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Song Yiren hasn’t been on Weibo, so he doesn’t know what ‘warm baby’ is, so he asked, “Momo tells everyone, I’m warm baby?”

Gong Lingye laughed: "Wife, you are on fire now, go to Weibo, your fans form a support club, they claim to warm their babies."

He added, "I just sent a Weibo to apply."

Song Yi: "..."

She smiled: "You are about to kill those single dogs!"

"I am sending dog food." Gong Lingye looked at Pei Jun beside him, and then continued: "My wife, I am doing charity."

Pei Jun who was forced to distribute dog food aside: "..." President, I like you!

Song Yiren was teased by Gong Lingye: "When will the big philanthropist come back?"

"Missed me?" Gong Lingye's voice became low-magnetism, deliberately distanced from Pei Jun: "Wife, we miss you too."

"You guys?" Song Yiren had just asked, what suddenly Gong Lingye was referring to, suddenly, some breathlessness: "Can you not get estrus all the time?"

Gong Lingye was very innocent: "Wife, I'm talking about Pei Jun."

After all, I asked Pei Jun, "Petsuke, do you miss my wife?"

Bae Jun: "..."

Can he pretend to be dead? This is the rhythm that forced him to swing his sword from the palace!

The Song Yi people couldn't hear it anymore: "Okay, don't tease Pete for help. When will you come back?"

"Everything is going smoothly in today's negotiations. It is estimated that the contract will be formally signed tomorrow, so I will be able to get home the day after tomorrow." Gong Ling night said.

"Okay, see you the day after tomorrow." Song Yiren blinked: "Why!"

Gong Lingye listened to her heart, "Well, good."

Song Yiren hung up the phone, maintaining the smile on his cheek, and his heart was sweet.

She tweeted Weibo, not only saw Gong Lingye's royal dog food, but also brushed Bei Mingmo to help her hold on.

Just about to send a message to Bei Mingmo, her phone came over.

"Brother Xiao's operation failed!" Bei Mingmo's voice cried a little: "He was just pushed out, covered with white cloth!"

Song Yiren's entire expression froze completely on his face, and his voice shook a little: "How could the operation fail?"

"The operation has a low success rate, even if your father...maybe the success rate is less than 30%." Bei Mingmo's voice is all nasal: "I'm contacting the crematorium...Shen Brother didn't come back, I……"

Song Yiren still felt unable to digest the news, she asked: "Momo, look, will he just die of his brain? Should there be a rescue? Or wait and see, maybe there is a miracle..."

"It was only a while that his body was already cold." Bei Mingmo finally cried out: "When I was outside the operating room, I always felt that God wouldn't be so unfair to him. He would certainly survive. Yes! I’m still on Weibo, and seeing the video of your press conference, I still think about it and let him look back when he returns to light! He hasn’t officially met you yet..."

"Is it too late?" Song Yiren suddenly remembered that when she was looking for Yu Ruoxin in Ning Guo, she met Bei Mingxiao on the road and was filming. It was like that.

She remembered the past when he had teased her, deliberately teased him, and caused him to cough.

At that time, Beimingxiao was real and fresh, and it was like what he remembered.

He is the cousin of Bei Mingmo, and she also regards him as a cousin. For a girl who has neither a cousin nor a cousin but only one younger brother, Beiming Xiao does bring a lot of joy to her teenagers.

He is different from Chu Mingyao. Chu Mingyao seems to have everything, just like a perfect brother, but a little less real and a little more distance.

But Beimingxiao was bad and real, and she and Beimingmo wanted to beat people, but they quickly reconciled with him and became one.

She also heard Bei Mingmo raised his dream after he became blind, only to realize that Bei Mingxiao loved acting career so much.

But did everything stop abruptly?

The reality is cruel and true, and there is really no miracle.

He, a man who has never been treated kindly by fate, regrets even when he left...

And the expert who had performed surgery on Gong Mochen, Song Yi also contacted before, but since he returned from country F, he fell ill. It seems that because of the virus on the last day of country F, it is no longer possible. Surgery.

Everything seems to have written cause and effect in the manual of life, but it is an innocent life to pay for.

At this moment, Bei Mingmo took a last look at Beimingxiao. It seemed that the temperature when he held her hand was still on his hand, but his body was already cold.

She covered her face and tears swarmed through her fingers.

She called Bei Mingshen over and over again, but there was no connection there.

Beimingxiao was cremated that night, and the ashes were packed in a blue and white porcelain bottle.

Bei Mingmo put the blue and white porcelain bottles in place, and after leaving J, he went to the movie capital to sprinkle his ashes everywhere.

That night, the people of the Beiming family hardly slept.

Wang's eyes swollen with tears.

She was a simple-minded woman, her husband almost became a vegetative, and her stepson was seriously injured and missing, and one died. Such a tragedy made her completely at a loss, as if she had collapsed.

She and Bei Mingmo directly closed the door to thank guests, but did not see anyone.

The next morning, Bei Mingmo came to Beiming Kun's bed.

She looked at the man who killed most of her life, and suddenly felt that he was also sad.

"Your second son is dead." She said.

The person on the bed was motionless.

"He was indirectly killed by you." Bei Mingmo said again.

The person on the bed was quiet, but his heart rate changed slightly.

"Bei Ming Kun, do you think it's worth it?" Bei Ming Mo asked, "Are you worth it for so many years?"

"Do you know how Brother Xiao died? Because the craniotomy failed!" Bei Mingmo smiled and seemed to cry: "In those days, you carefully arranged for Chu Mingyao's revenge on the Song family and killed Song Yuncheng. ."

"You personally killed your second son's hope of survival! Because the expert said that if it was Song Yuncheng, the success rate is much higher!"

"You plan to go to country F to kill Gong Mochen. Gong Mochen hangs a line. Craniotomy was performed by a friend of Song Yuncheng at that time. He successfully performed the surgery, but he was infected with the virus the day he went back. Can't lead the sword!"

"So, it's you, ruining the possibility that Brother Xiao will survive again and again!"

"He died not in the hands of fate, but in the hands of your biological father!"

As Bei Mingmo's words fell, the man who had not responded to the bed suddenly opened his eyes suddenly. His heart rate soared rapidly, his blood pressure increased, and a bell rang in the ward!