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#42 Bully girl

With Gong Lingye's depression, the mattress also collapsed into softness, and for a moment, his lips pressed against each other, and Song Yi suddenly turned his head.

    Gong Lingye's kiss fell on her cheek. He didn't seem to be annoyed either. He kissed her ear along her cheek, wrapped her earlobe, and rolled it on the tip of her tongue.

    Suddenly, a burst of electric current spread from the earlobe and washed the skin of the whole body. Song Yiren only felt that the whole body was numb as if hit by electric sparks.

    She sucked in her air, her pores were all open, and the alarm bell in her heart rang and knocked, but she couldn't shake the man at all.

    He kissed her lips and petals again from her ears, this time driving straight into, without giving her any breathing opportunities.

    Suddenly, the breath is full of men's breath, faintly with the floral fragrance of jasmine, should be the taste of toothpaste at home.

    Song Yi's scalp is numb, and his nerves are as tight as a cat stepped on its tail, but his body can't move uncontrollably.

    His hand also began to restlessly, sliding into her waist. There was a thin cocoon on his palm, and when it slipped over her smooth skin, there was a prickly itching.

    She twisted uncomfortably, and his big palm also increased in strength, a little rough to lift her clothes.

    The air was so thin that it was almost suffocating. She clearly felt that the man's body changed a little bit, and then, the heat reached her legs.

    The string in his head suddenly broke, and the Song Yi people didn't know where the strength came from. They suddenly broke away their bound hands and greeted Gong Lingye's injured shoulder.

    He responded very quickly, holding her back again, squeezing it tightly, and raised it over his head again.

    It's just that time seemed to press the pause button at this moment. He didn't continue, but looked up slightly and left her lips.

    His eyes were beating dangerously, and his voice was a lot more hoarse than usual: "Want to hurt me like this?"

    Song Yi's chest undulated, long and thick eyelashes dropped a dark shadow on the eye socket, but the light at the bottom of the eyes was cold: "I didn't expect Mr. Gong to bully girls, but also a set.

    He stared at her for a few seconds, and then loosened her restraint: "You can rest assured that I have no intention of forcing you to do this kind of thing, only if you voluntarily have fun."

    Song Yiren sneered: "Since this is the case, then let me go and be a stranger."

    Gong Lingye got off her and lay beside her, leaving three words: "Impossible."

    He turned off the light and lay back on the bed again.

    Song Yiren suddenly felt tight all over, only to think that half of the body leaning against Gong Lingye seemed to have been fixed.

    In the darkness, he stretched out an arm, hooked her, and let her roll into his arms.

    He slept to his right, his injured left shoulder just didn't need to be pressed, and he stretched out his left arm to hug her tightly.

    In the dark, all senses become particularly sensitive. Song Yi people seem to hear Gong Lingye's heart beating.

    Also, he put his chin on top of her head, he seemed to swallow a spit, and suddenly, she could feel his throat knot rolling, across her forehead, across the skin, the bones were hard.

    She has never been so close to a man. Song Yiren only feels uncomfortable. Especially, she was just met by him just now.

    He is not a Gong Mochen with psychological problems, his dangers and desires.

    Song Yi people shrank back, twisted their bodies, and wanted to increase the distance from Gong Lingye, but she just moved, he opened his mouth, and his voice was a little dumb: "You try again ? "

    After all, he squeezed her into her arms a little bit, and the desire of the body reminded her at all times, not to challenge his self-control.

    The Song Yi people were shocked and suddenly dared not move.

    The body is still very stiff. After so long, I feel sore all over my body.

    Near the ear, the man's uniform breath fell on his head. In her breath, she smelled the smell of when he hugged her tonight at the casino.

    However, the taste of Qingxian at this time is more pure.

    Perhaps because the body was too tight, Song Yiren's body began to relax unconsciously.

    She thought she could not sleep, at least experienced the horrible things of the night, she would have nightmares, but she closed her eyes, thinking of just how Gong Lingye kissed her just now, which made her annoyed and forgot for a time Bloody, and gradually, she also slept in the past, a night without dreams.

    Waking up again, the man next to him was gone, but the folds of the bed sheet reminded Song Yiren that Gong Lingye was indeed on her bed last night.

    She turned on her phone and saw that it was already half past seven in the morning, so she couldn't help being anxious.

    She used a map to locate it before, and it was an hour away from the school by car, and the morning rush hour. It seemed that she would be late for the first class today.

    After getting up and washing in a hurry and changing clothes, the Song Yi people just walked out and saw that Gong Lingye had put on his shirt and trousers and also put on a tie, apparently going to work.

    He saw her naturally and said: "Nuan Nuan, everything has been dealt with, I will send you to school now, and eat breakfast on the road."

    Song Yi nodded: "Thank you."

    Gong Lingye didn't care about her deliberately polite alienation, brought up breakfast, brought a large bag of things, and walked out of the villa with the Song Yi people.

    Song Yi was surprised when he saw that he was not walking towards the parking garage: "Aren't we going to school?"

    Gong Lingye raised an eyebrow: "Do you want to be late?"

    She didn't understand what he meant.

    He put everything in his right hand, left hand to lead her, leaned close to her ear: "It seems that I slept soundly in my arms yesterday, and I can't bear to get up today. Otherwise, I Do n’t let Amian drive you by helicopter. "

    Song Yiren's eyes widened, and he was too lazy to care about what Gong Lingye said in his arms.

    Because, she really heard the roar, her eyes followed the sound, and she really saw the helicopter that took them back from the small desert island that day.

    Ha ha, it's really enough to go to school by helicopter ... Pull the wind, no, it should be bad enough!

    Gong Lingye seemed to be very pleased with Song Yi's surprised reaction, his lips slightly raised, and she took a big step towards the helicopter.

    When he got on the plane, A Mian glanced at Song Yiren with some displeasure, and then respectfully chonggongling night said: "Emperor Shao, ready to take off."

    Gong Ling nodded at night, closed the door, and the plane took off quickly.

    He took out the breakfast and handed it to the Song Yi people.

    The milk is still warm. In the lunch box, there are two small onion pancakes, a fried egg, and a plate of cold kelp.

    "Don't you eat?" The Song Yi people were surprised because there was only one meal box.

    "I've eaten it." Gong Lingye said nothing but raised her eyebrows at her: "But if you can't finish it, I can help you eat the rest."

    Song Yi's cheeks were hot and ignored him.