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There are two big robot dogs squatting at the door. The robot dog can also make a human voice. This kind of picture seems to be quite frightening.

However, the people of Song Dynasty turned to Gong Lingye and said, "they are -"

"It's a new product of Tiangong group. It's an intelligent guard dog, and then it's your bodyguard." Gong Lingye touched the head of the guard dog that was half human height: "they don't have a name, you need to give them a name."

Song Yi people thought about it, and jokingly said, "that's Lingling and night, OK?"

Gong Lingye: "yes, but if you want to think about it, can you bear the price?"

For a moment, Song Yi felt his hands were sour and shook his head: "no, it's Arwen and ARWU!"

"Whatever." Gong Lingye said, "I'll show you the program design in a moment. You can also make some changes!"

Song Yi people nodded, two people are saying, distance came a car.

Beiming foam came down from the car and said to Song Yi, "Yi, come and get the bag!"

Her previous design of Nirvana went on sale yesterday. I heard that Gong Lingye asked for two, so beimingmo left four directly, and she and Songyi were also one.

Unexpectedly, Song Yi people just gave orders to ah Wen and ah Wu. Two guard dogs went over, picked up four bags and went directly into the room.

"My God, where is this dog from? It's so cute!" Beiming foam excitedly follows in: "Yi, is that the program that you write?"

Song Yiren shook his head and pointed to Gong Lingye: "no, it's the new model just released by their company."

"You two are powerful. You really want to monopolize the AI market!" Beiming Mo said with a smile.

Gong Lingye liked the word "couple" very much, so she said generously, "if Miss Beiming likes it, I will give you one."

Beiming foam nodded immediately: "great, I always wanted to have a dog, but I gave up when I thought it was going to eat and drink Lassa! Now such a dog can satisfy all my needs! "

In the joking room, Song Yi people took Beiming foam to visit the room. Then, they chatted and changed their clothes and went to the hot spring.

There is an email to deal with outside Gong Lingye. Just after it is finished, I see the message from xuanyuanche: "ah ye, I asked you to help me book the bag before, don't you know if I have it?"

Gong Lingye replied directly, "here you are, come and take it!"

After that, he sent his position to xuanyuanche.

Xuanyuanche saw the news and turned to Wei Qianran, who was sitting opposite him, and said, "yes, he asked me to take it now."

Wei Qianran has been itching this bag, even busy way: "let's go together! It's the right time for our engagement dinner tomorrow. I can recite this on the way! "

Xuanyuanche thought about it and nodded, "OK."

They checked out from the restaurant and drove directly to the hot spring villa.

Gong Lingye didn't expect xuanyuanche to be so fast. At the moment, he was exercising in the gym upstairs. At present, there is no servant in the villa, so he didn't hear the doorbell.

Or a Wen heard the noise, said a little wait, and then went to the hot spring pool to call people: "madam, there is a man and a woman looking outside."

Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo are still in the pool. It's too late for them to go out. So she said, "go and ask your husband to open the door."

When Gong Ling came down at night, two minutes later, xuanyuanche wondered, "what are you doing in the room?"

"Fitness." Palace Ling night said, greeting two people to sit down, said: "the bag is here, a red, a black."

Wei Qianran hurriedly went over, picked up the red one and said happily, "it's so beautiful. It's better than the picture!"

After that, she looked at the black one again, which was what Wu Meina wanted.

"Why are there two more?" Wei Qianran saw that there was also a white one and a blue one on the sofa.

Gong Lingye said naturally, "that's my girlfriend's and her friend's."

"Mr. Gong, do you know a designer?" Wei Qianran's eyes are envious: "we heard that Sabrina, the designer, only accepts online bookings and never gives away any friendship, because there are too many rich people. If all of them make friends, there will be no global limit! But you can take four at a time! "

Gong Lingye wondered, "is it hard to grab Y & M's bag?"

Wei Qian ran nodded, very sincere look: "I like super! My mother and I are both loyal fans of his family! "

In the hot spring room, song Yiren and Bei Mingmo just changed their clothes and dried their hair. They heard this sentence.

Gong Lingye seems to be unable to understand women's pursuit of fashion, but Yu Guang sweeps to the song and Yi People's arrival. Pointing to beimingmo, he says, "I really know the designer of Y & M."

Wei Qianran hears the words, looks at the past along his direction, and is stunned: "Sabrina! Are you here too?! "

Gong Lingye said: "she is Sabrina, the designer of Y & M, since you know -"

Wei Qianran shook his head: "no, no, no, she is the fragrance teacher of Unique perfume Sabrina, just the same English name."

However, before she had finished speaking, she was shocked as if she had something to say: "God, you are not the same person, are you?"

Song Yiren laughs: "if she wasn't the chief designer of Y & M, we wouldn't have so many bags!"

"Ah ah, you are really the Sabrina!" Wei Qianran jumped up and ran to the North Sea Foam: "I adore you so much!"

She said, give Beiming foam a bear hug.

Maybe he was so excited that he took two steps back to stand.

She helplessly hugged Wei Qianran: "well, it's a secret. Don't say it."

"Well, I'm sure no one will say it!" She obviously a small fan to see the idol excited like, turn around, blunt Xuanyuan Che way: "Che elder brother, you also can't say!"

Smell words, North Ming foam turn eyes, see to xuanyuanche.

Just in time, he also looked over, his eyes were complicated and profound.

In front of Beiming foam, Wei Qianran was still excited: "Sabrina, I am so happy! I really know you! You don't know, Y & M didn't come out for two years, I'm afraid there will be no new models! "

Beiming foam smiled: "it will come out in the future. As long as I have inspiration, I will keep doing it."

Over there, Gong Ling sees xuanyuanche looking at the direction of the two people, and asks, "by the way, acher, do you need help with your engagement banquet tomorrow? Am I on time or should I come in early to help? "

Xuanyuanche subconsciously takes another look over there. At that moment, he doesn't know whether he is looking at Wei Qianran or beimingmo. However, when he sees the two girls, they seem to have a heated conversation, and they don't pay attention to his side.

There was a sense of being hard to catch in his mind, and he said, "no need to help, just be there on time."

Gong Ling nods at night, "OK."

As soon as they finished speaking, they saw Wei Qianran holding the hand of Bei Mingmo and came quickly to Xuanyuan and said: "brother Che, don't you say you have two invitations in your bag? I'd like to invite Sabrina and Miss Yu to our engagement dinner tomorrow! Take out the invitation and I'll give it to them! "