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#140 First meet

"Ling Yan, don't say that." Zhang Lingyan said beside Le Haisheng: "Miss Yu is the third lady of Yu Family. It's normal to come to buy perfume."

    "Yu Family?" Zhang Lingyan smiled: "Hai Sheng, you usually only care about your work, don't you know that Yu Family collapsed? And Yu Ruo Nuan's father was jailed because of economic crime! I heard that it took ten years of trial. , He was dissatisfied and was still waiting for the second trial! "

    "Ah--" Le Haisheng was surprised, and immediately screamed at Song Yi: "Miss Yu, don't be angry, Ling Yan, she speaks recklessly, she has no bad heart."

    Then he frowned at Zhang Lingyan, "Ling Yan, stop talking nonsense."

    "Well, she has no money at all, the company and the villa are mortgaged, she is still buying more than 100,000 perfumes here!" Speaking here, Zhang Lingyan said: "But the parents must be beautiful, come She does n’t need money to work, she has n’t got a lot of money to send her to spend! It ’s no, dressed like this, it ’s like we ’re afraid that we did n’t know she had played uniforms and temptations! ”

    In a word, everyone suddenly looked at the Song Yi people.

    Bei Mingmo's eyes had already been squinted, and he was about to step forward, but received a suggestion from Song Yiren to make her restless.

    Song Yiren said to Zhang Lingyan lightly: "Done talking?"

    Zhang Lingyan laughed and said: "Afraid of me? Are you afraid of telling you? You are dumped by Gong Shao. The next house you are looking for must be old and ugly and torture you every day. Otherwise, the one on your forehead How did Yinzi come? "

    The Yinzi she said was left by the Song Yi people injured during the earthquake. The scab just fell off, although there are no pits, but the color is still a bit pink, it is estimated that it will take a month or two to fully return to normal.

    When everyone focused their eyes on the Song Yi people's forehead, in doubt and contempt, a male voice suddenly sounded: "Who said I dumped her?"

    Following the voice, Song Yi turned around and saw Gong Mochen standing in front of the store, in a tall suit, and the whole person looked handsome.

    His body is still the kind of temperament that has not been changed for thousands of years, and now his expressionless face is covered with frost, which shows the displeasure of his master.

    "Mochen brother--" Le Haisheng's expression stiffened, and then, Zhang Lingyan flicked away and came to Gong Mochen with a smile: "Why are you here?"

    Gong Mochen ignored her words, but still locked Zhang Lingyan's cold eyes, and said: "She is an employee of my company, is there a problem with her work dress?"

    "Her forehead injury was left when she was on a business trip to H City a few days ago!"

    "The last question, when did I dump her ?!"

    This is really what the Song Yi people have said the most since he knew Gong Mochen.

    Moreover, what shocked her was that he came to help her this time!

    Zhang Lingyan's imposing attitude towards the Shangchen Mochen Lingran, the whole person immediately lowered his head in a guilty conscience: "I heard from your group's employees and said that you broke up with her ... the things here are so expensive, she is an intern Where can I afford ... "

    "What's expensive here?" Bei Mingmo, who had not spoken, took two steps forward and turned to ask the customers in the store: "Do you think it's expensive?"

    "Of course it's not expensive, it's simply excellent value for money!" Everyone said: "Sabrina is so beautiful and talented, we all adore you!"

    Bei Mingmo gave everyone a polite smile, and then she set her sights on the Song Yi people: "Unique's global spokesperson has a signing fee of more than 10 million a year, and how can't afford a more than one hundred thousand perfume ? "

    When everyone heard Bei Mingmo's words, they all looked over in shock.

    Bei Mingmo took Song Yiren's arm and looked at Zhang Lingyan: "This lady, do you think this is the truth?"

    Zhang Lingyan's face was unbelievable, and even Le Haisheng's expression was stiff.

    Someone in the shop has asked: "Sabrina, is this really the spokesperson for Unique perfume?"

    "Yeah!" Bei Mingmo tilted her head and stuck Song Yiren's face: "Pretty? She's still a senior school bully. At the college robot contest one month ago, she won the team and the single The double champion! It took me a lot of effort to find such a girl that matches our unique perfume temperament! "

    The words fell, and everyone's eyes on Song Yi changed.

    Coupled with the clarification of Gong Mochen just now, everyone now only appreciates the Song Yi people.

    "Wow, there are many beautiful girls, but too few beautiful and smart girls!"

    "There are so many beautiful girls, but it's so beautiful, I really see you for the first time!"

    "Not only beautiful, but also very good temperament!"

    "Yeah, it fits the brand image of Unique!"

    "I'm so happy today. I saw Sabrina and Unique's global spokesperson!" Someone said, and looked at Gong Mochen: "This guy just mentioned the group, is it Tiangong Group? Are you Gong Gong?"

    "Oh my god, I actually saw Gong Shao today!"

    The women realized what they were, and immediately turned all their attention to Gong Mochen.

    Then someone responded and asked Gong Mochen: "Young Master Gong, you just said that you didn't dump or break up with this lady, so, are you in love?"

    The Song Yi people categorically did not expect it, and at the end of the day, it turned into a gossip problem.

    She also looked at Gong Mochen, only to see that he had just come over, her lips and petals tightly squeezed into a line.

    To be honest, the Song Yi people didn't know what Gong Mochen would answer next.

    She didn't understand him at all, and she always thought he was moody and elusive, so she seemed to be doing what she expected.

    At the moment, Gong Mochen has displayed his usual high-cold attitude. In the face of everyone's expectation or curiosity, he can still maintain the cold expression on his face without change.

    Song Yiren suddenly felt that he was so cute.

    She was afraid that Gong Mochen would be irritated by others, so she took the initiative to round the field: "I am afraid that such a private matter, I am afraid I can't answer it, and we are here mainly for Unique."

    Everyone had some regrets, but they also expressed their understanding.

    Gong Mochen was released, and the smile on Le Haisheng's face could not be maintained at this moment. She walked to Gong Mochen: "Brother Mo Chen, I also said Ling Yan just now, don't be angry, she is also It ’s too simple, it ’s easy to listen to what you hear. ”

    Gong Mochen looked at Le Haisheng, but just hummed lightly.

    "Then you are busy first, I still have something to do." Le Haisheng knew that staying only would embarrass himself, so he said goodbye and left.

    As soon as she left, Bei Mingmo smiled at Gong Mochen: "Gong Shao, please meet me for the first time!"

    Gong Mochen shook hands with her and immediately turned to ask Song Yiren: "How do you escape from work?"