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#138 Broke up

"Well, we broke up." Song Yi said frankly.

    Gong Lingye's eyes deepened: "Because of me?"

    Song Yi turned his head and said nothing.

    After two minutes, she said, "Thank you for taking my car."

    Gong Lingye's lips twitched and delighted: "Do you like it?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Well, I like it very much."

    Gong Lingye's lip angle is deeper.

    "As an employee of Tiangong Group, can I make another request?" Song Yi said humanely.

    Gong Ling nodded at night.

    Song Yiren explained: "I want to have an independent driverless laboratory, whose research content serves Tiangong Group, but it is independent of Tiangong Group."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay."

    "You don't ask me why?" Song Yi couldn't help it.

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Nuan Nuan, do you remember what I said to you when I watched the movie that day?"

    He added: "I will give you a car or arrange an independent laboratory for you. I hope you can develop a more advanced driverless car. Yu Gong can create more for the Tiangong Group. Benefits and values; for private, I hope you can fulfill your dreams. "

    Xia Ye's wind blew, blowing the Song Yi's long hair, and a strand of it was stained on Gong Lingye's shirt.

    He was very close to her, and his eyes were deep, and he locked her well for a moment.

    Song Yiren felt a rush of warmth on his cheeks, and even the voice of his speech became a little dry: "When will you arrange?"

    Gong Lingye's voice was low magnetic: "Give me a night time, eh?"

    Obviously, it means nothing, but he was so surprised that he was blushing and beating.

    Song Yi took a step back so that Gong Lingye's influence on her would be reduced. She nodded: "Okay."

    The next morning, Song Yiren received a call from Pei Jun.

    She came to the parking lot according to words, and Bae Jun drove her directly to the base.

    Song Yiren did not expect that Gong Lingye's efficiency was so high. She told him last night that he really only spent one night and found a place that would fit her best.

    The base is on the outskirts of the city, but it is very convenient to drive from the city center because it is along the expressway.

    The surrounding terrain is flat, there is a suburban road, and there are no cars on the road, which is very suitable for future field trials of driverless cars; at the same time, it is also convenient for transportation.

    Walking in, the Song Yi people found that this was originally a factory with a large factory building, and there was a wide parking lot and sports field outside.

    "Miss Yu, are you still satisfied with this place?" Pei Jun asked.

    Song Yi nodded, unable to hide his joy: "Well, very satisfied."

    "Do you have any design plans for this place?" Bae Jun said, and took out the pad: "The president let people draw a few design drawings, all of which are half a month's construction period. Please see if they meet the requirements. It can be revised at any time. "

    The Song Yi people took it and took a fancy to one of them, saying: "This is very good, and it can be satisfied in the early stage. As for the follow-up, it will be perfected when the time comes."

    Bae Jun nodded his head and sent the drawings to Gong Lingye. He said, "The president said that you can save your time from now. The personnel department and the finance department have already explained it, in the name of Mr. Chi, He said that Mr. Chi will set up a special technical group, which will be directly managed by the president, so you do n’t have to worry. ”

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, thank me for helping me."

    Pei Jun responded, hesitating for a few seconds, and said, "Actually, Miss Yu, the president is absolutely sincere to you. He woke up in the hospital that day, and as soon as he heard that you left, he immediately asked Amian to send a helicopter, Return to the Imperial City to find you. "

    "I have known him for so many years, and I have never seen him take such an affection on other girls." Pei Jun said: "Miss Gu was rescued in the hospital that day, the president just went to see it and left, and he was right when he left. Miss Gu said that he did not want you to misunderstand, so he went to the Imperial City to explain to you. "

    Song Yi's hands tightened slightly.

    "Of course, Miss Yu, please ignore my nagging, I don't want my words to put pressure on you." Pei Jun said, stepped forward and changed the subject: "You and Mr. Chi's R & D team, If you have any difficulties in the future, just contact me directly. I usually turn on the computer 24 hours a day. "

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, thank you, Pete."

    "There are ready-made staff quarters here, but the conditions are normal, I will contact the air conditioners and water heaters later, and the security guards will be in place in the next few days." Pei Jun paused and lowered his voice: "The security is all his People, Miss Yu can rest assured in this regard. "

    When he said this, the Song Yi people understood that in terms of security, they must all be under the leadership of Emperor Shao.

    She couldn't help raising her lips: "I know."

    On the same day, Song Yi returned to Tiangong Group and used the company's network to send messages to past comrades one by one.

    Suddenly, people all over the world who were doing different things received a convening order--

    "Dear comrades, after three years of silence, seeing the world premiere of YR-07, are you still willing to let others enjoy our achievements? Or, do you want to stand on the top again?

    This will be our stage and the beginning of our reunion.

    If you still have the blood of the past, and remember the past of those nights with lanterns, then please open our glory at this time and place!

    Huaguo, Imperial City, No. 113 Fuxing Road, North Suburb.

    At 10 o'clock in the morning on September 15th, looking forward to your arrival! "

    At the end of the email, Song Yiren also attached a string of codes.

    Professor Wu, who is far away from Ningcheng University, has just finished a lecture. When he left the auditorium, he heard the prompt of the email.

    He picked it up and saw it as an anonymous email.

    However, when he opened and saw the contents, the whole person slipped and almost fell!

    The tone of the email was exactly the same as the call of the team when the team was established, and at the end of the email, the string of codes was familiar enough to make you cry!

    Their team, at that time, everyone had their own code, but the general convener, there will be a special string of codes.

    These are absolutely confidential things, that is to say, no one can impersonate.

    So, after three years of silence, can these comrades-in-arms who are scattered across the world and like-minded, come together again?

    Professor Wu felt a bit hot in his eyes. He clicked the reply button and returned a few words: "Okay, I will arrive on time."

    After sending the e-mail, the Song Yi who was always in a state of tension was waiting patiently in front of the computer.

    She has thought about it. After the convening order is issued, some people may doubt her identity, but revenge is a dangerous thing. If you want to be safe, then maybe she will not be able to attack the enemy in her life.

    Then, it is better to pick up your own knife and take the initiative to challenge the unknown future!

    In the computer, prompts appeared one after another.

    Old Wu: "Okay, I will arrive on time."

    Laughing ghost: "Lao Tzu has already waited for one thousand and one. This night!"

    ic: "Baby, seeyou!"

    "See you all."

    Song Yiren looked at a sealed email, his eyes were tearful, but his lips were raised.