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The phone went through quickly, but no one answered after waiting for a long time.

The Song Yi people played again, and no one answered. So she called Gong Lingye: "Ling Ye, do you know where A Che is? How can I not reach him?"

"He sent a message early this morning that he had to go abroad to deal with something." Gong Ling Yedao said: "Is there anything wrong with Starry Night?"

Song Yiren talked about the contract, and this contract was understood just before Gong Lingye, so three or two sentences explained clearly.

Song Yiren recorded the matter and said, "Have you watched the game designed by Starry Night Technology recently? Even if I am not interested in the game, I would like to download it."

Gong Lingye couldn't help laughing: "Then I have to take a good look, this is the first project that my wife is independently responsible for."

"My team they are great, and there will be designs that will blind everyone's eyes in the future." Song Yiren was very excited to think of the designs that Anic is doing. "I want to get the company listed within two years!"

"Wife, ask for support by then!" Gong Ling said at night.

Song Yiren laughed: "I can't afford the grand president of Tiangong Group!"

"My wife, I don't have high requirements. I only need to take care of three meals a day, plus the special service at night!" Gong Lingye was in front of a pile of financial data, but he said nothing about the phone: "I The handsome long legs have a long duration, and you will definitely find that they are worth the money and want to stop!"

Song Yi: "..."

She regretted provoking this topic!

After a few more chats, she hung up the phone and went to the laboratory.

J was looking at the test data in front of the screen. When he saw Song Yiren, he gave her a snap finger: "Xiao Nuan, come over soon."

Song Yiren moved closer, his eyes lit up, and his heart shook: "Is the problem of the previous module solved?"

J nodded, his eyes were full of light: "I think it is really possible for us to achieve a holographic effect that we don't have!"

"I love you all!" Song Yi was also very excited. She walked to her computer and entered a string of characters.

So, in the laboratory, everyone started to get busy, and time ran silently.

At the moment, Chi Jingyu and Xiao Pei are also doing simulation tests on the Tiangong Group.

In the past month, because of a patent on Chi Jingyu's side, the self-driving car of Tiangong Group has once again been pushed to a new height.

TG-03 has entered the final testing stage, and the subsequent approval and other processes will be released in three months!

By then, TG-03 will be the world's most advanced driverless car.

After this test, Tiangong Group will also start to build momentum for TG-02.

Everything has entered the most critical stage, and everyone is focused on the outcome.

All simulation tests are full marks!

Gong Lingye's lips and lips overflowed with a smile. On the day, he directly announced on Weibo that three days later, an official road test of TG-03 will be held in the Imperial City.

On the same day, both sides of the drive test base were filled with reporters who came to grab hot spots.

Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen came to the scene in person, Chi Jingyu attended as the technical director, Song Yiren and Xiao Pei, etc., also served as technical consultants, all in formal attire, standing at the starting point of the track.

On-site flashing lights continued, Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen stood in front of the first TG-03, cutting the ribbon for the car.

Su Mi is the spokesperson of Tiangong Group today. At this moment, she is wearing a champagne-colored dress and standing beside the car. She is tall and charming.

She sat in the car, holding a glass of red wine in her hand, and rushed to the central control: "TG-03, start."

As her words fell, the car started, and a soft female voice came from the sound next to the central control: "Excuse me, do you want to enjoy the journey quietly, or listen to a piece of music, or watch a movie?"

"I want to watch a science fiction movie." Su Mi said.

"Okay, we recommend a "Memory of the Sky" directed by Mr. William..."

Soon, the movie began to play on the screen, and Su Mi leaned on the leather seat, enjoying the movie while drinking red wine.

The car passed the gentle section and started to enter the curve.

However, the car window was isolated from the hustle and bustle, and Su Mi seemed to be in an afternoon tea restaurant, enjoying a wine with a movie alone.

In the distance, the large screen was divided into several pieces, from the inside of the car, outside the car, and aerial photography, which recorded all the TG-03. The reporters recorded the whole process and did not want to miss a second.

Song Yiren looked at the screen, raised his lips, and turned his head, he saw Gong Lingye watching her.

The arc of her lip corners was about to increase instantly, and her eyes were curved with a smile.

This is the result of the efforts of her and her comrades-in-arms. Seeing TG-03 is like seeing her own child.

Gong Lingye also knew the mood of Song Yiren at this moment, and he was proud of her excellence.

So he raised his hand and gave her a thumbs up.

This scene was recorded by a sharp-eyed reporter, and was immediately posted on the Internet, successfully grabbing the exclusive.

Gong Mochen was right next to Gong Lingye and noticed Gong Lingye's movements. He turned his head to look and saw Song Yiren's brilliant smile.

In the sun, her eyes were bright.

He was swayed by a flower, and immediately reacted, turning his eyes away, and regaining his usual cold appearance.

The road test was a complete success and everyone left the test site.

Song Yiren originally wanted Chi Jingyu and them to leave, but Pei Jun walked over and said, "Madam, the president invites you to go."

Song Yi walked to Gong Lingye, he took her hand directly, and sent her to his car.

She laughed: "So blatant?"

He raised his eyebrows: "You are my wife who is married by Ming media, what are you afraid of?"

He hugged her in his arms, the two watched today's news together, but brushed his own dog food.

[Tiangong Group President Gong Lingye scattered dog food in public, and the genius Xiaojiao. His wife smiled and envied others]

Song Yi people opened it and saw two moving pictures.

Gong Lingye turned her head and compared her with her thumb.

Then she raised her lips and smiled brighter than anything.

Song Yiren blinked and asked the man beside him: "Ling Ye, have you noticed that the media have been more and more daring to write your gossip recently?"

"I'm just social care." Gong Ling night said.

"What kind of social care?" Song Yi was unclear.

"It is estimated that many single dogs are waiting in line to receive dog food." Gong Lingye kissed Song Yiren: "My dog ​​food here is of good quality and full of food."

Song Yi was teased by him, and he reached out to scratch his tickle.

Gong Lingye got her throat tight, pulled down the baffle, and pressed the person on the seat to kiss.

The driver in the front row and Pei Jun are talking: "The weather is good today."

Bae Jun nodded: "Well, but it may rain at night, Lao Xu, don't forget to put your clothes on the balcony."

Old Xu Ying said: "Well, my wife said to stew chicken for me at night, you are all right, come to my house to eat after get off work!"