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#13 Dance!

The extravagant breath that made her face made her feel a long absence. In previous life, how familiar were such occasions?

    Gong Mochen dealt with the people who came to talk and introduced the Song Yi people beside him with perfunctory persuasion.

    At this moment, the whole hall was suddenly quiet.

    I saw the man in a neat suit in front of the banquet hall and walked slowly.

    The men's facial features are dazzling, tall and tall, and the aura seems to bring the wind that swept the entire banquet hall.

    Gong Ling Ye!

    The moment he appeared, everyone's eyes were attracted to the past,

    Almost all guests came towards him today, looking for opportunities and Gong Lingye to say a few words, looking forward to it, but they were also photographed in his aura, and they dared not rush to say hello.

    He did not squint, straight forward, when rubbing his shoulders with Song Yi people, his gaze flicked across Song Yi people's face.

    At that glance, it seemed to have a deep meaning.

    The Song Yi people were shocked, and when they looked again, Gong Lingye was already walking towards his mother's grandmother.

    Here, Gong Mochen pointed to the rest area next to him and said to Song Yi: "You will stay here, and I will call you when needed."

    After finishing speaking, he turned and left directly, without any attachment.

    Song Yi didn't care too. She sat on the sofa, holding the pastry in front of her empty stomach.

    Not long afterwards, the sound of dialogue came from behind, from far and near.

    "Mr. Gong, we are too radical in the Yanshan project. Could you give me another chance?" A man rushed to Gongling Yedao respectfully.

    "The chance is only once, and if you miss it, you miss it." Gong Lingye's tone was very light, revealing the momentum that could not hold his beak.

    The other party talked up and kept talking, but could only leave.

    Later, a few people saw Gong Lingye here and quickly gathered around.

    They were all banquet invitation cards that they spent a lot of money in order to see Gong Lingye. As long as the other party gave them a little benefit, it would be enough for them to eat for a few years.

    Gong Lingye was obviously used to such an occasion. He walked straight to the sofa area and was about to sit down, only to see the Song Yi people on the sofa.

    She was holding something to eat, and Juanxiu's face faded from the previous mysterious charm, and her greedy appearance seemed a bit cute.

    He narrowed his eyes.

    Song Yi people also just raised their eyes, because it was Gong Lingye, she quickly got up and said hello: "Mr. Gong! Hello!"

    Seeing that the other party seemed to have business to talk to, she quickly left with interest and gave the space to Gong Lingye and those who had just arrived.

    Gong Lingye looked at the back of Song Yiren leaving, and thought deeply. As for what the guest said in front of him, he didn't hear it.

    He had heard of someone chasing Gong Mochen before, but he also paid a little attention.

    The memory of Ruoruan Yu is very different from the present. Not only makeup, but the temperament and manners are very different.

    In the past, Yu Ruonuan had some promises, but the present-

    Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows, this woman is so good at disguising, it seems that she doesn't like Gong Mochen at all.

    So, what is the purpose of her approaching the palace?

    Is it related to the matter of their palace ...

    Soon, the banquet began, and the people who could dance the opening dance were naturally the people of the palace.

    Gong Lingye has no female companion. In fact, he is almost 30 years old, and it seems that he has never heard of any woman with whom he has had a relationship.

    Therefore, Mrs. Gong is going to order Gong Mochen and Song Yi to perform the opening dance.

    However, when the music sounded, Gong Mochen disappeared. The old lady Gong was about to call the waiter to find someone, so she listened to Gong Ling night on the side: "I'm coming."

    He walked in front of the Song Yi people and made a request.

    Under the lights, the man's eyes became more and more charming, as if the starry sea had never reached the bottom. Song Yi was surprised, not knowing why Gong Lingye invited her to dance.