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#101 Cold war

His eyes fell quietly on her cheek, she didn't even notice it, and she still slept soundly.

    This seemed to be the first time they were so close. Gong Mochen felt something was blocked in his throat and some hair was dry.

    Don't open your eyes, there are two ideas in the brain fighting.

    He wanted to wake her up and tell her that it ’s okay not to lean on others;

    However, he remembered that he had just seen the cyan under her eyes. Obviously she had not slept well these days, and he would not be a gentleman to wake her up.

    In this repeated battle, a flight attendant came over and asked quietly, "Sir, do you need a thin blanket for your girlfriend?"

    Gong Mochen hesitated and nodded: "Okay, thank you."

    The stewardess took the blanket and saw Gong Mochen could not move, so he said again: "I'll come."

    Having said that, she helped the Song Yi people gently cover up.

    Song Yiren whispered unconsciously, Gong Mochen's ear was unconsciously past, want to hear what she said.

    However, she seemed to have fallen asleep again, and a soft breath fell to his pinna. Suddenly, he felt an unfamiliar current that had never been heard coming along his pinna. The electricity is average and there is a numbness.

    In such a large area of ​​current, Gong Mochen felt that a small current suddenly reached the lower abdomen, and suddenly there was a wave of enthusiasm there.

    His throat rolled, and he was shocked to find that there was an impulse to recover somewhere quiet for a long time.

    It was just that when he felt it with his heart, it immediately fell silent again, like a prank, and suddenly gave him annoyance after giving him hope.

    However, she was unaware of her shoulders.

    Even, because of the subtle movements he had just made, she seemed to feel unsteady, so she raised her hand and wondered if she was looking for something to grab.

    Under the thin blanket, Gong Mochen's hand was caught.

    His fingertips slightly paused, and after two seconds, he reached over and took Song Yi's hand.

    The feeling is very wonderful, as if at school, men and women who secretly love early, quietly pull hands under the desk.

    It also seemed to be an office man and woman in an underground relationship. In the meeting room where they were meeting, they secretly interlocked their fingers under the conference table.

    There was an inexplicable emotion in his heart. For the first time, he found that the girl's hand was small and soft. In the palm of his hand, the feeling seemed to hit his heart straight.

    Gong Mochen slightly tightened his fingers.

    In his sleep, Song Yiren felt that his hand was being pulled, and the person's breath was very familiar, but that hand was quite strange, which was different from her impression of Ligong Lingye's hand.

    At that moment, there was no thin cocoon in his hand, and his fingers were slender, which was softer than Gong Lingye's.

    Somehow, Song Yi people suddenly thought of Chu Mingyao.

    Did Chu Mingyao chase her down?

    She opened her eyes violently, and conditioned reflexes suddenly pulled her hand away.

    In an instant, the blanket on his body slipped down, and Gong Mochen's face beside him came into view.

    The Song Yi people still have a bit of shock in their hearts, and their eyes are still alert and repulsive, and then they slowly relax and say, "Sorry."

    Gong Mochen's palm was empty in an instant. The vigilance in her eyes just made his eyes seem to be stabbed. His brow peaked tightly, and the whole body suddenly exuded a cold breath.

    "This chair can be adjusted, you can adjust the back of the chair to sleep." He said coldly.

    Song Yiren apologized again: "I'm sorry, I won't be next time."

    She was puzzled, how could Gong Mochen have Gong Lingye's breath on her body? Did they use the same shower gel?

    After that, the Song Yi people no longer fell asleep, until not long before the plane landed.

    There was no more conversation between her and Gong Mochen. After getting off the plane, Gong Mochen was picked up, and she went directly to the taxi passage.

    Although a few hours had passed since the appearance of Beiming Mo, the Song Yi people still went to the location of the bell tower.

    She stood in front of the square for a long time, except for tourists, she had no familiar figure.

    It's not a way to find someone like this, especially, they still can't reveal their identities.

    Therefore, when the Song Yi people saw someone sending small advertisements, their hearts moved.

    She found a print shop found online in an alleyway. Because she was happy to give money, the other party quickly agreed, and also called a lot of offline personnel to help Song Yi people post small advertisements.

    So, just a few hours later, many such advertisements were posted on the streets of Pingcheng-

    "Lingzai, your aunt is waiting for you to go home and eat your favorite butter-boiled octopus! Uncle Qiqi Baling Phase III."

    Lingzai was a cat that Beimingmo had raised before. Chu Mingyao didn't know that, because he had only raised more than two months and then lost his life.

    Moreover, this guy doesn't like cat food, but his favorite dish is the weird dish of butter roasted octopus.

    Song Yiren believes that if Bei Mingmo sees this news, he will surely find a way to contact her.

    So she found a local hotel, checked in, and waited for a call.

    Gong Lingye was dining in the old house today, because Mrs. Gong said Gu Tingxue was coming and asked him to come back again. It happened that their mother and son had not eaten together for a long time.

    After dinner, he sent Gu Tingxue back to his home. Gong Ling called out to Song Yiren when he came out at night: "Warm warm."

    Song Yiren heard Gong Lingye's voice, only to realize that she came to Pingcheng, did not seem to tell him.

    She said: "I have gone to Pingcheng, and my classmates have something to do with me."

    Gong Lingye froze for a moment, then said: "When?"

    "Flight in the afternoon." Song Yi said humanely.

    Gong Lingye was silent for a moment: "Well, I see."

    Song Yiren noticed the unpleasantness in his tone, although she also felt that she should greet him before. However, when I thought about it, they were not formally together, and she did not seem to be obliged to report everywhere.

    In addition, she didn't like to dress softly, so she seemed unhappy to see him, and she didn't even want to say anything.

    So he said, "Is there anything?"

    Gong Lingye tried to suppress the anger in his heart, his tone was indifferent; "No."

    Song Yi said: "Then you are busy first, I will go back in two days."

    He said: "Got it."

    Hanging up the phone, Gong Lingye kicked a small pebble in front of the road.

    He always felt that although no relationship was announced between them, they were no different from their male and female friends.

    However, she didn't even tell him about going to Ningguo! And listening to her tone, she also planned to go for a few days.

    If he did n’t make this call, if he did n’t contact, she would go back to the Imperial City for two days, he did n’t even know she had left? !

    He grew so big that he never took the initiative to chase girls. For the first time, Gong Lingye felt annoyed and frustrated.

    Therefore, in her heart, he has always been nothing. For a long time, he has been singing a one-man show alone!

    Driving all the way to Phoenix, Gong Lingye, while drinking, commanded A Mian beside him: "I called Uncle Qi and talked about the Blue and White Society."