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#54 Give flowers!

Gong Mochen hasn't contacted the Song Yi people since that day, nor did she know that she has talents to perform.

    Especially for the piano, he remembers that when she went to his house and hurried to the door, when his cousin was studying the piano, when she saw her and asked if she could play it, she just smiled and said no.

    At the moment, the girl was sitting in front of the piano, her long hair curled up, showing her beautiful face. She put on a little light makeup, and her temperament was as if walking out of the forest.

    She played a classical music "The Sound of Treading Snow". With long, white fingers flying on the keys, the sound of dingdong water poured out of her fingertips.

    Gong Mochen was born into a famous school. Although he did n’t specialize in music, he had some basic appreciation of music. He looked at Song Yiren ’s flying fingers in front of him in surprise. He did n’t expect that she would play piano teacher better than Gong Moyan. It's okay!

    At this moment, he felt the phone shaking.

    Some displeasure was interrupted. Gong Mochen picked up his phone and tried to hang up, but when he saw that the caller ID above was Gong Lingye, he still answered.

    Gong Mochen lowered her voice: "Little Uncle."

    A thousand miles away, Gong Lingye heard Gong Mochen's voice very low, and the background sound was a piece of piano music he liked very much.

    It was a few years ago, I heard it at a concert in Ningguo, then I wrote it down and studied this song specifically.

    But listening to the receiver at this moment, the proficiency of the player seems not to be available to ordinary students.

    He subconsciously asked: "You are in the school hall? Who is playing the piano?"

    "Yu Ruonuan." Gong Mochen said.

    Gong Lingye squeezed the phone's hand slightly, then he took the phone off his ear and clicked the record button.

    Seeing the start of recording, he put the phone back in his ear and said: "After she plays, you will find a place where I will tell you about the project, you don't need to hang up."

    Gong Mochen responded: "Well."

    He put down his phone and continued to listen to the Song Yi people playing.

    I have to say that this girl still has some skills. She can make robots and play piano.

    Gong Mochen thought that maybe Ruwa was equipped with a sound sensor, so recently every morning, when he got up to a certain decibel level, it defaulted that when he woke up, it would automatically start, and said to him: "Good morning, I am handsome Lord Jin! "

    This morning, Gong Mochen got up a little bit quietly, until he finished washing and changed his clothes to go out, and did not hear the metal lump.

    It seemed strange to him that he couldn't remember it again.

    However, when he closed the door, he pressed a little harder, so he heard a faint metal sound coming from inside: "Good morning, my handsome Lord Jin!"

    "I wish you a good mood throughout the day!"

    At that time, Gong Moyan just came up and told Gong Mochen to eat, and when he heard the voice in his room, he could not help saying: "Brother, who is talking in your room?"

    Gong Mochen lightly frowned: "No."

    Gong Moyan listened to the door again, and then his eyes lit up: "It seems to be Ruwa! Brother, lend me Ruwa, I will take it to school to show my classmates! They heard that day you have Ruwa Very curious! "

    Gong Mochen has gone forward in desperation: "What's so good about a metal lump?"

    Gong Moyan is still persevering: "Brother, Ruwa is not a metal lump, it is a cute robot! You lend it to me, I promise not to lose or be paid by the teacher!"

    Gong Mochen was pulled by his cousin's sleeve, and he passed with a cold eye: "No."

    "Big Brother--" Gong Moyan is still grinding and squeezing, but Gong Mochen directly said: "You don't study hard, you just want to play all day, I tell your mother ..."

    Gong Moyan had no choice but to give up and grimaces behind Gong Mochen with dissatisfaction.

    In memory, Song Yiren's song is nearing its end.

    Beside him, the headmaster Chong Gong Mo Chen said: "Mo Chen, your girlfriend is playing the piano, and don't hurry to lay flowers!"

    Gong Mochen frowned subconsciously: "Uncle Chen, don't forget, you are the principal of Emperor University!"

    The principal smiled and said: "I am not the principal of the middle school, and I also object to the early love of students! Now university students are married everywhere, I am not so pedantic!"

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have finished playing.

    The last ending was still lingering in the air. She stood up, walked to the center of the stage, and bowed to everyone.

    Suddenly, the classmates who were immersed in the audition feast recovered, and applauded in unison. There are also a lot of whistling sounds, at first glance is a piece of boys from the black pressure.

    And at this moment, one person came from both sides of the stage.

    However, on the left is Xiao Pei, and on the other side, it is a fairly large robot.

    The robot held a rose in his hand, and Xiao Pei held a bunch of lilies in his hand. The two walked up to Song Yiren together.

    "Give us the beauty, young and female of the AI ​​department!" The robot passed the flowers in his hand.

    Song Yi took the rose with a smile, reached out and hugged the robot.

    Under the audience, everyone looked at this 170-year-old, chubby metal guy and couldn't help laughing. This operation of giving flowers, they are served.

    When Song Yiren let go of the robot, Xiao Pei also passed the lily in his hand, and he gave her a hug with a smile: "I hope we succeed!"

    His voice is not too loud, but because the Song Yi people are very close to the microphone, so the audience also heard Xiao Pei's sentence.

    The fact that he and Song Yiren signed up for the Robot Contest together was basically known to the whole school.

    This is not because all the students in the school love to learn. The main reason is that the two people are there, and they are men and women, so whether they are boys or girls, they are talking about them.

    Even if they eat together in the cafeteria every day, what kind of dishes they order will be put on the school forum by their classmates.

    Therefore, the two are regular customers of the campus forum hot list, and it is difficult to not know them.

    The principal also attached great importance to this competition, so when seeing Xiao Pei go up to lay flowers, the fashionable President Chen also stood up and rushed to the palace Mo Chen: "Mo Chen, follow me up to encourage the students A few words! "

    Having said that, he did not wait for Gong Mochen to refuse, so he took the lead on the stage.

    Gong Mochen had no choice but to get up and walk to the podium together.

    The auditorium that was originally cobbled below was momentarily muted, and many students did not actually know that Gong Mochen was coming. So when I saw Gong Mochen's suit appearing in front of the stage, I was all dumbfounded.

    The elite temperament of the president of the group company is certainly not comparable to ordinary people. In addition, Gong Mochen's temperament is expensive and abstinence, the feeling of the iceberg president is particularly piercing the girl's heart.

    Therefore, after a short period of silence, everyone was excited and whispered quietly, completely forgetting that President Chen was on the stage, and did not give the principal half a look.