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At this time, someone pointed to He Wanshuang: "I just saw that you pushed that girl down?"

    "I didn't push her!" He Wanshuang was anxious: "You're saving people!"

    "We called the police and the police came immediately!" said someone.

    Sure enough, not long after, the police came, some people immediately went into the water to save people, but the other two came to He Wanshuang and said: "Miss, we received the report. Several witnesses saw it. You pushed that one. Miss launched."

    He Wanshuang's heart was cold and shook his head: "I didn't! When she pulled me, she fell by herself!"

    "Specific circumstances, we still need to ask for a certificate, but miss, you need to go to the police station with us."

    Where did He Wanshuang encounter such a thing? Her breath was shaking: "I really didn't..."

    "Are you there, we will investigate." The police said, instructing a person to take He Wanshuang away first, along with a few witnesses, also got into the police car, and the rest were left to save people.

    There were more and more people around, and even the people who came over braved the ice and went into the water to salvage.

    However, until the night came, Li Xiaonuan was not found at all.

    At this moment, He Wanshuang completed the transcript, and the police also called Lie Yuanshen, but because he was on a business trip, the phone was always off.

    He Wanshuang was alone in the inquiry room. Facing the icy wall, she had no communication tools on her body. She just felt like she was in an extremely dark world. The world was eroding and engulfing her a little bit.

    Some memories came when I was a child. My brother’s tragic death, the blood soaked her clothes. Later, for a long time, she was closed in her own world, not communicating with anyone.

    She shut herself up in a small room, and the power outage happened at home that day. Her parents did not go home because of entertainment. She stayed alone in the darkness all night.

    Since then, she is afraid of darkness but also of light. She likes being alone, but when she is alone, she just feels suffocating and dying.

    I don't know if the temperature here is not enough. She feels very cold. Even holding her arms, she still can't resist the bitter chill.

    Inexplicably, she thought of the embrace of Lieyuan Shen last night, generous and warm.

    However, Lie Xiaoruo didn't know what was going on. She asked someone and nobody told her.

    In fact, she doesn't hate Lie Xiaoruo, but she actually thinks that this girl usually looks arrogant. In front of her loved ones, she is a simple and cute girl.

    Although they didn't communicate much, they could still feel Li Xiaoxiao's kindness to her. No matter what the starting point, she didn't want Lie Xiaoruo to have a problem.

    Lieyuan Shen learned of his sister's accident at more than two o'clock in the night. He just got out of the airport and received a strange call. The male voice inside said: "Hello, is this the family of Miss Lie Xiaoruan?"

    He groaned: "I am her brother, what happened to my sister?"

    The male voice over there said: "We are the police in Nancheng District, Lingmei disappeared in the Dicheng River. Some witnesses suspected that she was pushed into the water in the dispute with her wife, but there is no evidence for the specific situation, so call You come to Nancheng Police Station to assist in investigation..."

    Lieyuan Shen only felt a loud noise in his head, but he had not lost his gaze, and said, "My sister has not yet found it?"

    "Yes, we are trying our best to salvage." the other side said.

    "Where is she falling into the water?" Li Yanyuan shuddered when she asked.

    "At the bridge pier near Diyuan River near Huangyuan Road." the other said.

    "I'm at the airport and I will go back immediately." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "Please ask the police to help my sister!"

    "Protecting every citizen is our blame."

    Hanging up the phone, Lieyuan Shen quickly took two steps to Beimingmo's side: "Sabrina, there is something urgent in my house and I must go back immediately. I will give you the official seal and documents.

    Seeing him anxious, Bei Mingmo couldn't help asking: "What happened?"

    "It's okay." Lieyuan Shen quickly handed things over to Bei Mingmo, turned around and left.

    As he walked, he called: "Small wind, little soft fell into the water! You will arrange all the people at once, at any cost, and immediately salvage!"

    When Ling Shaofeng heard the news, the whole person was shocked, but too late to ask the ins and outs, he immediately said: "Well, I will arrange it immediately!"

    Lieyuan Shen bought the latest flight and flew straight to the Imperial City.

    But, while waiting for the plane, every call he received was the same bad news: "I haven't found Missy!"

    The heart became more and more anxious, and Lieyuan Shen only felt that every minute and second of waiting was a painful suffering for him.

    Until, he finally arrived in the Imperial City at seven in the morning.

    The plane had just landed and he immediately turned on the plane.

    Ling Shaofeng's voice was hoarse: "Third Brother, I haven't found it yet."

    Lieyuan Shen only felt deep in his heart, there was a strong panic, he said: "Is there anything found in the case?"

    "Is there--" Ling Shaofeng apparently hesitated, his tone became more discretionary.

    "Say!" Lieyuan drank coldly, causing the passengers around him to be jumped by him at the moment.

    "Third Brother, the police here called the camera at the accident site and near your house and found--" He took a deep breath, as if he was determined: "I found my sister-in-law kissing a man who was suspected of Gong Lingye on the street, and then Xiao Ruo went to the bridge pier somehow. Then the sister-in-law was about to continue the meeting with the man. Xiao Ruo was found, Gong Lingye left, Xiao Ruo and his sister had a dispute at the pier."

    Lieyuan squeezed his hand on the phone and swelled with his muscles. His voice was cold and bloodthirsty: "Continue."

    "The camera is not so clear. I can only see that the sister-in-law and Xiaosoft are pulling on the pier. After that, Xiaosoft will fall into the water." Ling Shaofeng said carefully: "But it can't be proved that the sister-in-law pushed the soft...

    Speaking of the back, his voice became smaller and smaller.

    Li Yuanyuan, but his eyes were scarlet: "That woman!"

    In his mind, many pictures emerged uncontrollably.

    When He Wanshuang was picked up on the street for the first time, she regarded him as Gong Lingye, and her eyes were deeply infatuated with the pain of a man, which moved him;

    The second time she found her, she knew that he was not the man, but she still knit a dream for herself, and gave her all her body! Ha ha, in the end how vigorous the love is, will be the precious first time for a substitute!

    Lieyuan Shen only felt that there was fire in his chest, worry, fear, disappointment, anger, all emotions, for Lie Xiaoxiao and He Wanshuang, were all intertwined and almost burned him!

    He came out of the airport and went straight to the bridge head of Dicheng River.