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#446 I pretend

At that time, it was raining in country J, and the drizzle drowned the evening cemetery.

There was no one beside Bei Mingmo, and Xuanyuan Che stood in front of her, holding her hand at an angle that others could not see.

She lifted her eyes, the bloodshot at the bottom of her eyes was so obvious: "A Che, Brother Xiao is dead, and I still have some unacceptability till now."

She didn't wait for him to speak, and said, "There is also Brother Shen, to save me, I don't know what happened now..."

Xuanyuan Che didn't know the dangers of Beiming Mo at the time, and he heard his heart sinking: "Save you? Momo, what happened?"

"It's alright," she said, and she was leaving.

He squeezed her hand, and at this moment, the urge to hold her in his arms was unprecedentedly intense, but he still did nothing, just looked at her, and said lowly: "I will work hard ,wait for me."

After all, he let her go.

It happened that Xuanyuan Yao came out from behind: "Second brother, we should go back."

Xuanyuan Che nodded and said goodbye to Beiming Mo.

Suddenly it rained harder, and everyone in the cemetery had left.

As night fell, one person came slowly with a black umbrella.

His entire face was hidden in a mask, and even the hand holding the umbrella wore black gloves.

He stood in front of Beimingkun's tombstone, bowed slowly, and then stood there without saying a word, and turned away after a long time.

The next day, Bei Mingmo was looking at the company's information in the family, and heard the maid say: "Miss, the Xuanyuan family is here, please invite you to the banquet."

Bei Mingmo's pupils shrank, knowing that this banquet is probably a great banquet.

Only, she really had to go.

In the evening of the next day, she appeared in the door of the Xuanyuan Family Ballroom in a black dress.

Because she is still observing filial piety, there is no extra decoration on her body, only a silver brooch.

Xuanyuan Che saw her when she just walked in.

He was wearing a straight suit and a formal tie today. The paleness of his previous injuries had disappeared, and his elaborate hair was full of elite looks.

Seeing Beimingmo coming in, Xuanyuan Che walked towards her and raised the glass in her hand: "Momo, you are here."

Bei Mingmo returned with a polite smile: "Two young men are good!"

After all, she and Xuanyuan Che walked together in front of Xuanyuanwei and presented the gift.

It happened that the other guests of Xuanyuan Lin finished talking and walked over: "Momo, why didn't you let me pick you up?"

After all, he poured wine to Beiming Mo himself: "I will do it first, you are free."

Bei Mingmo lightly touched his cup and took a symbolic sip, only his lips were wet.

She has quit drinking now, and, God knows if there will be any problems with this wine.

However, in an angle she didn't pay attention to, Xuanyuan Yao looked at her wine glass and hooked her lips.

Haha, it doesn’t matter if you don’t drink, because the glass is special!

Today's banquet is actually similar to the wind banquet held by Shangguan family for Gong Lingye. Only, today's protagonist is Xuanyuan Che.

Bei Mingmo found that she really saw such a Xuanyuan Che for the first time.

Although he is still the impression of the indifferent and indifferent appearance, he is still advancing and retreating among the people, not too enthusiastic and not too polite.

His appearance is more aggressive than that of Xuanyuanlin. For a time, many people focused on him.

Even, she can still hear someone talking about Xuanyuan Che's possibility of getting the position of the owner.

Today's opening dance is naturally initiated by the protagonist. Xuanyuan Che stood in front of the stage, and the lights fell on his head, setting his face more clearly and profoundly.

It was in this light that he walked step by step in front of Bei Mingmo, slightly lowered, and his tone was gentle: "Miss Beiming, is it fortunate to invite you to dance?"

Bei Mingmo smiled at the heart, but did not appear on the face. She slightly raised her chin and nodded gracefully: "It is also my honor."

Having said that, he put his hand in the palm of Xuanyuan Che.

He took her hand to the stage, everyone's eyes looked over, at this moment, they are the focus of the audience.

Therefore, no one noticed that, in fact, in a corner of the banquet hall, someone was wearing a flying eagle mask, standing quietly there.

His eyes were deep and quiet, and he looked straight at the dancing couple on the stage.

The stage is bright and dazzling, and the place where the person is is as dark as the light can't shine.

On the stage, Bei Mingmo deliberately teased him when he was close to Xuanyuan Che's moment: "Isn't that not familiar with me?"

Xuanyuan Che reluctantly brought some pets: "Momo, you know I pretend."

"Then don't pretend now?" She was led by him to spin around: "And, money is something outside of you, why do you have to compete for the position of the head of the house? The grandson Xuanyuan can't be vulgar?"

Xuanyuan Che sighed: "It's inevitable."

After a little distance between him and her, he moved closer, and his fingers pressed lightly on her waist: "I am not a monk, and I want to marry a wife."

Bei Mingmo laughed at him, raised his lips, and tried to put it away, but, in the next second of rotation, he felt a little weak.

It's just that the feeling of powerlessness is fleeting, so she didn't care.

At the end of the song, Xuanyuan Lin had already come up and took Beiming Mo from Xuanyuan Che's hands: "Miss Beiming, you and my second brother jumped, shouldn't they refuse me?"

After all, he made a request, which is very pitiful: "Don't refuse, otherwise I will cry."

Bei Mingmo wanted to see how he was crying, but she also understood that if she jumped with Xuanyuan Che or not with Xuanyuan Lin, it might cause trouble for Xuanyuan Che.

So she smiled: "Then I jumped with you, can you cry too? Because I have a hobby, I just watch men cry."

"Then I try to cry as much as I can," Xuanyuan Lin said.

However, with the passage of time, Bei Mingmo felt sudden dizziness more and more frequently. When he reached the back, he nearly stepped on Xuanyuan Lin's foot several times.

At the end of the song, he helped her: "Miss Beiming, what's wrong?"

"I may be a little tired." Bei Mingmo smiled: "I go to the rest area to have a rest."

"Go to the lounge, after all, there are many people in the rest area, which is not convenient." Xuan Yuanlin said, looking like a haircut for Beiming Mo, but he flicked his finger in the near moment.

Bei Mingmo was extremely sensitive to the smell. Although he held his breath immediately, it was too late.

That thing was extremely overbearing, and she only felt a sudden loss of her head, and suddenly lost all her judgment.

Then, I felt that I was taken by a man and walked to the rest area.

Xuanyuan Che has been paying attention to the situation here. Seeing Beimingmo and Xuanyuanlin going to the corridor, they were shocked and would soon follow.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Yao came to him: "Second Brother, dance with me!"

"Sorry, I'll go to the bathroom first." Xuan Yuan Che said, bypassing Xuan Yuan Yao and quickly walked to the corridor.

At this moment, Xuan Yuanlin had taken Beiming Mo to a lounge.