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#58 Miss her

Song Ziheng's head tightened, but there was no unnecessary expression, but he nodded, calm and calm.

    Chu Mingyao rubbed his hair with a gentle voice: "Zi Heng, it's good to make more friends, just can't say your name. After all, you know that it's messy outside, and your identity is special, in case it is used by someone with heart It ’s not good. "

    Song Ziheng continued to nod, his eyes quiet.

    Chu Mingyao looked at him for a few seconds and then said: "I have nothing to do this weekend. Let's go outing together. When we come back, we will see Mom and Dad again."

    Song Ziheng was shocked. He didn't know if the girl he met today would also go to the cemetery.

    What he thought of, wrote on the paper: "Brother, I don't want to go out on the weekend, I want to draw a design draft at home."

    Chu Mingyao smiled: "You are just like your sister. She used to stay at home all day long, and it was not easy to ask her to go out! Well, it's up to you, and I will go again next time."

    He looked at Song Ziheng for a while, and then turned and left.

    In the room, the teenager picked up the glass next to him and drank it. He realized that there was cold sweat in his palm.

    That night, the Song Yi people sat in the fountain square in the center of Ning City, looking at the neon sky. They already knew that Song Ziheng could not come.

    Chu Mingyao was so careful to this point! She felt her heart faintly cold. For a time, the whole person seemed to be surrounded by cold.

    Here is the bustling business district of Ningcheng. In front of her is a beautiful musical fountain, and above her head, there is a huge LED screen that spans the east and west sides of a street. On the huge screen dome, a MV is playing.

    At the end of the song, the picture gradually darkened, and then, soft music sounded, and the sky began to fall with snowflakes.

    The artificial light and shadow snowflakes fell from the dome, and the white light and shadow catkins fluttered down, covering the whole street.

    Suddenly, the traffic flow on the road slowed down, and the whole world seemed to be infected with unspeakable romance because of this ‘snow’.

    Song Yi stood up, raised his fingers, and saw the snow and light falling from the fingers, one by one, with her long hair and eyelashes, disappeared again.

    There was light shining in her eyes, and her voice was very soft, as if she only said to herself: "Zi Heng, it's snowing ..."

    At this moment, on a busy road, in a black car, Pei Jun in the co-pilot's seat rushed to Gong Lingye behind him: "President, this street in Ningcheng is really unique ..."

    Gong Lingye heard the words, raised her eyes from the document, and looked out the window ...

    "Parking." Gong Lingye ordered.

    The driver wondered why the boss suddenly stopped, but slowed down the car and parked the car steadily on the street.

    "You go back to the hotel." Gong Lingye said, putting down the document and only taking the mobile phone to open the door.

    Pei Jun in the front is still hesitating: "President, you ..."

    "I'll go back by myself." Gong Lingye said, and had already walked to the snowy sky.

    He stood at one end of the street, his eyes falling on the delicate figure at the other end.

    He had never seen her like this. The whole person was bathed in that white light and shadow, and his hands were raised religiously to pick up the snowflakes that were not cold and touchy.

    Around the hustle and bustle, she stood there quietly, and the whole person seemed to be the only silence in this world.

    On the sounds on both sides of the large screen above the head, a low-magnetic song came: "Gently, it fell on my palm. Quietly, icing in my palm. Meeting, is destined for the past life. Pain and taste all happiness."

    Song Yiren stood in Feixue, his eyes blank for a moment.

    "Obviously, the words are so cold-hearted. Pretend, that's just ding bang. Tears, can't believe it. This life, like paper life."

    Gong Ling crossed the road at night and looked at the girl who was only seven or eight meters away. He did not step forward, but stared at her indifferently.

    The music continues: "I listen slowly, the sound of snow falling, closing my eyes and imagining that it won't stop. You can't get close, it's never too thin, just greedy outside the window, good scenery."

    The Song Yi people looked at a small shop on the street and walked up.

    At the door, a two-year-old baby is reaching out to catch the snow, with a pure smile on his cheek.

    Behind him, a young couple is laughing and saying something. The plaque above his head is abruptly written with the words: "Yan Zhaoqinxing."

    Song Yi people saw them, and there was a void of laughter on the corners of her lips, and she continued to approach.

    Not far behind, Gong Lingye also approached, but kept a distance of seven or eight meters with her.

    The snow is getting bigger and bigger, the music has already reached a high tide, and the singer's low magnetic voice is fainted on the entire street full of Xia Xue: "I slowly taste, the sound of the snow falling, it seems that you are close to me Called Qing Qing. Opened your eyes, the snow is ruthless, who will pay for the good things in this life ... "

    Gong Lingye heard the last sentence and couldn't help raising her head, looking at the big screen above her head.

    At this moment, his eyes were occupied by snowflakes, knowing that they were all artificial light and shadow, but he couldn't help raising his hands to touch the crystal hexagons.

    "Who will pay for the good things in this life ..."

    Song Yiren sighed and walked to the door of Qin Xing.

    "Hello! Did you come to see the piano?" The young woman asked.

    Song Yi shook his head, hesitated for two seconds, and said: "Can I borrow your piano to play?"

    The woman was a little confused, but she nodded immediately: "Okay!"

    After talking, she picked up the baby at the door: "Baby, we listen to the beautiful sister playing the piano!"

    The little guy obviously prefers to play with snow, so he twists his body and doesn't want to go in.

    At this moment, Song Yiren is already sitting in front of the piano.

    She raised her hand and her white and slender fingertips fell on the keys.

    At this time, the song just ended, but Feixue is still there, covering this romantic city.

    Gong Lingye looked at the Song Yiren who was diagonally facing him at the door. His eyes passed through the crystal snowflakes and landed on her face.

    Her expression was quiet, but he read a sad feeling.

    The familiar melody is flowing in the ear, and it is the "Sound of Snow" he missed.

    When he heard her playing the piano from the phone that day, he had imagined what it would be like.

    He thought about it a lot, but only at this moment did he realize that all the imagination was too pale and thin compared with her now.

    She sat there quietly, and the lights in the piano lined her face with a soft and soft light. Behind her is a mottled light. The neon colors are flamboyant, and the snow-white crystals coat the whole world with haze.

    He stood in the snow, his eyes falling on her quietly, listening to the concert she gave him.