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#459 Since then, completely

Everyone went directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Although there was a small amount of common property, He Wanshuang all signed up to give up.

Finally, Zhang Zixun drafted a divorce agreement and handed it to the two.

Lieyuan stared at the above clauses, and his heart was filled with a feeling of unclearness.

It seems that if he signed the word, he would write a sentence with this woman thoroughly in his life.

He turned his head and looked at He Wanshuang beside him.

She had taken the pen and signed her name without hesitation.

Her handwriting is beautiful, just like her.

Seeing that he didn't move, she did not urge, but closed the pen lid, leaned on the back of the chair, and closed her eyes to recuperate.

Her profile is clean and beautiful, the distance between them is very close, but he feels far away from her.

In the end, he took the pen and wrote the name one stroke at a time.

The agreement was submitted and the previous marriage certificate was submitted. However, in more than ten minutes, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau handed over two red books.

The current divorce certificate is also red, only slightly darker.

Li Yuanyuan turned over and saw the message written on it. Suddenly, he only felt that his head was hit by something, and he could not help raising his hand and hugged his head.

Beside, He Wanshuang looked at the document, but did not pay attention to Li Yuanyuan's reaction.

She looked at the words "Divorce Certificate" above, and the emotions around her heart gradually released as if they were pulling away cocoons.

She had suffered a relapse of depression because of him before. She fled the Imperial City and found a place to start over.

However, after hurting her again, he appeared in front of her again.

He did not force her like in the past, but still interfered with her life.

That day, he blocked her in the hallway, and her heart was messed up again, and she didn't know what to do for a while.

Therefore, she said cruel things, only hope that this person will disappear in her sight forever.

And he did not reappear for ten days.

Her life has returned to peace again, with her own quiet solitude, and the happiness with her friends.

She thinks this is good.

It is as if now she and he are sitting side by side, but because of the divorce certificate in their hands, there really is no longer any relationship between them.

Although she felt as if there was something empty, she never felt relaxed.

She didn't need to face him anymore, no need to think about those past, no more to open the wound.

She needs time. She is not independent and strong enough. She has not had the courage to face the pain of the past.

So, it's really good to be separated, and she can really greet her new life.

No fetters.

He Wanshuang stood up and turned directly away.

In the seat, Lieyuan Shen has changed from the headache just now, but his body is still weak.

In his mind, several pictures flashed in a trance, but it was so fast that he couldn't catch it for a while.

Today there are many people in the Civil Affairs Bureau. The divorce registration is upstairs. He Wanshuang and Zhang Zixun waited for a while, and Lieyuan Shen has also come over.

Several people walked in together without speaking to each other.

Lieyuan stared at the figure of He Wanshuang in the mirror, not knowing why, and there was an urge to hug her suddenly.

Until the elevator reached the first floor, he saw her go out like this, and seemed to be completely out of his world, and never looked back.

He took two quick steps and called her name: "He Wanshuang!"

She turned her head and looked at him suspiciously, as if she wanted to know that she was divorced, and there was nothing more to say.

However, the next second, Lieyuan Shen suddenly stretched out his arms and hugged He Wanshuang in his arms.

Her body was momentarily stiff, and immediately she began to struggle.

And he quickly let go of her, looking at the resistance of her eyes, he said: "Treasure."

He Wanshuang looked at Lie Yuanshen suspiciously. When he saw his eyes were burning, her throat was dry, and she said, "Well, you too."

He nodded and watched her leave with the lawyer.

He did not hurry to get on the bus, but called Lie Xiaoruo: "Xiao Ruan, I divorced her."

Over there, Lie Xiaoruo said that Lie Yuan Shen didn't hear clearly, but felt something was pulling his trousers.

As soon as he lowered his head, he saw a small white ball, soft and well-behaved, and yelled at him: "Meow."

Lie Yuan stretched out his hand and habitually touched the dried fish in the bag, and found that his pocket was empty.

Xiao Tang didn't ask for anything, but rubbed his legs against the abyss of Shen Yan, and pitifully mitted a few times. Seeing that the other party hadn't moved, it was wronged.

Sitting at his feet, he stared at him with accusing eyes.

One person and one cat faced each other, so they didn't move.

At this moment, a strange and familiar voice sounded, then, Lieyuan Shen saw He Wanshuang hurried over, screaming at the cat at his feet: "Little Orange!"

Xiaobai Tuan finally looked at Lieyuan Shen with a stern eye, and then, with a jump, he jumped onto He Wanshuang's arm.

She picked it up and said with some reproach: "Frightened me, Xiaotang, don't run around in the future."

Xiaobai Tuan yelled softly, and then He Heshuang held it away.

Lieyuan Shen stood at the spot, looked down at the trouser legs that had been caught a little wrinkled, and exhaled gently.

They should have raised the cat together?


Lieyuan Shen came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau and went directly to the company.

Because he was hospitalized for three days, several contracts that he had previously discussed have changed again.

He didn't seem to have time to delve into the empty emotions that suddenly flowed from time to time, and he re-entered his busy schedule.

At this moment, it is the graduation season and the day when Song Yiren’s college career is officially ended.

She had already finished the thesis defense on Monday. Today, she is going back to school to attend the graduation ceremony.

On Monday, she and Gong Lingye went to get the genetic test results.

Although there were speculations in my heart, when the results showed that Yu Ruo Nuan and Xuanyuan or his father-daughter relationship were more than 99% likely, Song Yiren was greatly shocked.

After all, there are too many similar people in this world. Although Xuanyuan might have visited China once, it was surprising that Yu Ruo-nuan happened to be there.

Only Song Yiren and Gong Lingye also felt that this is not a good time to recognize their relatives.

What the Song Yi people wanted was not accepted by the upper class society of country J because of their identity, but by their ability.

In addition, although the blood of the Xuanyuan family is flowing on her body, Xuanyuan may not be married, so she is only an illegitimate girl.

What does illegitimate daughter mean in a country like J? The Song Yi people couldn't be more clear.

Therefore, she must make Xingye bigger, so she can recognize her relatives.