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"What are you talking about?" He Wanshuang was shocked, looking at Lieyuan Shen, his eyes were incredible.

    "Marry me immediately, and then give birth to the child obediently." Lie Yuan Shen said: "After giving birth to his weaning, we divorced, and the child will belong to me! I will not tell Gong Lingye what we did that day, but also cooperate You, we are married freely. "

    He Wanshuang turned pale and couldn't stop shaking her head.

    "Of course, I will not treat you badly. You and I will give you a large alimony for more than a year, which is enough for your life." Li Yuanyuan said: "When the child is weaned, I will pay you back free!"

    He Wanshuang's eyes are incredible: "Why are you doing this? We have no feelings ..."

    "It is true that there is no emotion." Lie Yuan sneered: "Miss He and a man with no emotion can go to the room after seeing only one side, and go to bed when they see each other.

    "You--" He Wanshuang shivered: "I said no to that day ..."

    "Have you ever resisted?" Lie Yuan's eyes were mocked.

    He Wanshuang was speechless. On that day, she drank too much and had no energy at all. Everything that fell on his eyes was to cater to him!

    "Shaofeng, you go downstairs to call her, obstetrics and gynecology!" Lie Yuan Shen ordered.

    Ling Shaofeng wanted to slip away just now. After all, this kind of thing, he shouldn't be watching by an outsider.

    Hearing the words, he immediately went downstairs to help He Wanshuang register.

    He Wanshuang didn't even think that she had to take the child away, but at this moment, it turned into a direct check on the child's development.

    She walked into the consultation room and took out the previous blood test report. After seeing the doctor, she was prescribed some vitamins: "Folic acid will take three months to the child. In addition, your progesterone is a little low. Come back in a week. Check it, if it is still low, I will give you some baby-preserving pills. Take care to rest during pregnancy, do not stay up late, do not smoke or drink, and ban sex for the first three months. "

    He Wanshuang heard this, his fingers trembled, and bowed his head: "Well, I remember, thank you doctor."

    The doctor heard her voice a little different, and looked at her again. She saw her eyes red, and she couldn't help saying: "Pregnant women's emotions are easy to lose control, but they must also maintain a good attitude, so that the child can grow and grow well."

    He Wanshuang continued to nod.

    When she came out of the clinic, she saw Lieyuan sitting in the waiting area and called.

    It seemed that something unpleasant happened to him, his eyebrows curled tightly, and his whole body was filled with low air pressure.

    Seeing He Wanshuang came over, he said a few words to the person over the phone, and then he hung up and asked her: "After the examination, what did the doctor say?"

    "Nothing, the doctor asked to come back for review next week." He Wanshuang's heart is very disturbed now. The man next to her, she repelled in her heart, she couldn't imagine what would happen if she really did what he said ...

    "That's good, I'll go get the certificate with me on Monday!" Li Yuanyuan said directly.

    Saying that, Lieyuan Shen reached out and took He Wanshuang's hand and took her out.

    Behind him, many pregnant women looked at his tall back, all looking envious.

    "Hey, how handsome are your husbands!"

    "Yes, but their wives are also beautiful!"

    "Their children will look good!"

    "Yeah! It's really more dead than popular! My family, even if it doesn't look good, now the maternity check is not accompanied by me! They are so handsome, they also come with their wives, alas ..."

    "Okay, don't compare, this kind of thing can't compare!"

    Lieyuan Shen had been pulling He Wanshuang to the door of the hospital, and Ling Shaofeng had driven the car over.

    The two of them got on the bus, and Li Yuan said in a deep voice, "Go to the apartment I bought last time."

    Because he came to the imperial city for development now, Lieyuan Shen bought a four-bedroom, two-hall apartment on the edge of the Second Ring Road, and usually lived there with Lie Xiaoruo.

    Soon to the apartment, Lieyuan Shen opened the door and pulled He Wanshuang into it.

    In the room, Lie Xiaoruo was practicing on the yoga mat. When he saw several people, especially when He Wanshuang, the whole person was stunned: "Brother, you are ..."

    Li Yuan said: "Xiao Ruan, this is Miss He and He Wanshuang. In the next two years, she will be your sister-in-law."

    Lie Xiaoruo rose from the yoga mat at once: "Brother, are you kidding me?"

    "No." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "She is pregnant and will stay here for the time being. The villa I bought has just been renovated and needs to be smelled before she can move in. When she is about to give birth, we will move in. Currently, she lives Here, you can clean up the empty bedroom and give it to her. "

    "Brother--" Lie Xiaoruo apparently couldn't digest such a big thing. She squinted and walked in front of He Wanshuang, with a sharp edge: "How did you get pregnant with my brother's child? You are not around Gong Lingye People? "

    Although He Wanshuang 163 was not short, he was obviously short in front of Lie Xiaoruo.

    Looking at the aggressive girl in front of her, she backed away slightly, her tone was very weak: "I don't want this kid at all!"

    Lie Xiao was stunned and immediately understood.

    She turned her eyes: "Brother--"

    Lie Yuan slapped Lie Xiaoruo's shoulders: "Xiao Ruan, I will explain this to you. She is pregnant, and you let her order."

    Lie Xiaoruo said nothing and ignored He Wanshuang, but returned to the yoga mat to continue practicing.

    The atmosphere in the room was a bit embarrassing. Ling Shaofeng saw this and quickly went to the empty room and said, "I'll help you clean up!"

    He Wanshuang said: "No more."

    Everyone looked at her.

    She said: "I own a house and don't need to live here."

    Lieyuan Shen approached her and narrowed her eyes: "Evening Frost, there are some things that you may not have recognized the situation yet."

    He Wanshuang raised his eyes: "Don't you just let me give birth to the child?"

    She ticked the corner of her lips: "It's just acting, it's not necessary to be so serious, no matter where I live, the child won't run."

    Li Yuan Shen Wenyan said, amber eyes stared at He Wanshuang for a few seconds, and then said: "No."

    He Wanshuang raised his eyes, his eyes were startled and angry.

    "Since you know that it is a show for some people, then you should know that it is necessary to make a full set of plays." Lie Yuan Shen said, and had already entered the bedroom.

    He looked around, and Shao Fengfeng said: "Shaofeng, you drive to the supermarket and buy some necessities."

    Ling Shaofeng nodded and turned to ask He Wanshuang: "Little beauty, oh no, sister-in-law, what color bedding do you like?"

    He Wanshuang ignored him.

    He smiled and said, "Okay, I'll buy something casually!"

    He disappeared like a wind, and Lie Xiaoruo just happened to finish today's practice, got up and went to the room to read a book, leaving only Li Yuanshen and He Wanshuang in the living room.

    There was a depressed atmosphere in the room until Li Yuanyuan said: "Where is your account? I'll get it with you."