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#6 Who is she hating?

Song Yi's chest undulated and his hands clenched into fists. Only when the sharp pain came, did he barely extinguish all emotions in his palm.

    It was just that she had just stepped up and was going to go out, and she realized that somehow, there was a tall figure on the stairs of the villa.

    Gong Lingye had put on a black suit, and the suit was open, revealing the dark blue shirt inside, tailored to outline the outline of his chest.

    Because the shirt opened the two buttons on the top, revealing slightly bronzed skin and strong chest muscles, the original ascetic color dress was abruptly worn by him with a very aggressive sex.

    Holding a tie in his hand, he walked down step by step, and his sharp and cold eyes locked the Song Yi people at the door of the living room, his eyes dark and unclear.

    Thinking of the embarrassment just before the bathroom door, Song Yi's face was a bit hot.

    Thinking of how to say hello, Song Yiren was surprised when she saw the sharpness of the man's eyes as if she could see the soul of the person.

    Just now, did he see something?

    Song Yiren carefully searched the memory and found that although Yu Ruo Nuan often visited Gong's house in the past six months, he only met Gong Lingye once.

    Although this man is extremely handsome and dazzling than Gong Mochen, Yu Ruo Nuan was terrified in her heart, so she saw Gong Lingyue hiding and never greeted each other.

    At this moment, Song Yiren couldn't figure out the other person's expression, but just nodded at him, said hello, and turned away.

    After she left, Gong Lingye came down the stairs, poured a cup of tea, and glanced at the hunt like a probe.

    Why did the girl have such strong hatred just now, she was looking at the screen at that time, who did she hate?

    On the TV screen, Chu Mingyao's figure has disappeared, and instead the news of the pollution of Ningguo Oilfield is broadcast.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have left the palace villa.

    It was so dark outside that it seemed to rain at any time, suffocating.

    There is a private section on the side of the villa area. There are no buses or taxis. The Song Yi people walked out all the way, and after just a few minutes, they heard a dog barking behind them.

    She was shocked and turned her head to see that a Tibetan Mastiff was cold with a pair of fierce eyes running towards her.

    Song Yi's face changed greatly. She now has no weapons in her hand and no one around her. How should she deal with a Tibetan Mastiff? !

    She unconsciously backed away, calculating in her heart, could she climb the tree next to it before it threw it?

    However, she really underestimated the speed of the Tibetan Mastiff, almost a blink of an eye, and watched the black guy jump up suddenly, and flew up!

    The heartstrings tightened instantly, and the Song Yi people had no time to run. She remembered that there was a lighter in her bag. So, quickly took it out and ignited cracklingly.

    At the moment when she lifted the lighter, a sharp tire rubbed against the ground, and at the same time, there was a bang, and then a wailing from an animal.

    The Song Yi people slowly turned their eyes, only to find that a black cross-country road stopped abruptly less than ten centimeters away from her, its bumper was hit by a dent The black Tibetan Mastiff is already lying on the ground.

    The ground was full of blood, and the Tibetan Mastiff was completely breathless.

    The lighter in the Song Yi people was blown out by the wind brought by the off-road vehicle. She raised her eyes and met the eyes of the man in the driver's seat.