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It was already bright outside. In the master bedroom, Gong Lingye was changing clothes in front of the closet.

    At this time, his phone rang a prompt and picked it up. It turned out to be the message Gu Guxue sent last night: "Brother Ling Ye, happy birthday."

    Gong Lingye raised her lips and replied to her: "Thank you for listening to Xue, yes, I proposed to Nuan Nuan yesterday, and she agreed."

    As soon as I put down my phone, a servant knocked on the door: "The young master, the young master is here."

    Gong Lingye put on his tie, opened the door, and saw Gong Mochen on the sofa in the living room.

    Gong Mochen saw Gong Ling coming over at night, so he got up and handed over the gift he had prepared long ago and said, "Uncle, happy birthday! I should have arrived last night, but the fog was over there when I transferred , Delayed takeoff, so I missed your birthday. "

    Gong Lingye smiled: "It's fine."

    Having said that, he looked at Gong Mochen again and said, "It's dark, seems to be thin?"

    Gong Mochen shook his head: "Fortunately."

    "When I come back this time, I should be attending the sister-in-law's birthday party?" Gong Lingye asked.

    "Well." Gong Mochen nodded, and took out a document: "Uncle, this is the progress of the project at this time, you see."

    Gong Lingye picked it up. As soon as she opened it, Luo Tianqi came out. When he saw Gong Mochen, he froze for a moment, then smiled and said: "Mo Chen is also coming!"

    Gong Mochen greeted him and got up: "I'll go to the bathroom."

    The Song Yi woke up shortly after Gong Lingye left the room.

    She was sore and tortured by him yesterday. Although she didn't want to get up, but now she has guests at home, she is also a 'hostess' anyway.

    The voice of someone speaking outside, the Song Yi people's pajamas are more conservative, so they opened the door directly and said, "You all get up--"

    But, just the moment she stood at the door, she clearly felt that the surrounding atmosphere was strangely quiet for a second.

    Immediately, the Song Yi people met Gong Mochen's eyes.

    Gong Mochen thought he was wrong, because he clearly knew Gong Lingye's master bedroom, and it was the room where the Song Yi people stood at the moment.

    Her hand was still resting on the door handle inside. The whole person showed a lazy smell just getting up, her hair was scattered, she was wearing pajamas, and she was wearing slippers, showing her little toes.

    Because he went to the bathroom, he was less than eight meters away from her, and he knew clearly that she came out of Gong Lingye's room.

    Very natural appearance, as if every morning rises.

    Perhaps aware of the unusual atmosphere, Luo Tianqi and Gong Lingye also came over, and then everyone seemed to be pressed the stop button.

    Song Yiren did not expect that Gong Mochen was outside.

    She thought about telling him that she was planning to wait for him to come back, and she found a suitable opportunity to tell him.

    However, the plan is not as good as change, so unexpected!

    Her lips and petals moved, just about to say hello. Over there, Gong Mochen had turned around and looked at Gong Lingye behind him.

    He seemed to try his best to hold back his emotions, so the voice was still calm: "Uncle, why are you here if you are warm?"

    He found that when he asked this sentence, he wanted to hear Gong Lingye say that he had let the room out, or that the Song Yi people just happened to go in and get something.

    Anyway, as long as it is not what he guessed.

    Gong Ling paused for two seconds, staring directly at Gong Mochen's eyes, and said, "Mo Chen, I'm with Nuan Nuan."

    Gong Mochen's body jumped suddenly, his fists tightened suddenly, almost subconsciously, and he swept towards Gong Lingye when he lifted up!

    Gong Lingye responded quickly, avoiding him sideways: "Mo Chen, we didn't mean to hide you, this matter--"

    However, before he finished, Gong Mochen rushed over again: "Why do you do this!"

    Moreover, he turned his head and looked at Luo Tianqi: "And you, you already know?"

    He remembered vividly that a few months ago, he once went to Phoenix to talk to Gong Lingye and Xuanyuan Che, and the Song Yi people were also there.

    That time, Gong Lingye went to Yu Chengzhi's birthday party. Why did she leave early and take away the Song Yi people?

    However, he didn't think much at the time.

    Now it seems that they were together at the time? Moreover, Luo Tianqi and others, in fact, have known for a long time, only he alone, do not know anything, they are regarded as a fool!

    "When were you together?" Gong Mochen's chest undulated, glancing at Gong Lingye, and then looked at the Song Yi people who were still at the door.

    "Mo Chen, this matter has nothing to do with Nuan Nuan. At the beginning, I took the initiative to approach her." Gong Lingye said earnestly: "Since I went back to the island and had an accident, I have approached her time and time again. Even forced her to be with me. After that, when she promised me, you also broke up. I always wanted to tell you, but I haven't had time ... "

    "So, you have been together for a long time!" Gong Mochen's forehead was filled with blue tendons, and his eyes were all blazed: "Then I went to the hospital to see my friend. I saw you and a woman in the corridor. That person is also her?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Yes."

    Gong Mochen remembered that at the time, the two were kissing so close to him. Their hearts seemed to be torn and burned by something. The uncontrollable anger made his eyes scarlet.

    "Gong Lingye, are you doing this, is it worthy of me?" Gong Mochen swiftly went forward to grab Gong Lingye's shirt: "You let me go to country F, I went! You transferred me away just to Get close to her! I have to go to a place like Country F where communication is poor, and I want to do a good job, but I do n’t know, someone deliberately transferred me to get close to my girlfriend! "

    Gong Lingye looked at Gong Mochen in front of her, his voice lightened: "Mo Chen, I always knew that there was no relationship between you, only a contract. You are angry now, just because of the possessive desire of men. You calm down, we will try again talk."

    "Calm down?" Gong Mochen seemed to hear a big joke: "How can I calm down when my girlfriend comes out of your bedroom?"

    He said nothing, and turned his head suddenly, his eyes locked Song Yiren: "Yu Ruonuan, you have a sense of accomplishment, right? The two men of the Gong family are now playing between your hands!"

    Song Yiren also didn't know how to explain to a man in anger, she said: "Mo Chen, I never thought to deceive you, indeed today's situation may make you feel unacceptable. But when I asked you to talk about cooperation , I told you in advance. And, we have broken up ... "

    Gong Mochen looked at Song Yiren's pajamas, thinking that she and Gong Lingye were in the room last night, and felt that her body was burning, and it hurt and hated.

    More than twenty hours ago, what kind of mood he returned to the country, with the picture at the moment, all became the most ironic joke!