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#420 Nice to meet you

"Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye stood in front of Song Yiren and reached for her.

The Song Yi people stood up and walked to his side.

"Let me introduce to you, this is Xuanyuan Yao, Xuanyuan family's eldest lady." Gong Lingye said, putting her arm on Song Yiren's waist, said: "Miss Xuanyuan Yao said, I want to know you."

Xuanyuan Yao extended his hand generously: "Miss Yu, hello."

Song Yiren also reached out: "Miss Xuanyuan, I am very glad to meet you."

"I just heard Sishao saying that you are doing AI. It happened that I also bought the TG-01 of Tiangong Group." Xuanyuan Yao said: "You are also involved in research and development?"

Song Yiren smiled: "Yes, TG-01 is the hard work of our team."

"Ms. Yu can join Tiangong's R&D department before graduation, which is really great." Xuanyuan Yao raised his glass: "I respect you!"

However, her words fell into other people's ears, and it changed a little.

Can you go to the R&D department of a multinational group before graduation? Ha ha, this is clearly suggesting that the Song Yi people are leaning on the nepotism.

While looking at the appearance of the Song Yi people, obviously relying on the hook. Inviting Gong Lingye to the upper position, and as for the real learning, it is just bluffing!

However, Song Yiren had just touched the glass with Xuanyuan Yao, and the wine in his hand was taken away by Gong Lingye.

His voice was low-alcohol, and he seemed to be coaxing her: "Warm warm, doesn't it mean that you don't drink when you are good? We have to prepare for the baby, drinking is bad for your health."

Hearing the words, the faces of the women all changed.

Want a child?

If the Song Yiren really conceived the children of Shangguan's family, especially if it was a boy, then her position would be stable.

What does Gong Lingye suggest?

Who doesn’t know that the Xuanyuan family is rich in wealth. If Gong Lingye and Song Yi divorce and marry Xuanyuan Yao, then the business cooperation between the two will be closer, and the interest in the middle will rise geometrically!

Gong Lingye is not a fool. He can be seen by Shangguanao, how could he not know the undercurrent. At that moment he said so, is this vase in front of true love?

At a time when everyone was puzzled, Gong Lingye drank and rushed to Xuanyuan Yao said: "Nuan Nuan is an engineer I hired at a high salary. Without her, there will be no TG-01, so I have always been her fan. Since Miss Xuanyuan likes self-driving cars, our Tiangong Group will release TG-03 two months later, which is also a credit to their team. Will I ask someone to book one for you?"

The embarrassment on Xuanyuan Yao's face was fleeting and he smiled decently: "Well, then thank you for the four less!"

"Miss Xuanyuan, you're welcome." Gong Lingye said, and said softly to Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, how are you talking with your sisters-in-law? There are desserts you like to eat over there, I'll take you to eat first A little bit?"

"Okay." Song Yiren's lips raised, and she found that as long as Gong Lingye was there, she didn't need to use any of the tricks she originally wanted, and he had already done everything for her.

"Miss Xuanyuan, I'm out of company." Gong Lingye nodded politely to Xuanyuan Yao, wrapped around Song Yiren's waist and walked away.

When the two walked away, Xuanyuan Yao's hands were tightened and loosened, and then he left directly.

Several women in the rest area discussed again: "How do I think Si Shao seems to really love his wife?"

"Not really! Look, Miss Xuanyuan's face is going to be mad!"

"But in the near future, Si Shao is really handsome. Even if he is really married, I think Xuanyuan Yao is definitely willing!"

"Isn't she willing or not? Look at what four young people do to his wife. If I were Miss Xuanyuan, I would definitely leave on the spot! This is just a face!"


At the moment, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye are already at the bar.

Gong Lingye selected several desserts for Song Yi, and poured her another glass of juice before her: "Nuan Nuan, have they bullied you?"

"It's nothing more than irony of my family's family status." Song Yiren pouted: "I don't care at all."

He looked at her: "Wait for the listing of Starry Night, you will let those ignorant women understand that a woman does not need to be a wealthy person. If she is a wealthy person, that is the greatest wealth."

Song Yiren raised her lips and her eyes were starlight: "But you just didn't face Miss Xuanyuan so much, it's estimated that she's exploding right now?"

"Oh, but it's just a secular woman who is relying on her family status and no one is there. I need to give her face?" Gong Lingye sneered: "The people who are present, want me to die less? I'm not good enough now. it's here?"

The Song Yi people were amused by his arrogant tone: "So, we don't rarify their stuff at all, and don't care about their attitude at all."

"Yes." Gong Lingye looked at her: "Here, you can do whatever you want, just think of it as our home in the imperial city. Don't be forgiving, I have something to do with you."

"It feels good to have someone standing up!" Song Yiren was talking, suddenly turning his head, and he saw a man in his fifties seeming to be watching her.

She looked over in confusion and was about to ask Gong Lingye who the other party was, so she saw the man coming over.

"Aye." Xuanyuan or came over, greeted Gong Lingye first, and then set his eyes on Song Yiren: "This is?"

"Uncle Xuanyuan, this is my wife Yu Ruo Nuan." Gong Lingye introduced: "Nuan Nuan, this is Miss Xuanyuan's third uncle, and also Ache's uncle. Just now Uncle Xuanyuan said, Ache is alright , But the wound has not healed and is resting at home."

"Three Uncle Xuanyuan, hello." Song Yiren smiled at him, but somehow he always felt familiar.

After coming here, she heard people say that the owner of Xuanyuan had three sons, and the eldest son was the father of Xuanyuan Yao and Xuanyuan Lin.

The second child is Xuanyuan Che's father, only Xuanyuan Che has a son.

The third child should be the man in front of him, it seems that he has never been married.

"You call Yu Ruo Nuan?" Xuanyuan or looking at Song Yiren always felt that the girl had no reason to make him feel cordial.

Gong Ling saw Xuanyuan or stared at Song Yiren all night. His heart was a little unpleasant. Suddenly, after his eyes circulated on the two of them, his heart was startled.

Why, he feels that the two in front of him look like four or five points?

"Well, my name is Yu Ruo Nuan." Song Yiren smiled at the other party: "Have Uncle Xuanyuan ever heard of my name?"

"No, I just think you are kind-faced." Xuanyuan may also find himself a little abrupt, he has already changed the subject: "Aye, this time I came to J country and didn't plan to leave right now? Ache's injury is about the same, but it seems that I can’t remember what happened before. One day you are free, you can go to our house to see him and see if I can help him remember something."