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The Song Yi people repeatedly ‘sported’, and the identity they had originally prepared confessed that they have not had time to speak.

    Wake up again, it's four o'clock in the afternoon.

    Thinking of the friends coming over a while, she asked Gong Lingye to take her to the conservatory. Looking at the golden light spreading outside, she said: "Gong Lingye, there is one thing, I have to tell you ..."

    Gong Lingye saw her with a serious expression on her face, so she sat opposite her and stretched out his hand: "Okay, warm you."

    The Song Yi people took a deep breath and could n’t help but use their fingers. They seemed to be looking for the supporting power over Gong Lingye: “Actually, I ’m not Yu Ruo Nuan, I ’ve told you before, but I did n’t make it clear. My soul is not, but The body is. "

    Gong Lingye was stunned for a while, and didn't seem to understand too much: "Nuan Nuan, you mean, you disfigured before, and the facelift became what it is now?"

    Song Yi shook his head, and his palms were already sweating: "I mean, I am another person, and my soul is attached to Yu Ruonuan. You may think it's incredible, but this is true."

    Gong Lingye really felt unbelievable. He has always been an atheist. Where can I believe what a "soul" is?

    He stretched his arms to embrace Song Yi in his arms, kissed her, and smiled: "Nuan Nuan, are you trying to say that you came across?"

    Song Yiren knew that Gong Lingye thought she was joking. Indeed, if such a thing was not personally experienced, she would not believe it at all.

    However, she looked up seriously and said seriously: "You listen to me tell a story."

    Gong Lingye nodded, seeing her with a solemn expression and a straight face: "Nuan Nuan you say, I will believe it."

    Song Yi ’s eyes were a bit distant: “A girl in Ningguo. She was very happy from her childhood. Her parents loved her very much. When she was young, her parents adopted an older brother who was also very good to her. Later, she There is another younger brother, and the whole family lives together in peace and harmony. "

    "Later, she grew up, fell in love with artificial intelligence, and made a lot of friends in the circle. They worked together on self-driving, the first generation of self-driving cars they studied, number YR-01."

    "She has never been in love, but because the family conditions are very good, many people want to marry her. At this time, her brother took the initiative to tell her adoptive parents that she wanted to marry her. Although she has no love for this brother , But I feel that it is also good to know the roots and the knowledge from an early age. "

    "They are engaged." Song Yiren said here, slightly paused: "However, shortly after the engagement, she bumped into the ambiguity of her elder brother and a woman."

    Gong Lingye heard this, and her heartbeat became inexplicably faster, only to feel that something was coming out.

    "She thought that when she saw something like that, her elder brother would apologize to her and then cancel the marriage contract, but she didn't expect that it was the end!"

    "She was tied up by them on the spot, they picked her hamstrings and dragged her onto the cruise ship, proclaiming to the outside that she died of drowning and no bones!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes tightened in an instant, he turned his eyes to Song Yiren, and his heart was praying, the protagonist of the story was not her.

    However, reason told him that he was deceiving himself.

    Song Yiren continued to say: "She was locked in the bottom cabin of the cruise ship, and there was no sky. And her elder brother, the beast. The beast came with his love. The person came, she scolded them, that love. She was thrown with concentrated sulfuric acid, one of her eyes was burned and blinded, and her appearance was ruined! "

    Gong Lingye only felt that his throat was blocked by something, and his chest seemed to be crushed by a big rock, which was breathless.

    He tightened his arms and held the trembling Song Yi tightly in his arms.

    He wanted to give her a sense of security, and perhaps, he also wanted to feel the warm body in his arms.

    "Later, when there was a TV on the cruise ship, she learned that she had already been ruined. Her mother jumped from the building because she lost her, and her brother lost her language ability because of family accidents. Her father was the first knife of Ning Guo's surgery The man, because he ca n’t stand the blow, is completely mad. "

    "Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye went to kiss Song Yiren only to find that her face was full of tears.

    He went to help her wipe it off, with a thin cocoon palm across her smooth face, his forehead pressed against her, and his voice tightened: "If you feel uncomfortable, rest for a while, and I can listen at any time ..."

    The Song Yi people leaned in Gong Lingye ’s arms, slowly, before continuing: “She was tortured for three years at the bottom of the cruise ship. Before she died, the pair of men and women reappeared, chopping off her tendons and turning her Her father brought it over. At that time, she knew that her father was not crazy, and his father was always sober, resisting the crazy torture of men and women ... "

    Gong Lingye only felt that his chest had been torn open with a huge mouth, and it was puffed in with a wind, so cold and painful.

    The girl in her arms continued: "That day, the pair of men and women splashed gasoline on her and her father. They were burnt alive by flames. Later, after not knowing how long, she opened her eyes again and found that she had already It became another girl. A strange country, a strange body, but fresh and real. "

    Gong Lingye's chest undulated, looking at the girl in her arms, the whole brain just felt confused and clear.

    "When she woke up, the first news she saw was that the bird. The beast developed the YR-07 driverless car as the best memorial for his fiancee who died ..."

    Gong Lingye remembered vividly that when he was at the Gong family, when he went downstairs that time, he felt the strong hatred from the Song Yi people.

    At that time, he was a little unclear, so he didn't know that a young girl, after seeing something on the TV, was so angry.

    Now, I understand.

    The Song Yi people turned their heads, and their tears and wandering eyes looked at him firmly, saying one by one: "Gong Ling Ye, I am not Yu Ruo Nuan, I am the Song Yi people, Ning Guo Ning Cheng Hai Sheng Group Song Yi people.

    In the room, there was a short period of extreme silence. Then Gong Lingye pressed Song Yi in his arms.

    His hands were trembling. In the past, in the three years of hell life, even a man felt trembling in his soul even when he heard it, but how did she survive a girl?

    Moreover, she said that she was a Song Yi person, a Song Yi person he had known and touched!

    If he could get to know her and get close to her earlier, would his destiny be different?

    Doesn't she have to face those three years, will she not be separated from her loved ones, can she realize her dream long ago?

    He didn't know whether it was more self-blame or more distress, or, fortunately, more.

    At least, she came to life, he met her again, and was attracted to her again, and she was lively and truly beside him!

    Life is full of flavors. In a short period of time, he loved, hated, hated, indulged in emotions, and parted from fear and timidity.