please be restless.

    However, Chu Mingyao knew the personality of the Song Yi people. The Song Yi people could not rub the sand in their eyes, and the Song Yi people did not love him. Where is this happening, where is there the possibility of getting married?

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao lived up to the guts, and immediately thought of a way: that is to kill the Song Yi people's family!

    This plan was not easy to implement. He and Su Yunfei discussed for a long time without any idea, so he had to tie the Song Yi people to the cruise ship first, and created the illusion that the Song Yi people went out to play and drown and were washed away.

    At that time, because of the first hands-on, Su Yunfei and Chu Mingyao were somewhat worried.

    Therefore, the emotions of the two are not very good, so they have quarreled several times.

    And every time they quarrel, they will let the Song Yi vent.

    The simple punching and kicking seems to be unable to satisfy the darkness in my heart, so Chu Mingyao brought a bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid.

    At that time, the Song Yi people scolded them, Su Yunfei took concentrated sulfuric acid and directly splashed on the Song Yi people's face!

    One eye of the Song Yi people was blinded at that time.

    Su Yunfei and Chu Mingyao heard the screams of the Song Yi people, but felt that the excitement in the blood was ignited. The two of them did it several times in the cruise ship.

    After that, they seemed to find exciting fun. Every time they tortured the Song Yi people on the cruise ship, they would listen to the screams of the Song Yi people while turning over the clouds ...

    However, even if the two killed and set fire together, and ruined the corpse together, what would Chu Mingyao do to her?

    Even a three-line Su Mi can ride on her head!

    When the Song family died, Chu Mingyao also said that the so-called Shou Xiao had been doing it for three years, but he had done enough dramas, but refused to mention marriage.

    Even for the women outside, he still treats her so much and wants to kill her!

    She couldn't make it. Recently, those people imprisoned her so much, she knew that her life would come to an end.

    However, before she died, how could she be reconciled, and why didn't she want La Chu Mingyao to launch?

    Just for so many years of youth, she has to get justice for herself!

    At the moment, Su Yunfei looked at all the people present, with cold smiles on his eyes: "Okay, when I met Chu Mingyao and I started talking ...