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#39 Call her wife

Song Yiren went upstairs together with Gong Lingye. I saw a man in his thirties sitting in a luxurious private room with a bunch of beards on his face, a beautiful woman in his arms, and three behind him. Name follower.

    Seeing Gong Lingye, he stood up and smiled and shook hands: "Less at night, long time no see!"

    Gong Lingye also shook back with him: "Brother, long time no see!"

    Wan Chengrui smiled and sat down with Gong Lingye, his eyes fell on Song Yiren: "This is Miss Gu?"

    At this moment, Song Yiren really understand how well Gu Tingxue is protected.

    At least, she had searched Gong Lingye's information on the Internet before, and did not mention that he had a girlfriend. Gu Tingxue of Sou Gu's family didn't even have a photo.

    No wonder these people only knew that there was a Gu Tingxue around Gong Lingye, but no one had seen it.

    Perhaps someone on the opponent's side has seen it, but they are all dead.

    Gong Lingye pulled Song Yiren over and let her sit next to him. His arm fell on her shoulder, holding her halfway, and she smiled at Wan Chengrui: "Wang Brother is very clear about his younger brother's inquiry."

    He did not directly answer the identity of the Song Yi people, neither denying nor acknowledging, but just hooked the hair of the Song Yi people with his fingers and said to Wan Chengrui: "Can we start?"

    "Go back so eagerly with Miss Gu?" The other party said with a smile, gesturing to the attendant.

    The entourage immediately went to buy chips, and the waiters in the casino began to prepare for licensing.

    "Betting on two games?" Gong Lingye leaned on the back of her chair and finger lightly clasped the desktop: "In the first round, I bet all the shares of Tiangong Group in my hand."

    His tone was light, but what he said surprised the Song Yi people.

    She bluntly didn't expect that Gong Lingye played such a big game in the first game.

    "Why, Brother Dare to follow?" Gong Lingye raised his eyes, his eyes deep.

    Opposite, Wan Chengrui's face changed, and then he gritted his teeth and said, "I have no problem with it, but I'm just afraid that you will lose too badly in the back of the night. After all, your mother is also older, and your palace is only one palace apart from you Mo Chen. "

    Gong Lingye laughed: "You don't have to worry about Wange."

    The waiter began to deal cards, Gong Lingye glanced at the face, withdrew his gaze, and deducted the table lightly: "Wan Ge, once the flop, you will have no chance of regret."

    Wan Chengrui grinded the board, seeming to hesitate for a moment, then said: "Open."

    So, his entourage took out his shares and seals in the Jiujiang Society and put them in the middle.

    Similarly, Gong Lingye also pushed his share book in Tiangong forward.

    The cards are opened one by one. Although the Song Yi people were born in a wealthy house, they have never seen a gamble. Therefore, when she saw that Gong Lingye's cards weren't connected three times, but the opponent was, she was a little bit heavy, wouldn't this guy lose?

    However, when Wan Chengrui saw Gong Lingye's face, he instantly looked ashamed.

    "Excuse me, Wange." Gong Lingye's lips twitched: "Successful."

    Both sides immediately signed the contract under the witness of the casino lawyer, and when both parties signed the seal, the chips became effective.

    "Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom." Gong Lingye said, got up and went to the bathroom in the private room.

    Soon, he came back after using it and loosened the neckline of his shirt. It seemed that he was wearing a tie and took it off. The whole person leaned on the back of the chair, and the gesture was wanton and lazy: "Wang Brother, Another game? "

    What Wan Chengrui waited for was this sentence. After all, he lost nothing now, and he needed to turn over the book again.

    "Last time gambling, this time gambling life, how?" Gong Lingye raised his eyes and locked the other party.

    Wan Chengrui took a sip of cigar fiercely. He flicked the ash and rubbed the body of the woman beside him. Chong Gong Ling said at night: "You are so unfair, is this too unfair?"

    "How unfair?" Gong Lingye asked with great interest.

    "It is rumored that your generation of the Gong family can't live up to 32 years old, and you are also 30 this year? But it's only two years of life. Isn't it too cheap to take out and bet with me?"

    Gong Lingye smiled and said, "What does Brother Wan want?"

    "Isn't there a ready-made woman here?" Wan Chengrui set his eyes on Song Yiren and looked unabashedly: "So beautiful, no wonder you have been a treasure for so many years. You, plus her, me and You gamble. "

    Gong Lingye turned his eyes and looked at the Song Yi people on his side. He seemed to think for a few seconds, and then said: "A woman can be."

    The Song Yi people suddenly turned their heads and looked at the man beside him.

    Under the crystal lamp, his facial features were more dazzling, but when she saw the grin on his lips, she just wanted to tear him to pieces!

    This pervert, actually brought her over as gambling money, or her life!

    If she had the life to go out today, one day, she must be let his life pay for it!

    Opposite, Wan Chengrui smiled and said: "Yue Shao really has sincerity, then it must be--"

    However, before he finished speaking, Gong Lingye interrupted him.

    Gong Lingye was still in the same posture as before, but the tone suddenly calmed down: "Women can bet, but his wife can't."

    Wan Chengrui immediately stared, and the Song Yi people looked over with doubt.

    Gong Lingye stretched his arms and pulled the Song Yi into his arms. He lowered his head and swept his lips and petals across her forehead as if murmuring: "Just that expression was like a angry kitten. You thought me Really gamble you out? "

    His breath fell on Song Yi's forehead, itchy.

    She was uncomfortable, especially when he was so hugged by the public, and with such an intimate tone, she could not wait to push him away.

    But Gong Lingye held her tightly and kissed her forehead. Then she turned to Wan Chengrui and said: "My wife can't use it for gambling, but if I think my life is worthless, I can block it again. My stake in Tiangong. "

    "Hahaha, Ye Shao really loves Jiangshan and loves beauty more!" Wan Chengrui laughed. He already had a certain chance of winning the second game today, so he responded readily: "Well, just follow the night less Come on! "

    The waiter started to deal cards, and Gong Lingye looked casual.

    Song Yi turned around and looked at the man beside him, not knowing exactly what he was going to do.

    Is he desperate, or does he think he can only live to 32 anyway, so he broke the pot?

    It was just that while his palm was sliding on her waist, his hand lightly touched where she was hiding the pistol.

    Suddenly, Song Yiren immediately understood what Gong Lingye was going to do. She didn't move, and even took the initiative to put her chin on Gong Lingye's shoulder to hide the feeling of coldness in her back.

    He seemed very satisfied, slightly turned his head, biting in a very low voice in her ear: "Warm warm."