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Xuanyuan Che apparently did not intend to explain, just pulled her and hid in the corner where the sniper could not shoot.

On the other side, Gong Lingye said something to his men in the intercom, and then he also pulled the Song Yi and quickly dodge.

The sound near the ears gradually became sparse, and finally, everything was quiet.

"Senior Emperor, the person with the cold gun outside caught it." His men came and reported: "But the sniper ran away."

"Okay, take the person back, be careful not to let him die." Gong Ling night said.

They walked out of the dark, and when they saw the person who was caught, the Song Yi people instantly recognized that it was one of them who blocked her in the underground pipeline that day!

However, apparently the man didn't recognize her at all, just put his eyes on Bei Mingmo's body and suddenly smiled.

The smile was so infiltrating that it made people goosebumps.

Bei Mingmo subconsciously thought of the anonymous call again, and he stepped back a bit.

Aside, Xuanyuan Che stretched out her hand and held her hand, a warm feeling slowly passed from his palm to her cold fingertips.

She turned back and turned: "Thank you."

He said nothing, and a few people walked back together.

After getting in the car, the Song Yi people quickly rushed to Gong Lingye and said, Gong Lingye had called: "Send someone immediately to protect Bei Mingmo's family."

Gong Lingye's man took the man to a special place for questioning, while Gong Lingye and others went straight back to the hotel.

This happened in the morning. Before the result came out, Song Yi people didn't even think about going to the prison to see Chu Mingyao in the afternoon.

So, at noon, everyone ate at the hotel together and went back to their rooms.

Bei Mingmo was using the card to open the door, and he saw Xuanyuan Che walking beside her.

She opened the door and he walked in.

Frightened, Bei Mingmo was not in a mood to take care of the others. She walked directly to the sofa, but unexpectedly, before sitting down, Xuanyuan Che held her waist.

His eyes were clearly clear, but at the moment it was deep, and her eyes were fixed: "This is why you drove me away last night?"

Although he was asking, his tone was firm.

She recovered and silently said, "Ache, I received an anonymous call."

He didn't ask, but just waited for her to talk quietly.

Maybe it was because she was suddenly pulling her to run when she was most afraid today; or, even the strongest person would be vulnerable in such a situation, and Bei Mingmo revealed her heart for the first time in front of Xuan Yuan Che.

"I have received two anonymous phone calls in total. The other party said that if I were with you, my family would be in danger." She looked at him with a calm gaze: "Obviously, the other party is coming at me, and, you I also saw that we were caught in a vortex. These have nothing to do with you, you should not intervene."

He said nothing, just hugged her and sat down on the sofa.

The room was very quiet. Relaxing in this quietness was a deep sense of fatigue. Beiming Mo shrank.

Xuanyuan Che tightened his arms. After a long silence, he finally opened his mouth: "Momo, I will be fine, and your family will be fine."

She shook her head and looked up at him: "I almost died once, and let my parents bear a life-and-death farewell. I don't want them to..."

Bei Mingmo said, raising his hand and buried his face in his palm.

If before, she thought that the anonymous phone call was just a paper tiger, after today, she really understood that the other party would do it.

She cannot threaten her parents because of her own affairs. She cannot be unfilial.

"Momo." Xuanyuan Che reached out to take Beimingmo's hand away, but she wouldn't let him take it away, still blocking her cheek.

"I really don't have the intention to fall in love with you, my own affairs are a mess..." Bei Mingmo finally raised his head, and there was a very shallow layer of water mist at the bottom of his eyes: "You said, what should I do?"

He was stabbed in the eyes by the mist from her eyes. When has he seen her so fragile?

Xuanyuan Che lifted her face: "I will not put pressure on you in the future."

He said nothing and bowed his head to kiss her.

She didn't want to escape, nor did she want to cater, just let him pry open her teeth so weakly that she tangled together against the tip of her tongue.

Gradually, I just felt the cold feeling on my body finally seemed to be driven back by his temperature, and a small current wrapped around her, and also wrapped around him, from the close lips and teeth, all the way to the whole body, even the hair was slightly numb.

The clothes are scattered, and she is too lazy to manage. She just thinks about it and falls. Once again, she should have said what she said, and the person who has always been hidden will not be so open-minded!

Therefore, Bei Mingmo raised his hand and hugged Xuanyuan Che's waist.

He shuddered, his eyes flashed with surprise, and the kiss became hot again.

In the hotel room in the afternoon, the heavy curtains were drawn, leaving only the appearance of a lamp, which also made people have a trance that did not know where tonight.

They were entangled from the sofa to the bed, the bed swaying, the table lamp next to it was flickered by the shaking curtain, so the light was beating like an old red candle.

It didn't take long for the movement in the room to calm down.

Bei Mingmo was originally weak, and at this moment, he did not want to move at all.

Xuanyuan Che wanted to take her to take a bath, she took his arm: "Don't move first."

After all, she paused for a moment: "If my parents are affected by me, I will never forgive myself in my life."

After the excitement, the temperature dropped, and the reality came before them, and they had to face it.

He looked at her blushing cheeks and said seriously: "Then I can be your underground boyfriend, can I?"

Bei Mingmo stunned: "Underground boyfriend?"

Xuanyuan Che nodded: "It's like someone is married in secret. Me and you don't show it when there is someone."

She looked at him in shock: "Will you?"

After all, how proud of Xuanyuan Che is, Bei Mingmo does not know.

He was able to get away with her a few words before. He often regarded dignity as more important than anything.

Therefore, he would surprise her by saying something like being willing to be her underground boyfriend.

He looked at her seriously and said: "You are my only woman, there is nothing you don't want."

Her hands curled up unconsciously, her nails pinched so much that her palms hurt, but her heart seemed to melt away like this because of this sentence.

After a few minutes, Bei Mingmo asked, "Why? What do you like about me?"

Xuanyuan Che seemed to think about it for a while. Finally, he shook his head and smiled bitterly: "I don't know."

At first, it was because she broke into his life so directly three years ago. Her personality is very different from him. Perhaps because of this difference, it attracts him a little.

After the reunion, he found her different, her talent, her strength, her contradiction...

Many things made him hate his teeth, and he swore to draw a line in his heart again and again, but in the end, he still didn't know why, and he approached her again, as if enchanted.

It was the feeling of love and hate, he wanted to calm down, but couldn't calm down.