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On the same day, Gong Lingye finished his meal at Gu's house, Gu Tingxue was not in good health and needed a nap, so Gong Lingye resigned and left Gu Zhai.

    After coming out of Gu Zhai, he did not go directly home, but went to Dr. Tan's side and took the soil he had just collected.

    Dr. Tan looked at the soil with some doubt, and was puzzled: "Mr. Gong, is this?"

    "You find a team to help me test what is special in this one, which can promote the growth of plants, extract it, and then add the plasma that I stayed here to see if there will be changes." Gong Ling Yedao.

    For Gu Zhiyun, Gong Lingye also suspected before.

    However, because every time Gu's family sent something was tested, there was no problem at all, so he gradually dispelled his concerns.

    However, the pathology of his plasma must be started by those around him.

    Today, he saw that the Lamei of Gu's family was blooming so strongly that even the flowers in the flower garden were still blooming for more than one or two times, and he remembered the hot spring villa he gave to the Song Yi people, even if the temperature was too high. The same withered branches, at that time, he thought of the possibility.

    How can there be so much magic in this world?

    If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Even a botanical garden needs plants to be maintained with a constant temperature. How can a Gu family care more plants than the botanical garden?

    This shows that Gu family must have something special left by the ancestors.

    The New Year ’s Eve dinner in the old house of the Gong family is naturally 30 years old, and today is still 29, so Gong Lingye came out from Dr. Tan ’s side and went straight home.

    In the room, Song Yiren is upgrading the program for Zahara and Ares. Next to it, Song Ziheng is reading a professional book.

    There was warmth in the air, Gong Lingye walked behind Song Yi and hugged her.

    She turned her head: "How is Miss Gu?"

    "It's okay to recover, but in a wheelchair." Gong Lingye said, picking up her phone: "We can prepare to send Chu Mingyao a big gift!"

    Aside, Song Ziheng heard and quickly came together: "Brother, are you going to send a video?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "The beginning of the video."

    He narrowed his eyes, logged into the account set by the old ghost, and sent a message--

    [A shocking scene that happened to the former chairman of the Haisheng Group. 】

    He didn't even mention anyone, but he knew that Chu Mingyao wouldn't settle down after seeing all this.

    The video was only a dozen seconds. In the camera, Xu Qing obviously encountered something serious. Then, the whole face was completely bloodless, as if he was avoiding something, and ran all the way.

    Here, everything stopped abruptly.

    Thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao was alone in the huge villa, pouring a glass of red wine and drinking it in a mouthful.

    The phone rang, and when he listened to the other party, his face changed suddenly!

    He quickly opened Weibo, and soon, he saw the video on the hot search.

    His heart crashed into his chest, and he almost squeezed his mobile phone.

    This scene is familiar, but it was the scene where he killed Xu Qing.

    From the perspective of the videographer, it was Su Yunfei who shot it!

    He tried to recall that Su Yunfei took out his mobile phone to shoot. He couldn't stop it because he couldn't take care of it alone. From his pursuit of Xu Qing to pushing Xu Qing downstairs, Su Yunfei seemed to be holding his mobile phone all the way!

    Therefore, Gong Lingye really found Su Yunfei!

    The reason why he didn't announce all of them is just to deliberately play him and want cat play mouse!

    Chu Mingyao couldn't tell what was the mood at the moment. He picked up his mobile phone and immediately called Wang Xin: "Schedule it. I'm going to country Y. You help me prepare for the latest flight!"

    After the arrangement, he quickly went to the bedroom to pack his luggage. After packing all the important things, Wang Xin ’s phone came: "President Chu, everything is arranged. The plane will take off in four hours. After one hour, I To pick you up! "

    Chu Mingyao responded, remembering something, and immediately hit the Song Yi people.

    At the other end of the phone, the Song Yi people saw the caller ID and Chong Gong Ling Ye raised her eyebrows.

    She hung up the phone directly and replied to Chu Mingyao: "Mr. Chu, I am in a meeting, can I send a message?"

    After all, the Song Yi people gave Gong Lingye the phone.

    Chu Mingyao said: "Xiao Nuan, after the New Year, I am lonely alone, shall we go to country Y together now?"

    Gong Lingye, who took Song Yi's cell phone, replied: "But my family heard about us and told me to leave after the Spring Festival."

    Chu Mingyao said: "Xiao Nuan, then, Big Brother will go abroad first, and find the place where we live first. You will have nothing to worry about when you pass by the New Year's Day."

    Gong Lingye replied: "Okay, listen to you, then when you get there, you have to report peace to others!"

    Song Yiren kept watching beside him. When he saw this sentence, he almost didn't smile.

    And the next second, Chu Mingyao replied: "Xiao Nuan, I miss you all the time, and I will call you as soon as I get there!"

    Gong Lingye replied: "Okay, people are waiting for you!"

    When he received his mobile phone, Song Yiren almost burst into tears: "If Chu Mingyao knows, it is you who answered the message with him, I don't know if I will hit the wall and die!"

    Song Ziheng couldn't laugh too, praised: "Brother-in-law even learns so much from women, so amazing!"

    Song Yiren glared at a brother who was blowing rainbow farts, and was dissatisfied: "Do I speak as sissy as he is?"

    Everyone was talking and laughing, Chu Mingyao got into Wang Xin's car and came to the airport.

    He changed the boarding pass on the automatic machine outside, and then pulled the unchecked luggage to the customs.

    The person in front passed the customs, and he stepped forward and handed the passport.

    Customs staff swiped the passport barcode, then looked up at Chu Mingyao, then suddenly stood up.

    Chu Mingyao's heart tightened, and when he thought of the video, he almost ran away after pulling his leg.

    The next second, what the two customs said, one of them said: "Sir, you can't go out."

    Chu Mingyao tried to maintain his composure and asked, "Why?"

    The customs looked at the online information and accused Chu Mingyao of the lawsuit of murder and raised his eyes indifferently: "We have received notice from the relevant department that you do not have the right to appear at present."

    Chu Mingyao's hand holding the luggage trembles slightly, but he still asked calmly, "Then, what's the reason? How long can I get out of the customs?"

    "We don't have the authority to understand the specific reasons. As for the time, I haven't received the relevant notice." The customs pointed to Chu Mingyao behind him: "Sorry."

    Chu Mingyao's eyes looked around, and security was everywhere in the airport. If you break into it, it is completely death.

    He couldn't tell what was the mood at the moment, so he nodded, took his passport, and turned back to the airport lobby.