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Gong Lingye got married, which was what Li Shaofeng heard when Ling Shao was at the company.

    Because L Group suppresses Starry Night, he himself can't ask for anything, so Lieyuan Shen has been cleaning up the mess on L Group's side since Starry Night declared bankruptcy.

    I was so busy at the time that I had no time to pay attention to other things.

    Even after he defeated Starry Night, he had no energy to control the news over there.

    Therefore, after listening to Ling Shaofeng's remarks, he answered something casually at the time, and didn't even bother. At this moment, after Li Xiaoxiao said seriously, Lie Yuanshen realized this.

    Gong Ling was not dead at night! Still married!

    Since he hasn't died, where has he gone these days? Why did you ignore your company's accident?

    Or is he healed and okay?

    Lieyuan Shen was thinking about this matter. Lie Xiaoruan felt sad when he saw that he did not respond.

    "Brother, I don't accept it!" She pulled Lie Yuanshen's sleeve: "I lost the game, I will come back and learn to improve myself, but why did he not give me any chance? He has always been in front of the media before You have to be single, why are you married now ?! "

    "No buffer at all! How can I accept it ?!"

    Lie Xiaoruo said softly, and immediately cried out: "I'm going to ask him a question! This report must be fake! He must be acting!"

    Lieyuan Shen was still immersed in his own thoughts. Hearing Lie Xiaoruo said, he could not help frowning, his voice was sober: "What face do you have to ask? Isn't it shameful enough?"

    Lie Xiaoruo has never been so roared by Lie Yuanshen. He couldn't help but stunned, his tears still hanging on his face, but he stopped crying.

    Lieyuan Shen had just roared and realized that he had said too much, and he felt annoyed for a while.

    He and Gong Lingye were naturally born wrong. His sister likes Gong Lingye, and his wife also misses Gong Lingye, dare to love the women around him, turn around him, right?

    So thinking of this, Lieyuan Shen became serious again: "Xiao Ruan, you are not allowed to go anywhere!"

    Lie Xiaoruo wanted to find some comfort in her brother's home. At least, she said that she liked Gong Lingye. Lieyuan Shen had no strong objections, and even accompanied her carefully when she was sad.

    But now ...

    She looked at Lieyuan Shen with tears in her eyes and lost her eyes: "Brother, I don't think you're hurting me anymore."

    She said nothing and went to the room herself.

    Lie Yuan Shen: "..."

    He rubbed his eyebrows in a headache and walked into the master bedroom.

    Since that day, he asked He Wanshuang to live with him in the master bedroom.

    She has been suffering from a cold for the past two days, and her lower abdomen often hurts a lot. He asked a family doctor to come and see that he was cold and let him take care of it.

    Therefore, he did not let her out of the master bedroom.

    When Lieyuan Shen walked in, he saw He Wanshuang looked up at him, and then quickly lowered his head.

    She has been more silent for the past two days, and because of her physical discomfort, she hardly speaks to him.

    At the moment, when she saw her look at him, she seemed to be feeling a little emotional, and Lieyuan couldn't help but sink in her heart.

    She wanted to say that he deliberately said something happened to Gong Lingye, did she deliberately lie to her?

    Ha ha, what really adds to him today!

    The younger sister ‘lost love’ and his wife ‘lost love’, and no man has failed more than he did!

    Lieyuan Shen directly lifted the quilt and sat on the bed.

    Beside, He Wanshuang moved aside quietly.

    Her movements ignited Lieyuan Shen's already tense nerves.

    He turned sharply and pressed her directly under him.

    With the shadow falling in front of her, the man's breath surrounded her instantly, and He Wanshuang could not help but shrunk.

    She looked at the man in front of her like she was frightened, her hands raised unconsciously, pushing her chest: "I'm going to sleep, don't do this."

    "He Wanshuang, he is married, you damn it!" He stared at her, and his eyes were thunderous.

    She ignored him as if all his words had been given to the air.

    Lieyuan Shen hates He Wanshuang's reaction the least, as if all his emotions have been given to the air.

    He squeezed her chin, saying one by one: "Your current man is only me!"

    Having said that, he bowed his head directly and closed her lips.

    The momentary aggression of the man made He Wanshuang's sweat all over her body, her chest undulated, her hand resistance became more obvious, and she wanted to lean her head, but Lieyuan Shen caught her chin.

    She had nowhere to escape, and was forced to bear his kiss like a storm.

    The air was plundered, and the lips and petals were sorely hurt by him. Her breath was full of his taste. She only felt that the man's body was heavy and had a clear sense of possession, and it was dangerous.

    She was forced into the corner by him, and her clothes were scraped away long ago, until he counteracted something he had changed ...

    She was startled, and the hand that had been pressed against his chest suddenly pressed hard, with her nails almost embedded in his chest: "No!"

    The next second, her clothes were torn apart completely, and the cracked voice seemed to pierce the air.

    Coolness hit the whole body, He Wanshuang unconsciously curled up.

    In the man's hand there was a corner of her clothes, and her hunting eyes locked her thin body.

    Her tremor struck her eyes, his pupils shrunk, and deep inside his heart, a burst of needle-like sensations came up.

    He Wanshuang didn't understand with his eyes closed, and Lieyuan Shen had no further action.

    He looked at her for so few seconds, and suddenly remembered that when he first ‘picked up’ her, she regarded him as the eyes of Gong Lingye.

    Although he didn't want to admit it, he still had to accept it at the moment. He was indeed jealous.

    A petite and weak girl filled with eyes in one person's eyes.

    Lieyuan Shen rolled over from He Wanshuang and directly reached out to turn off the light.

    He stretched his arms and hugged her back into his arms again.

    Feeling her stiffness and resistance, he warned above her head: "If you move again, I can't guarantee that I won't do anything!"

    She dared not move any more, but leaned silently on his chest, thinking in her mind, Gong Lingye was fine, she should be ill.

    Moreover, he finally married the girl he loved, so good!

    The hot search that night was undoubtedly all about Gong Lingye getting married, and on the way home from him and Song Yi, Song Yi received a call from Bei Mingmo.

    "Yi, I saw the news and said you are married?" Bei Mingmo's voice was all excited: "Woo, my warm baby was snatched away by the man outside!"

    Song Yiren smiled: "Yes, we are a temporary decision, so we have no time to tell you. We are going to the wedding next week, you will come to be my bridesmaid!"

    Bei Mingmo was stunned: "Yi Yi, are you serious? Why is the wedding so urgent?"

    Song Yiren did not want to talk about Gong Lingye, so that Bei Mingmo was not worried, so he just said: "I am not easy to find a good husband, afraid that he will run away?"

    Bei Mingmo was teased: "Okay, you should spread dog food in front of me! You are married, of course I want to be a bridesmaid, you send the wedding dress style, I will go to the store to see the bridesmaid dresses in these two days!"