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Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren's annoyed face, only to feel that the anger that had been stuck in her heart finally disappeared.

    However, he still did not move, and even turned his eyes away.

    Fortunately, he responded fast enough. Those shareholders should at most see that there was a person in his arms. As for the appearance, whatever they wear, they should not see anything.

    Song Yiren relieved the heat on his face, but felt that he was already embarrassed anyway.

    She raised her arm and hooked Gong Lingye's neck.

    She was about to take the next step, Gong Lingye's cell phone rang, Li Dong called: "Mr. Gong, did you just disconnect?"

    Gong Ling night said: "Well, I have a bad signal here, let's start a conference call!"

    Just like this, still have a meeting? Song Yi was annoyed and looked at Gong Lingye with dissatisfaction.

    He did not receive her signal at all, and turned on the computer again, and directly chose to join the voice conference without loading the screen.

    Soon, there was a communication there, and some shareholders said: "Mr. Gong, can you hear us now?"

    Gong Lingye said lightly: "Yes."

    The man muttered to himself: "Well, that's fine, we just thought you had a woman over there, it turned out to be dazzling ..."

    They said, how could their wise president, who is not close to women's color, be hard-wired by a woman overlord? !

    Gong Lingye interrupted directly: "Long story short, continue the discussion."

    So, everyone immediately began to continue the topic.

    Song Yiren sat on Gong Ling Ye's lap, arms around him, listening to the crowd's strategic questions about the next group.

    Later, some people mentioned Gong Mochen's side, saying that the recent project in Country F is progressing quickly, and some were surprised that Gong Mochen could have advanced ahead of the expected time and so on.

    The Song Yi people thought they would finish in a while, so they kept waiting. But I know, it's been half an hour, and there are no signs to finish.

    She pursed her lips and felt that she was not the way to go, so she leaned into Gong Lingye's arms.

    Just as everyone was waiting for him to speak, he said: "The next key planning is ..."

    It is said that the men who work are the most charming. The Song Yi people sit on Gong Ling Ye's lap and listen to him at close range. They only think that his voice is very magnetic and nice. The things he says are organized. Is it really possible to sit completely without confusion?

    At the end of Gong Lingye's speech, Song Yiren leaned over to his ear and kissed his earlobe.

    Gong Lingye breathed for a second, but his voice remained stable: "Continue to the next item."

    Over there, the marketing director spoke.

    Song Yiren blinked, approaching Gong Lingye's earlobe, sticking out the tip of his tongue, and licked it.

    Her heart was beating fast and her palms were sweaty. The first time she did such a thing, she was as nervous as a thief.

    Seeing him stiffen slightly, she tried harder, biting his earlobe and deliberately lowering her voice to hook people; "Brother."

    Gong Lingye felt his heartbeat suddenly miss a beat. He just didn't hear anything from the marketing director.

    After the Song Yi people made a break, it seemed that it was not so difficult behind them.

    She continued with a blush, her voice soft and flattering: "I promise I won't do this in the future, don't be angry, okay?"

    "I just believe in your ability. I feel that even if you come later, I will definitely be able to rescue me. I took my own risk because of my trust in you!"

    Seeing that he was unimpressed, she said again: "Although this is the reason, but I promise, there must be no next time! Even if I trust you again next time, I will not risk myself!"

    Gong Lingye also saw Song Yiren for the first time. The girl in her arms was soft, and if there was a scent of fragrance in her nose, in fact, he had just lost most of his anger.

    But, he couldn't just spare her so easily, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to learn a lesson.

    Therefore, Gong Lingye still ignored it and gave no response to Song Yi people.

    Over there, the marketing director finished the report and asked Gong Lingye: "Mr. Gong, look at these two plans ..."

    Gong Lingye said: "The first one is too vulnerable to market uncertainty and the risk is too great; the second one controls the risk, but it lacks flexibility. You change the second plan a little bit and the funds are launched in three batches . "

    As soon as the marketing director's eyes lit up, he responded: "Okay, Mr. Gong, I know!"

    Gong Ling night said: "The last issue."

    Finally the last one! Song Yi was relieved, but suddenly felt that he had just said so much, he didn't respond at all. Is it because she was not charming enough?

    She was annoyed. When Gong Lingye spoke again, she put her head on Gong Lingye's shoulder, and then reached out to pick his shirt button.

    Her fingertips were slender and slender. When her fingers pulled open the button of his shirt, her nails gently scratched his skin.

    Gong Lingye's voice was not as stable as before, but a little tight, but she still expressed her meaning.

    Li Dong also added that the chief financial officer began to explain, while the Song Yi people continued to be responsible for mobilization.

    However, although the air conditioning was turned on in the room, she was too cool to wear, so she suddenly felt itchy, and then she could n’t hold back and sneezed!

    Immediately, the surrounding was quiet.

    Because there is no woman in the meeting, and the sound of just sneezing is clearly a woman!

    Song Yi: "..."

    She glanced at Gong Lingye awkwardly, and the latter was obviously more calm than her.

    He said: "Why don't you say that?"

    So, everyone continued to speak.

    Song Yiren rubbed his nose and moved closer to Gong Lingye again, unbuttoning all his shirts.

    His throat rolled, his breath uncontrollably heavier by two points.

    She seemed to be up against him and wanted to know how long he was going to be angry, so she leaned her head and kissed his lips directly.

    Originally, Gong Lingye was going to talk, but the lips were blocked, and the fresh taste of the girl was between his lips and teeth.

    Song Yi kissed him indiscriminately twice, and then pryed his teeth straight.

    The tip of his tongue wrapped around him like a vine, locking him firmly and forcing him to tangle with her.

    Gong Lingye's hand on the office chair slightly curled, her breathing became a little tighter, and she forced herself again and again, only to resist the urge to kiss the Song Yi people.

    She saw that although he didn't respond, at least she didn't refuse. She just felt as if she was encouraged, so the other hand fell on his chest.

    His heart beat, a moment, printed on her palm, she swallowed, and her hands kept on.