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#43 Kiss man

Soon after finishing breakfast, the Song Yi people found that the helicopter was really fast, but within ten minutes, it seemed that it would be near the school because Amian was preparing to land.

    At this time, Gong Lingye handed over a large bag of things that he had mentioned when he got on the bus to Song Yiren.

    She opened it and saw that it was a bag of liquid packaging, a bit like a Chinese medicine, and could not help wondering: "What is this?"

    "You're not Gong Han, your stomach hurts during the holiday?" Gong Ling night said: "I asked Tingxue to give you a prescription for warming the palace. Her family is a family of traditional Chinese medicine. The prescription is very useful. Many Chinese medicines outside are not effective , Because the medicinal plant is a large-scale artificial planting. So according to the prescription she gave you, I found people to find natural herbs and boiled the soup for you. "

    He picked up a bag and said, "Eat a bag half an hour after breakfast and dinner every day. These are four days, a course of 21 days. In order to keep it fresh, I will let someone send you it every three days. "

    Song Yiren unexpectedly did not expect Gong Ling Night to give her this, and even more unexpectedly, the prescription was still given by Gu Tingxue.

    She was shocked by Gong Lingye's good means, and her confidante could be willing to open such a sensitive way for other women he knew.

    Seeing that Song Yi did n’t speak, Gong Lingye squeezed her face: “Relax, the medicine is fine, I wo n’t be poisoned, I ’m going to do something to you, and I do n’t have to be so troublesome. Listen to Xue said, you take a treatment The next time you come to the official holiday, there will be a significant improvement. After that, eat as appropriate. "

    Song Yi people took it, only to feel the heavy in her hand, she looked up at him: "Thank you."

    "Thank you this time seems to be more sincere than before." Gong Lingye seemed to think of something, leaned into the ear of Song Yiren, and whispered: "If he is cured, he won't be able to tell the official leave and the first time. . "

    The Song Yi people thought of the embarrassment that day, and their faces rose for a while, but what was about to say, the plane had already started to land.

    This seemed to be a square opposite the school. Amian stopped the plane, and Song Yi and Gong Ling jumped down.

    "I'll send you over." Gong Lingye said, and took the bag of Chinese medicine from the Song Yi people, and then took her hand naturally.

    Here, I walked for a few minutes to the entrance of the school. The Song Yi people felt uncomfortable and wanted to move their hands.

    She had no choice but to cross the road with him and came to the door of Dicheng University.

    "I'm here, please go to work." Song Yi people can't wait to send the god away.

    He was too dazzling, and her face was equally eye-catching, and people who had passed by looked at it.

    "I'll cross the river to dismantle the bridge after use?" Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "Nuan Nuan, I'm very dissatisfied with your attitude."

    She was more anxious, and the little girl ’s slyness was rarely revealed on her face: "So what do you want?"

    Gong Lingye turned her face sideways, leaning forward, obviously, kissing.

    Song Yiren only felt that it was almost a dog. This man was really perverted, and he obviously wanted something, but he never let her off who didn't like him.

    Early in the morning, blocking her from going to school, in order to have a goodbye kiss.

    She didn't move, so she walked in to get around. However, the wrist was pulled by the man.

    He pulled her over, and her heart was unstable, falling into his arms and meeting his dangerous sight.

    "Nuan Nuan, if you don't take the initiative, I'll kiss you directly at the door of your school!" The tone is full of arrogant threats.

    Song Yi was very popular, and it seemed that someone had come to see it again. She thought of the terrible degree of the school forum. She had no choice but to tiptoe and kiss quickly at the corner of Gong Lingye's lips.

    She turned and ran, he caught up with her again, and put the Chinese medicine bag in her hand: "Remember, drink after warming with water."

    The Song Yi people went back to the dormitory first, put down the Chinese medicine, and saw that there were ten minutes to go to class, so they heated the medicine bag with hot water and drank one.

    Roommate Zhang Qianqian saw that she was taking medicine and asked her, "If it's warm, aren't you getting a cold? Would you like to take a seat?"

    "Let's go together!" Song Yi quickly sighed, picked up his handbag and went to the classroom with Zhang Qianqian.

    During the class, the Party Secretary of the class came with a promotional page and greeted everyone: "Students, our school's 90th anniversary is coming. This time, everyone must sign up!"

    With their AI majors, there are few girls, and a word from the Youth League Secretary instantly made the classroom quiet and thorough.

    She didn't feel embarrassed, she smiled and said to everyone: "Why don't you stop talking every time I say what to participate in? When I say where there are beautiful women, why are you so active?"

    Someone answered: "Where do you say there are beautiful women, we are not active. After all, the most beautiful thing in our school is in our class. I am used to bird's nest shark's fin. Where else do I want to see green vegetables and radishes?"

    He said so, everyone's eyes suddenly fell on Song Yi's face.

    When the regimental party secretary saw the Song Yi people, it was as if he saw the treasure, and immediately came over and said: "If it is warm, this time, I will report it to you! Do you sing, dance, or ..."

    Who knows, before her words were finished, some boys answered:

    "If we are warm, even if we stand on the top, there is no need to perform any talents, it is also beautiful!"

    "Otherwise, come to the catwalk show?"

    "Or mime!"

    "If the warm voice is so nice, the pantomime thanks to me! I think I should sing!"

    Everyone was talking, and Song Yi had a headache. Sure enough, Yu Ruonuan's face is beautiful and not much offensive. Everyone is overzealous.

    And she really didn't know how to reject these passions.

    She remembered her life in the ivory tower of the university in her previous life. At that time, she only cared about various experiments and seemed to rarely participate in these activities.

    "I play the piano." Song Yi said humanely.

    "Wow, if you are warm, you are still a talented girl!" The classmates' eyes lit up: "We will give you flowers when the time comes!"

    A class was lively and lively, when the Song Yi people returned to the dormitory, they received a strange call.

    The country code of the caller ID shows Ningguo. She moved and answered.

    The voice of Yu Ruoxin ’s second sister Yu Ruoxin came from the earpiece: “Warm warm—”

    Song Yi's hand holding the phone suddenly tightened a bit: "Second Sister, how are you over there?"

    Since the divorce, Yu Ruoxin went to Ningguo under the introduction of Song Yiren.

    At that time, Yu Ruoxin was still worried, because after all, she married the domestic man after graduating from Sanliu University. At the age of 27, she had never been to work and went abroad to find out what to do.

    However, Song Yiren gave her a message, but it made her want to have a new life for the first time.

    At that time, Wang Kai knew that the Yu family had climbed to the palace, so he asked Yu Ruoxin to remarry.

    Yu Ruoxin understands that after remarriage, what still awaits her is still the fate of domestic violence. But if he does not remarry, who is his father Yu Chengzhi? She has no choice.

    But at that time, Song Yiren said: "Either die; or try, or die, or live. Second sister, your life should not be so short, you are only 27 years old, you should have a brighter future. "