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#141 Uncle

Gong Mochen went out to see the customer today. When he came back, he just came downstairs and saw song Yiren sneak out and hit a car and run away.

Do not know out of what state of mind, Gong Mo Chen Chong driver orders: "keep up with the car in front."

So he also came here and heard those ugly words. Because he was also involved, he came out directly.

Song Yiren is helpless. She escaped from class for the first time and was caught by the second president of the company!

What's more, she is still a part-time job, because she just announced in public that she is the global spokesperson of unique!

About this, beimingmo didn't discuss it with her at all, so the Songyi people are also a little bit big now.

She didn't know about fashion. She didn't know what the spokesperson was going to do.

Now, being asked by Gong Mochen, the Song Yi people can only bite their lips and say, "you have seen it, and you are here to do it."

In the past, Song Yi people always had a strong hand in front of Gong Mochen, so Gong Mochen was the first time to see her like this. Inexplicably, he felt a little soft in his heart.

As a result, the tone of voice became a little softer: "I'm not going to punish you, what are you afraid of?"

Song Yiren is surprised that Gong Mochen is so talkative now. She smiles: "aren't you my boss? It's not easy to be caught by the boss and escape from work. "

The atmosphere seemed to ease off, and on the side, Bei Ming froth said, "Little Palace, you help my family to warm your baby. I'll send you a perfume."

Song Yi asked, "do you usually use perfume?"

Gong Mochen takes a look at the song Yiren and is not happy.

She did not know him at all.

He turned his head and said to Beiming, "OK, but I like the light one."

Beiming foam nods and starts debugging on site.

Suddenly, many people picked up their mobile phones and began to shoot videos.

Bei Ming, who perfumes perfume, can use more than 10 kinds of spices for her at the same time. Unlike the customers in the shop, there are at most four kinds of flavors. Otherwise, they may be pungent because of various reactions.

Her movements were graceful, and the video was quickly transmitted to the Internet.

And no surprise, today about "Unique perfume", "Sabrina", "Unique global spokesperson", "Gong Mo Chen", "Gong Xiao & amp; Unique spokesperson" all hot search.

Obviously, several parties did not know that after finishing the preliminary modulation, Bei Ming Mo placed a perfume paper in front of Gong Mo Chen, and said, "Gong Xiao, look at your love taste."

Gong Mochen put it on his nose, and only felt a fresh and elegant smell. It began to smell in the air. It was very light and sweet at the beginning. There was a kind of tea aroma after the rain.

He couldn't help but feel astonished and said, "well, it's good."

Beiming foam smile: "I wrote down the formula, I will let my warm baby send it to you some other day."

Hearing beimingmo say "warm baby", Gong Mochen felt that there was something strange in his heart. He looked down at the Songyi people, only to find that she was very clever today, and even every hair was very soft.

He asked her, "do you go back to work?"

Song Yiren was originally here to witness the opening of Beiming foam. Seeing that everything was ok, she nodded: "well, I want to go back."

Now it's more than two hours before I get off work. I can still work two hours when I go back.

"Let's go." Gong Mo Chen says, one hand inserts a pocket, take the lead to go outside.

Song Yi people wave to Beiming foam again: "dear, I'll see you in the evening." This just follows palace Mo Chen to leave.

As soon as they got on the bus, song Yiren received a message from Beiming Mo: "be honest and tell me what's the matter with Gong, isn't it? Uncle and nephew eat all, my family Yi is now fierce! "

Song Yi people can't help but laugh: "the relationship between Gong Mo Chen and I is endless. In a word, it's definitely not ambiguous. Ambiguous. I'll explain it to you later."

"Not yet. Ambiguous? Just the way he looked at you said it all. " "To be honest, I think both uncles and nephews are good. Let's take them together! Uncle overbearing, nephew milk dog, both tastes are very delicious! "

Song Yi almost choked and went to see Gong Mochen again.

She really didn't know how Beiming foam could see Gong Mochen's "milk dog". Is it a poker face?

Aware of the eyes of Song Yi, Gong Mochen turns his head and sees the smile on Song Yi's face that has not yet been put away.

Seldom did she laugh so aimlessly in front of him that it dazzled him for a moment.

Song Yiren continues to chat with Bei Mingmo, and soon turns to other topics, while Gong Mochen next to her looks on her face from time to time.

He found that, despite her preconceptions, she didn't hate it, but also had many attractive places.

She is beautiful, intelligent, capable, sometimes very rational, sometimes as beautiful and simple as a girl, people can't help but want to close.

Not long ago, we have arrived at Tiangong group.

Gong Mo Chen drives into the underground parking lot, he stops and gets off, sees Song Yi people are still chatting, so he approaches: "what are you laughing at?"

Song Yiren didn't expect that he would be near at once. She quickly carried her mobile phone to her back, and rushed to the palace to help Mo Chen with his cheeks: "don't tell you!"

Her eyes are round because of her expression, and her cheeks are also bulging. Her bright facial features are charming and lovely now, which makes Gong Mochen's throat knot roll.

Almost instinctively, he approached her, but suddenly he realized something when he entered the safe distance between them.

My heart beat suddenly missed a beat. When I got back to my mind, I felt numb in my chest.

He had a dry throat, a stiff voice, and a slow lift of his hand.

"You, if it's warm, have something on your hair." Gong Mo Chen said, reaching for the hair of Yi people in Song Dynasty.

Song Yi people think that he is a little strange, but, out of the long-term cognition of Gong Mochen, she doesn't think that his action is offensive.

The hair on his fingertips is cold and soft. At this moment, Gong Mochen seems to smell the unique fresh and sweet fragrance of the girl. He feels that something is surging up in his heart, which makes his breath soft and incomparable.

He cut off the little white chip from the hair of the songI people. The voice was never soft: "picked it."

"Thank you." Song Yiren just said thanks, suddenly, he felt a dazzling light shining towards them!

The light is very close to them. It's just coming from the car.

Due to the dark light in the underground parking lot, the dazzling high beam light makes song Yiren and Gong Mochen temporarily blind.

The next second, just listen to a sharp forum friction sound, then, they suddenly appear next to a black car.

It's Gong Lingye's car!

When song Yiren's vision recovered, Gong Mochen beside him also found it and said, "it's my uncle."