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The driver had opened the throttle to the maximum, and behind him, Chu Mingyao's men quickly got on the bus.

    Several cars started chasing after another.

    The people who were entangled at the door of the villa didn't know who heard it: "Master is in the car just now!"

    So they all stopped fighting with Amian's men and got into the car together.

    They know who they are chasing! Only Song Ziheng is the goal!

    Because the night is too dark and the surrounding electricity has not been restored, a tracking blockbuster was staged on the quiet and wide road in the villa area.

    Chu Mingyao's people were obviously hard-working. They recognized that the person who had just been rescued by A Mian was Song Ziheng.

    Although the teenager was covered with a person's face, that figure should look like Song Ziheng!

    As everyone knows, the Song Yi people deliberately wore a pair of shoes with increased height today, which is much higher than usual. With a neutral dress, the figure looks tall and thin, and it really looks like a little boy.

    On the side, Amian was stopping bleeding from the wound. Song Yi people wanted to help, Amian refused directly.

    He opened the gauze well, quickly wrapped it around the back of his hand, and he directly ignored the back injury.

    "Okay." He said to the driver: "There is an intersection in front, just act here."

    The Song Yi people don't understand what they mean. She can only see that there have been several cars chasing behind.

    "Okay." As the driver said, he suddenly pressed the trunk switch in the car.

    The trunk slowly opened. At the same time, Amian supported the seat of the chair and jumped directly from the rear seat into the SUV trunk. Then, he lifted a large trunk in the trunk and rushed Then she dumped the contents out of it suddenly.

    Through the faint light in the car, the Song Yi people saw that it seemed to be all sharp metal things that fell on the ground and made a sound, but were submerged by the roar of the off-road vehicle engine.

    The trunk slowly closed, and the driver slammed the throttle to the bottom. Then he turned off the lights, a steering wheel, and drove towards the fork in front.

    Just less than ten seconds after the Song Yi people entered the car, the first car behind them followed a sharp curse: "Fuck! What the hell is this?"

    Immediately after that, the second and third ...

    All five cars had to slow down after crushing those sharp metals.

    There is only one car, even if the tires are all leaking, they are catching up.

    However, there was a fork in the front, and the driver asked the man behind him, "Boss, where do you go?"

    The man's eyes sank, and the left side was the nearest direction to the airport.

    He commanded: "Right!"

    On the fork on the right, the driver rushed to Amian: "It seems that someone is chasing over."

    "They are modified cars." A Mian Ning eyes: "With the fastest speed, only need to drag them for a minute!"

    The driver answered and speeded up again.

    The Song Yi people never thought that one day, they would stage a life-and-death speed where they lived for more than 20 years.

    The car behind made a huge engine roar, and Song Yi people can see from the rear window glass, the sparks that burst when the tires rub against the ground.

    The car behind seemed to catch fire at any time, and was pulled by the elder in a minute.

    Until, they did not know what was thrown out one after another in the car, then, the car once again completed an incredible speed increase.

    In the car, the man with red eyes: "Bump it!"

    Their car has been modified so that even if there is a collision, it will not be a big deal.

    Although the car in front is the best in off-road, but it is not a modified car, there will be a stress reaction after a collision, and it will be forced to stop.

    Song Ziheng in the car should be injured, but it will not die.

    That young man only needs to guarantee a life. After living to 18 years old, the Song family is not all Chu Mingyao!

    After listening to the order, the driver directly started the last spare high-concentration fuel, and then dashed forward!

    Although the speed of Amian's car has been increased to the fastest, it cannot change the fate of being drawn closer.

    Seeing the distance getting closer, A Mian picked up the Song Yi people, imprisoned between him and the front driver's seat.

    The countdown in my heart has almost sounded-

    , 9, 8, 7 ...

    And at this moment, a car suddenly appeared on the curve, the speed of the car was extremely fast, because it was facing each other, so it felt almost instantaneous.

    The Song Yi people were imprisoned, they could not see anything, they could only hear Amian low and said: "The car of Emperor Shao!"

    Then, only a sharp tire friction sounded, and then the car on the opposite side and Amian passed by.

    The countdown of Song Yi's mind has reached 0, but the imaginary impact has not come.

    Even, her brain has just reacted, and just now A Mian said, Gong Ling Ye is coming?

    As soon as the thought started, Song Yiren heard a violent explosion behind him. The explosion of the air pushed her car to drift. On the wide oil road, a curved tire friction trace was pulled out. .

    The car finally stopped, the world seemed to freeze, and a burning stop was drawn abruptly.

    The moment the Song Yi were released by Amian, they immediately opened the door and rushed down.

    Because the speed of the car is too fast, she is more than fifty meters away from the explosion. In sight, there was darkness and burning vehicles.

    Song Yiren only felt that his heart was empty and overwhelmed. Without thinking about it, he flew towards the other side.

    Amian just said Gong Lingye was here, wouldn't he hit the other party's car in his car? So, how is he?

    She never ran so fast that A Mian, who was injured behind her, failed to stop her.

    "The car in front may explode!" Amian shouted at the Song Yi people.

    However, the girl's speed never stopped.

    A Mian looked at the burning fire in front, and suddenly felt that what Gong Lingye did was not so meaningless.

    The Song Yi people wore an inner height, because they ran too fast, and there were debris after the explosion on the ground. Just as she was about to approach that side, she suddenly stepped and fell towards the ground.

    My hands didn't know I was scratched by something. There was a burning pain. When Song Yi was about to get up, he heard a strange sound in the car beside him.

    It seems that it will explode for the second time!

    She was startled, and when she got up, she opened her eyes again to see if Gong Lingye was here, but she couldn't see anything except the firelight.

    The strange noise near my ears suddenly became silent. Song Yi people knew that it would be the prelude to the explosion, and they heard a familiar male voice with an abnormal anxiety: "Run!"