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Before arriving at Ercheng, Lie Xiaoruan had never thought it would be such a graceful place.

After waiting, Lie Xiaoruan wished to knock Lie Yuanchen unconscious, took away his ID card, and left him here directly.

She has seen Lie Yuanshen grievances for the sake of running customers, and has to be filled with wine again and again in order to sign contracts. She has persuaded Lie Yuanshen many times that the company is almost enough. What business empire.

However, Lie Yuan Shen said that he just didn't want Lie Chengan to look down upon.

Lie Xiaoruan couldn't help it, but he still remembered that every time Lie Yuanshen got drunk, he didn't consciously dial his night cream number.

Therefore, she led him here.

It was already evening when they arrived, because it had rained during the day, and there was still light mist.

The two people's rooms are on the second floor. Putting down their luggage, Lie Xiaoruan was a little tired and rested in the room, while Lie Yuanshen took his phone and went for a walk.

Recently, he is indeed too tired to live, just like a tireless machine, constantly running.

However, he was just a machine, because he didn't even have any emotions, he just forced himself to go forward every day, and somewhere deep in his heart seemed to be empty.

He came downstairs and walked around, only to find that there was a clearing behind the small building.

On the grass, there is a wooden table with a well beside it, and a woman, with her back to him, is making dough on the wooden table, kneading the dough.

The figure of the woman is a bit delicate and thin. The hair to the shoulders is tied up and combed into a small tail. She is wearing a beige cotton sleeve with blue dyed fabric underneath, which seems to be this. The locals on the side.

However, Lie Yuan Shen felt inexplicably familiar.

She made up her face and made them into shapes one by one, then turned around and went to the next well to fetch water.

She didn't notice that Lie Yuanshen was there, so when the water was automatically pumped up, she washed her hands, patted, and walked away directly.

But Lie Yuan Shen clearly saw her profile in the moment.

It's He Wanshuang.

Something flashed through his brain, and some images seemed to gush out, but they were locked back to the depths of his memory.

Is she here?

Lie Yuan Shen understood everything in an instant.

It must be Lie Xiaoruan who knew He Wanshuang's address, so he deliberately brought him over to "freeze his mind" in order to make them reunite.

In sight, the girl's shadow has disappeared, and a dozen round pastries are neatly placed on the table.

It should be made of some flower juice, so it brings color and looks quite attractive.

Lie Yuanshen took out his mobile phone and took a picture of those pastries in a ghostly manner.

When he put away the phone, he heard the sound of clogs stepping on the bluestone board.

With a heart move, he quickly reached a corner.

He Wanshuang came back with a bamboo plate in his hand.

She walked to the table and put the cakes on the leaves on the bamboo tray. After putting them away, she glanced at the time on the wrist watch, then sat down, picked up the rattan from the ground, and started weaving.

The surroundings were quiet, with only the occasional sound of insects in the distance. Lie Yuanshen was standing in the corner. He could see He Wanshuang's face from this angle.

She looks very quiet, with a smile on her lips, it seems that she should be in a good mood.

Very good, although he can't remember everything, but he also knows that she should be very relaxed here, much better than being with him.

He can't give her anything, especially because he is currently frustrated in his career, and he can't protect a woman from wind and rain.

He saw her knitting earnestly until the sky got darker and darker, and then a small basket was magically added to her hand.

She should also love beauty. After knitting, she went to the side to pick a flower and put it on the bamboo basket.

After looking at it for a while, she seemed to feel that one was too few, so she went to pick it again.

Lie Yuan looked down at the wild flowers in front of him, with a bad feeling.

Sure enough, in the next second, He Wanshuang had already seen him and walked towards him with his foot up.

She approached a little bit, and his heart fluctuated with her steps for some reason.

Until, he has decided to come out by himself.

At this moment, He Wanshuang's cell phone rang on the wooden table.

She hesitated, but quickly turned back to answer the phone.

Soon, the phone was connected and she heard no one talking over there.

She was a little puzzled, and looked down at the caller ID. It was the number of Yicheng, a landline.

She said, "Is it Xiao Cheng?"

Over there, after two seconds, the man said: "Yeah."

He Wanshuang didn't know what to say, so he said, "Are you in the Hipop bar?"

He said again: "Yeah."

Now, He Wanshuang really didn't know how to continue.

The two were silent until Xiao Cheng said, "It's delicious."

He Wanshuang immediately understood what he was talking about, and her tone was relaxed: "How do you know that I sent it?"

At this moment, the young man didn't hold back anything, but said: "Just you, I don't dare to sign it when I send something, he Wanshuang."

He Wanshuang also felt a little embarrassed, and she smiled: "If you like to eat and have it later, I will send you some more."

"Okay." Xiao Cheng paused and said, "We will perform again in a while."

He Wanshuang said: "Then you are busy, I will hang up first--"

However, Xiao Cheng interrupted her: "Don't hang up, just listen like that, I'm on stage."

After he said, footsteps really came.

After that, He Wanshuang heard the sound of bass, and then all the sounds of guitar, keyboard, and drummer came over.

Across the cold cell phone handset, she heard a voice from another world in this world away from the crowd.

After that, there was a familiar male voice, especially penetrating, sounding in the ears, deep and pure.

He Wanshuang couldn't help but raise his lips. Xiao Cheng's singing skills seemed to have improved a lot more than before!

She simply sat down and listened quietly at the wooden table.

As the surroundings were very quiet, Lie Yuanshen in the corner could fully understand what He Wanshuang said.

He didn't know who the "Xiao Cheng" was, but he could judge that he should be a man.

Is her friend?

That's why she smiled? Are you so relaxed?

And what did the people over there say? Why did she stop talking and just sit and listen?

Lie Yuan Shen found that as questions continued to emerge, his heart gradually became congested.

This feeling quickly spread to his throat, causing his breathing to become somewhat stagnant.

He clenched his hand into a fist, and it was so easy to convince himself that he did not go out.

They are already divorced, no matter who she calls or even falls in love, he has no right to interfere, right?