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At 8 o'clock that evening, a global conference for the upgraded version of YS-07 of Haisheng Group will be held.

    Ning Cheng, Chu Mingyao arrived at the conference site in advance. At the huge scene, all the reporters gathered at this moment, all prepared to witness this exciting moment.

    In the dressing room, Su Yunfei picked up her cell phone and called Chu Mingyao.

    Hearing the phone ringing, Chu Mingyao picked up the caller ID and frowned.

    He ignored it until the phone hung up automatically.

    Somehow, he suddenly thought of Song Yi again.

    At the global press conference, he had originally invited Song Yi people to come, but because Su Yunfei's endorsement in China was ended on November 1, his contract with Song Yi people has not yet taken effect.

    After glancing at the scene, there was no problem. Chu Mingyao picked up the phone and called Song Yi.

    At this moment, Song Yi people are having dinner with Gong Ling night.

    When she heard the phone ringing, she slipped and answered, "Mr. Chu."

    "Student Yu Xiao, you still call me so rusty--" Chu Mingyao smiled and said, "What are you busy with?"

    "I'm preparing my graduation thesis." Song Yi pretended to be annoyed and prolonged his voice: "It's so difficult--"

    Beside, Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and leaned into Song Yiren's ear, biting her earlobe like a punishment.

    Song Yi took a breath: "His--"

    "What's wrong?" Chu Mingyao asked quickly.

    The Song Yi people pushed Gong Lingye while saying, "Just scratched the paper."

    "The girl's skin is so delicate, doesn't it hurt?" Chu Mingyao asked.

    "It's okay." Song Yi said humanly: "Zhu Chu, are you at the press conference?"

    "Yeah, are you paying attention to the news?" Chu Mingyao said: "There are more than ten minutes to start, and you will definitely come at the next press conference."

    Song Yiren smiled and said: "Well, I must go next time! I haven't seen such a grand occasion yet!"

    "Well, I'll take you next time." Chu Mingyao was talking, and there was a familiar voice beside him: "Ming Yao, who are you talking to?"

    Chu Mingyao glanced at Su Yunfei and said to Song Yi: "I am going to prepare for the opening."

    "Okay, I wish Chu Chu's press conference all went well!" Song Yiren hung up the phone and turned to Gong Lingye beside him: "Are Mian's people ready?"

    Gong Lingye ticked her lips: "Foolproof."

    At eight o'clock in the evening, the YR-07 upgraded version of the global press conference officially began.

    Chu Mingyao stood in front of the stage to make a speech, the spotlight kept flashing, and his eyes were all confident and bright.

    In addition to Ningguo's local reporters, there are also foreign media. Since Haisheng Group's driverless cars are among the best in the world, at the same time, all networks around the world are broadcasting the grand occasion at the moment.

    After Chu Mingyao's speech, the host began to introduce all the upgraded versions, including all the features of the private order.

    At the scene, Su Yunfei came out from the background and personally demonstrated the various functions of the upgraded car.

    She pressed a button, and the seat suddenly fell down. While she was lying in the car, the car music automatically played out a song suitable for calming the nerves.

    Aside, on the big screen, is her stereoscopic projection in the car.

    At this moment, the picture on the screen suddenly jumped, and then, the scene suddenly changed.

    Everyone on the scene froze for a moment, until, in addition to the picture, there was sound.

    Suddenly I saw the picture is a dressing room in a shopping mall. The light is not too bright, but it can be clearly recognized. It is Su Yunfei's face.

    She is undressing.

    There is also a man's hand in the picture. The man is facing away from the camera. The hand is a bit rough, with blue tendons floating on it, and there are traces of years.

    Everyone present looked at the big screen in shock, but Su Yunfei in the car was totally unaware.

    She was closing her eyes, as if she was enjoying her sleep.

    Su Yunfei in the big screen, her breathing has been messy, and soon, with the help of a man, she has been peeling herself out of reach.

    The two pictures unfold simultaneously, which is especially ironic!

    Off the stage, a shocked reporter just responded, picked up the camera, and began to snap pictures.

    The next second, Su Yunfei and the man began to entangle.

    The picture quality is good, plus there is no mosaic, all the senses are completely exploded, especially the sound, which is crazy to the hearing of everyone present.

    Get angry and burn.

    Some people also noticed that the person who used the video recorder mode has a time display in the upper right corner of the screen. From the date, it was a week ago!

    Under the audience, Chu Mingyao looked at this scene. After a short shock, he immediately turned his head and urged his assistant: "Notify the background immediately, cut off the screen and audio power! Quick!"

    He was shaking with anger, but forced himself to remain calm.

    The assistant also reacted very quickly, so the big screen was extinguished less than a minute after the screen was playing those ambiguous shots.

    However, although the picture disappeared, the sound was still clear.

    No one spoke in the audience, only the stereo played back in the big hall.

    Behind the background, there was already a panic, until the sound was finally turned off, and the whole hall was finally quiet.

    At this moment, Su Yunfei, who was demonstrated in the car, got up from the seat. Because the sound insulation of the car was too good, and she was wearing headphones for live broadcast, she didn't know what was happening outside.

    She wore a cheongsam and walked out of the car, looking at the extinguished screen, and wondered: "Hey, what's wrong with the screen?"

    She finished, and suddenly all the spotlights shone towards her.

    The scene that was still quiet just now seemed to be opened, and the pot suddenly burst.

    The reporter has been divided into two groups. One group rushed up to surround Su Yunfei on the stage: "Miss Su, in the dressing room ten days ago, you are close to the mysterious man. Is he your new boyfriend?"

    "Miss Su, have you broken up with Mr. Chu?"

    "Miss Su, Mr. Chu obviously does not know about this matter, do you admit that this is a cheating?"

    On the other side, Chu Mingyao was about to leave, but found that the passage had been blocked by reporters.

    Numerous spotlights were shining, and the microphone was already in front of him.

    "Mr. Chu, have you broken up with Miss Su?"

    "Mr. Chu, what happened at the press conference, is your network intruded? Then, can we make an inference that the YR series of car intelligent systems also have omissions?"

    "Mr. Chu, if this happens, will Haisheng Group still invite Miss Su to be the global spokesperson?"

    "Mr. Chu--"

    The reporter ’s problems were overwhelming, and all the networks around the world were broadcasting the pictures at the same time. Chu Mingyao looked at the black microphones, his chest seemed to burst.

    The calmness and elegance that had always existed no longer existed, his lips squeezed, his fingers clenched into fists, and he almost broke his palm.

    He knew who it was, and that was the one who saved Song Ziheng!

    At this moment, it was the man who officially declared war on him across the Internet!