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#413 A man beside her!

Still the little milk cat that looks only two or three months old!

He Wanshuang walked over, and the cat just opened her eyes. When she saw her, she yelled softly at her: "Meow--"

He Wanshuang felt a softness in his heart, and said: "You are sleeping here, what if you fall asleep?"

Going down from the balcony, there is a river embankment with a drop of several meters.

She picked it up, it didn't hide, it seemed hungry, and licked He Wanshuang's hand.

She couldn't help laughing and lowered her head to coax it: "I have cookies, do you want to eat them?"

After all, took the cookies to feed the kittens.

But the little guy didn't seem to be interested in cookies, and ignored it after two bites.

He Wanshuang was helpless: "Then wait for me for a while, I will buy cat food for you."

She went back to the room and changed her clothes. When she thought that the mall would not let the cat in, she urged the cat a few more times, and regardless of whether it could be understood, she locked the door and left.

Next door, Lieyuan sank to the balcony and saw the little milk cat flapping butterflies on He Wanshuang's balcony.

He took out the beef jerky he bought in the supermarket last night and hooked the little milk cat: "Come here."

The cat has a very strong sense of smell, and the distance of three meters is not difficult for him at all.

Borrowing power from the side, it has reached Li Yuanyuan's balcony.

The beef jerky was very fragrant. The little guy was very satisfied. At the end, he licked Lieyuan Shen's hand.

Lieyuan Shen has always disliked any pets, he felt a little awkward, but he still did not escape.

But they all said that the cat wasn’t well cooked, that it was full, and immediately abandoned him.

He Wanshuang bought cat food and came back without seeing the little one.

She couldn't help laughing, but she still prepared cat litter, water and cat food on the balcony, thinking that if the little guy came over, it would be considered a home.

The task she gave herself today was to understand the city again.

Therefore, He Wanshuang laid out local snacks, millet porridge, siu mai and kimchi made by the proprietress himself at the riverside.

After breakfast, she took the camera and began to record in the city.

The office worker walked past her in a hurry, and the parents who sent off their children continued their busy day.

She looks like a tourist in this city, but she doesn't look too much, because, she photographs more humanities than scenery.

After eating lunch, he was a little tired. He Wanshuang was going back to take a rest, but at the crossroads, a shaking old lady was crossing the road.

She walked so slowly that only halfway through, the green light was already blinking.

He Wanshuang quickly hurried over, picked up the old lady, and took her to the green belt.

At this time, the lights had changed, and the traffic on both sides continued to pass. She had to wait for the green light before crossing the road with the old lady.

The old lady grabbed her: "Thank you little girl! I came out and bought a noodle. I didn't expect that my leg hurt suddenly, and I almost couldn't pass the road."

He Wanshuang said: "Your home is far away, do you want me to take a taxi for you?"

"No, just in front of the tea house! My son opened it." The old lady said, holding He Wanshuang's hand: "Little girl, thank you so much today! You must go to my house for tea, my tea They are all freshly picked from the mountain, and folks like it!"

The other party had a hard time, but He Wanshuang had to follow.

"Grandma, where have you been, I'm going out to find you?" A young man in his early twenties hurried over, and when he saw He Wanshuang, he couldn't help but froze.

He Wanshuang raised her eyes and was a little surprised.

The guy in front of him was tall and thin, wearing a humble T-shirt, and the patterns on it were already worn out, but his face was extremely clean.

His facial features are three-dimensional, and his temperament is completely inconsistent with this small tea house. It is the kind of a simple, yet radiant young man's simple sunlight.

"This is—" His voice was unexpectedly pleasant.

"I almost got hit by a car across the road. It was this little girl who helped me pass. Chengcheng, don't hurry to make a cup of tea!" said the old lady.

"Thank you!" Xiao Cheng nodded at Night Cream, and then turned to pour tea.

He Wanshuang sat down in the store because it was noon. At this time, there were not many people drinking tea, just she and two middle-aged people.

Xiao Cheng brought over the brewed tea, but did not leave. He held two tickets in his hand and hesitated a moment, then he rushed into the evening frost and said: "This lady, can you do me a favor again?"

He Wanshuang raised his eyes and met his clear eyes.

"That's it—" he said quickly: "My friend and I formed a band and we will perform at the Hipop bar for the first time at eight o'clock tonight. We want to earn extra money. But there are several bands competing at the same time, we need to be popular ,and so……"

He Wanshuang immediately understood the meaning of Xiao Cheng.

She looked at some of his old jeans and took a ticket from him: "I will go alone."

"Thank you so much!" Xiao Cheng's lips and lips smiled, and the eyes were all confident light: "We are actually not worse than other bands, but after all, this is the first time..."

"I understand." He Wanshuang nodded and took a sip of tea.

She could not help smiling: "I will go on time."

She has done her homework before and Hipop Bar is also a famous place in Yicheng.

It's not as dark as some bars, but a place to relax.

Every day there is a band performing here, and the customers are also very qualified. Generally speaking, they are quietly chatting with friends here, and they will not make loud noises.

In the evening, He Wanshuang took the medicine and was about to go out, and heard something happen on the balcony.

She walked over and found that the little milk cat came again.

She used some of the water and cat food she had eaten. Then, when she was full, she jumped into the cat's nest and went to sleep.

She smiled, looking at the orange cat's nest, and said to the little milk cat: "I will call you Xiaotang later!"

It whimpered, not knowing if it was understood.

After He Wanshuang left the room, Li Yuanyuan also followed.

He frowned slightly as he looked at the dusk that had come.

Why is she still running around so late?

The city is not big, and He Wanshuang came out early, so she did not take a taxi, but walked on foot and walked towards Hipop.

More than ten meters behind him, Lieyuan Shen saw that He Wanshuang had gone to the bar, and the whole person was bad.

He walked in, but the little girl at the door told him that today is the bar's event day. There will be several bands performing, and everyone present will be given a cocktail. However, the tickets have been sold out.

Li Yuan looked at He Wanshuang who didn't know how to get in, and patted the shoulder of a young man who had just checked in.

Two minutes later, Lieyuan Shen successfully exchanged a chance for admission with five times the face price.

However, just after he entered, he saw He Wanshuang's side, there were several young men.