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"Good!" Song Yiren rejoiced and turned to look for Gong Lingye to give her a wedding picture, and saw him looking at her very deeply.

    She pursed her lips: "What's wrong?"

    He hooked his lips and said meaningfully: "Wife, I can't run, I'm all over you, including my legs ..."

    Pei Jun in the front co-pilot felt that he would be killed by dog ​​food until he did n’t find another wife, but he was usually too busy. How could he find his wife?

    He was silent, pretending to hear nothing.

    In the back row, Song Yi people were close to Gong Lingye's ears: "What is my leg?"

    He also approached her with a low voice: "All my legs are warm, you know."

    Song Yiren suddenly understood, his cheeks flushed instantly, and even his neck was red, but he felt that his heartbeat was inexplicable, and he could not help turning his head and glaring at him.

    He laughed and continued: "Wife, today is our wedding night."

    She was about to say something, and she suddenly thought about it, so she approached him: "Then do you mean, all your legs have to work?"

    Having said that, he paused deliberately and said, "Do you have a different posture for the wedding night?"

    Gong Lingye's throat knot rolled heavily, and looked at the little woman in front of her.

    posture? Very good, he thinks about it again, what other poses have not tried!

    However, Gong Lingye found that the more he thought, the hotter his body was, so that when he reached the door of the villa, he could no longer hold down somewhere.

    What the Song Yi people want is this effect, waiting for the driver to say: "Mr. Gong, here it is."

    Song Yi people pulled the door and Chong Gong Ling Ye blinked: "Sir, get off!"

    Gong Lingye looked down at herself and didn't move.

    Song Yiren smiled even brighter: "I didn't take your leg down!"

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes. Very well. She didn't seem to want to sleep all night!

    In Song Yiren's advanced room, Song Ziheng didn't know the news yet. When she came back, she said, "Sister, have you eaten dinner?"

    "Eat!" Song Yiren changed shoes and urged Song Ziheng: "There is a happy event today, guess what?"

    Song Ziheng thought for a while: "Are there breakthroughs in your research?"

    Song Yi shook his head: "No!"

    Song Ziheng said again: "Brother-in-law is back?"

    "It's half!" Song Yi said humanly: "Continue to think."

    "I can't think of it." Song Ziheng rubbed his eyebrows.

    Gong Lingye got out of the car after he recovered from the restlessness of the body, and walked to the door, and heard the joyful voice of Song Yiren.

    "It's me getting married!" She jumped and said: "Zi Heng, you are stupid, marriage is the happy event!"

    Song Ziheng was stunned, and Song Yiren showed him the marriage certificate directly: "Look, I just received it this afternoon!"

    At this moment of Gong Lingye, I just felt that my heart was surrounded by honey, and I couldn't speak warmly.

    It turned out that she was so happy to marry him!

    Regardless of the future, even if it is only a few months, once it is enough!

    He pushed the door in and happened to hear Song Ziheng asking, "What about the brother-in-law?"

    Gong Ling night said: "I'm back."

    Song Ziheng raised his lips: "Brother-in-law, happy wedding!"

    Song Yi people are dissatisfied: "Why don't you wish me a happy wedding?"

    After asking, she said again: "Oh, I know, you don't think he can marry his wife, it's easy to take off the bill, so congratulate him, right? I can understand!"

    Gong Lingye saw her childish and cute appearance, which was completely different from her usual day, and this appearance was only seen by her closest people.

    He raised his lips: "Well, Zi Heng must think so."

    Song Ziheng was inexplicably stuffed with dog food. He froze for a moment and said, "Sister and brother-in-law, your new wedding present, I will give it to you at the wedding!"

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, it's time to prepare! Because we are getting married next weekend!"

    Song Ziheng: "..."

    Slowly, he said: "Can I be a best man?"

    "Of course!" Gong Ling night said: "But you need to pretend to be a classmate of Xingfan."

    "Good!" Song Ziheng nodded immediately and was able to be his sister's best man to witness the happiest moment in her life. He was also very excited.

    Gong Lingye patted him on the shoulder: "I will ask you to measure your clothes tomorrow."

    After all, he stepped aside and went to call.

    Luo Tianqi's circle of friends has not been updated for several days, and listening to Pei Jun said, Xuanyuan Che has been shutting down these days, and I don't know what's wrong.

    Gong Lingye called Luo Tianqi first, but failed to get through for the first time, and finally got through. It was very noisy over there, and then Luo Tianqi's rather hoarse voice came: "Ye Ge?"

    "Tian Qi, you are not in the imperial city?" Gong Lingye really didn't know what the brothers were busy with at least recently, at least, a few days ago, Bae Jun couldn't contact any one.

    Luo Tianqi coughed: "Well, my grandfather is ill and went to rescue abroad, but did not come over."

    Gong Lingye stunned: "Why is it so sudden?"

    Luo Tianqi said: "It wasn't very good before, but I didn't expect to fall at home this time, the brain was bleeding, and then ..."

    Gong Lingye knew that Grandpa Luo Tianqi had actually lived in the hospital several times before, plus that he was really old, so this time was considered a happy event.

    It was just that, at this time, he didn't help much.

    "Tianqi, I will get married next weekend." Gong Ling night said: "Are you back home? If it is convenient, you can come over. My wedding is scheduled in Nirvana City."

    "Fat trough, brother, are you serious?" Luo Tianqi said: "I haven't been able to contact you before, are you just married and missing?"

    Gong Lingye smiled: "The specific situation is more complicated. I will tell you when you come back. I'm afraid I won't be here these days. Bae Jun will send you the specific time and place."

    "Yes, I have been in trouble all this year, and I want to get married with you!" Luo Tianqi paused and said, "Now let me ask again, is the sister-in-law how warm?"

    Gong Lingye: "Go!"

    "Xing Xing Xing, I know, my night brother is so singular, why would I change people?" Luo Tianqi said with a smile: "See you next weekend! Oh, yes, congratulations, brother!"

    "Thank you." Gong Ling night said.

    "Hey, I really envy you!" Luo Tianqi finished, a sadness suddenly appeared on his face.

    He Wanshuang was married, Gong Lingye was also married, and even that day he heard Xuanyuan Che said that he and Bei Mingmo had made progress.

    And he is still alone, alone ...

    Over there, Gong Lingye and Pei Jun arranged things again, so that Pei Jun could continue to contact Xuanyuan Che.

    As he was saying, he received another call on his mobile phone, and it was Xuanyuan Che.

    Gong Lingye spoke with Pei Jun, so she quickly answered the phone: "Ache."

    "Aye, I'm sorry, I didn't turn on something a few days ago, I don't know what happened to Starry Night ..." Xuanyuan Che went to a small town south of Ningguo since he left Ningcheng that day.

    Over there, he didn't open the Internet, even put his mobile phone aside, away from the hustle and bustle, quietly alone for four days, thinking about some things.

    So when he wanted to understand, he was ready to return home. When I waited for the flight to book the flight, I realized that so many things had happened in the past few days!