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Bei Mingmo heard that the whole person was stiff as if struck by lightning.

    After coming out of the hotel that morning, she was very angry and sad, so when she went back, she shut herself in the room to draw the design of the bag.

    She wanted to try to forget him and all things, so she even forgot to buy medicine!

    This is the character of her person, and she decided to ignore this man, so she really forced herself not to think about it. She shut herself up for a few days and sent the newly designed bag to the master craftsman. When it was in the room, it was 72 hours before.

    At the time, she happened to be less than a week after the end of the aunt, and now, it is not even the day when she should come to the aunt.

    At the moment, Bei Mingmo awoke to the whole person's wine, only to feel that cold water had poured through her body instantly.

    Xuanyuan Che saw that she suddenly did not speak at all, and she suddenly had a thought in her mind: Is she really pregnant?

    So, does she have his baby?

    Suddenly the heartbeat became strong and powerful, bumping into the chest cavity, and after a daze, there was still undetectable joy.

    Xuanyuan Che grabbed Beiming Mo's hand: "Momo, let's go out first."

    Bei Mingmo wanted to pull his arm away: "Don't touch me, I'm so annoyed now! You go out by yourself!"

    She is really annoying. What if she really has children?

    beated? After all, it is a life, let alone damage the body and uterus.

    Keep it? Do you marry this man?

    The attitude he minded that day made her feel uneasy.

    Moreover, he must have a thorn in his heart, feeling that she had been with other men, even if she explained, I am afraid that he would think that she said it for the purpose of the child and would not believe it.

    Once there is such suspicion and estrangement in the marriage, then it is a matter of time.

    Therefore, it is wrong for the child to stay.

    She is very annoying and does not want to see him!

    Who knows, the next second of a man's flirty voice came: "This is a men's toilet, we have to talk, change place?"

    Bei Mingmo turned around suddenly, looking at Xuanyuan Che.

    Afterglow in the corner of her eyes, she clearly saw the kind of toilet only in men's toilets.

    She just felt a burst of blood hit her head, and she was a little annoyed: "Why didn't you say that?"

    He was innocent: "It's too late."

    Bei Mingmo was too lazy to say anything to Xuanyuan Che again, throwing him away and striding out.

    He quickly hurried to catch up and reached out to grab her: "Slow down."

    The toilet floor is so slippery, what if she falls pregnant?

    The two pulled and pulled just out of the bathroom and ran into a man head-on.

    The man glanced at the toilet sign suspiciously, and then said halfway to himself: "Why are women in the men's toilet?"

    "My female can't go to the men's toilet?" Bei Mingmo was completely in the state of eating gunpowder at the moment, and he said: "Where do I fall in love, what is your business?!"

    Xuanyuan Che was inexplicably embarrassed, stretched his arms to take Bei Mingmo into his arms, and took her to leave quickly.

    Bei Mingmo came out of the corridor, seeing Xuanyuan Che still taking her to the elevator, so he pushed him away: "I'm going to drink!"

    "You can't drink." He already had a bit of anger in his eyebrows: "Momo, stop it!"

    Bei Mingmo's pupils tightened instantly: "Am I making trouble?"

    She locked him secretly: "Even if I am pregnant, it has something to do with you? How do you know who I am pregnant with? What position do you teach me here?"

    Xuanyuan Che was blocked in her chest by her words, and almost immediately turned away.

    It was just that her steps were raised, and she suddenly remembered that if she was really pregnant, and heard that the temper of the pregnant woman was very strong, he gave a little bit of nothing.

    So he slowed down: "Want to drink? I will accompany you. Just can't drink!"

    Bei Mingmo ignored him and turned to the VIP activity area.

    Everyone saw her and was still saying hello to her. She smiled and took a chair to sit down. She was originally about to take red wine, but she reached halfway, changed her direction, and took a glass of orange juice.

    Xuan Yuan Che was less than two meters away from her and saw her sudden change of direction, but felt that her heartstrings were slowly fluctuating at this moment, and the ripples were constant.

    Bei Mingmo was really contradictory just now, so after sitting down, she didn't speak a word, she took a glass of orange juice and sipped it slowly.

    However, as the cold orange juice slowly slipped into the throat, the complicated thoughts were calmed down by reason.

    She took a deep breath and felt that the priority now is not to think about what to do in the future, but to figure out whether she is pregnant or not!

    Bei Mingmo stood up and prepared to go out of the hotel to see if there was a pharmacy.

    Xuanyuan Che saw her and followed her: "Where do you go?"

    "Pharmacy." She answered concisely.

    He held her arm: "I'll buy it, you go back to the room, and I will send it to you in a moment."

    Bei Mingmo was stunned, and immediately responded: "Okay, thank you."

    He still sent her to the door of the room before leaving.

    Because Gong Lingye is going back to the institute to freeze again tomorrow morning, he and Song Yiren will return to the Imperial City early tonight.

    When Bei Mingmo went up, the Song Yi people just packed their things and prepared to go out.

    "Momo, I have to go. Help me bring my two younger brothers. Let's see you back in the imperial city!" Song Yiren said, reaching out to hug Beiming Mo.

    Bei Mingmo smiled reluctantly: "Okay, Unique has also resumed work, you are waiting for me in the Imperial City!"

    The two said goodbye, and suddenly the hotel room became empty.

    Bei Mingmo leaned against the sofa, motionless.

    The time suddenly became very slow. She tried hard not to be anxious, but she still watched it more than ten times in just ten minutes.

    Finally, the doorbell rang, then Xuanyuan Che's voice: "Momo?"

    Bei Mingmo got up and felt that her heartbeat had become unruly. She quickly opened the door and her eyes fell straight on the bag he was carrying.

    "Can you buy it?" she asked.

    He nodded: "I bought one for each brand."

    In fact, Xuanyuan Che was extremely embarrassed. He had never bought such a thing, so when he went to the pharmacy, the clerk asked him what medicine he wanted to buy. He answered ‘buy the medicine for pregnancy test’

    The clerk smiled when he saw his uncomfortable look: "What is the pregnancy test bar that Mr. wants to buy?"

    Xuanyuan Che only knew the name of this thing, nodded: "Well."

    In the end he didn't look at the price at all, he just bought one indiscriminately, then trot back, and at this moment, there was already a layer of sweat on his forehead.

    Bei Mingmo had snatched the bag in Xuanyuan Che's hand. She opened it and saw that there were seven or eight boxes of various colors.

    She demolished one first, and then carefully read the instructions.

    He also disassembled and read the instructions.

    The two put down the gap at the moment, but they discussed it seriously. She was a little unsure: "This is it. If the second bar is in this position, then is it there?"

    Xuanyuan Che read the manual several times and then nodded: "Well, I understand the same."

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