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The surroundings are very quiet, the small courtyard is clearly unmanned all year round, the dust and leaves in the courtyard are everywhere.

Gong Lingye asked the bodyguard to open the door. With a crunch, the wooden house door opened, and there was a smell of dust in it.

After the bodyguards cleaned up, Gong Lingye led the Song Yi people into it, and they saw that the houses were almost all old-fashioned furniture, not much. The chairs and tables were very old because they were old.

There is nothing special in the room, at most it can be seen that the person who lived here should be a cultural person, because you can see the study room and the four treasures of the study, but they are all broken.

The door locks of several rooms here have been destroyed. Obviously these years, villagers have also come in.

The two found a circle in the room and found nothing unusual until they came to a bedroom.

Gong Lingye swept around and suddenly walked to the corner of the wall, then moved away a soft slump there.

Suddenly, a small bronze door on the floor came out.

Song Yi was shocked: "How do you know there is a passage here?"

"Nuan Nuan, who have you seen the soft collapse lying in the corner?" Gong Lingye said, flicking the dust from the copper door, and suddenly a keyhole was exposed.

He took out the bronze key and inserted it into the keyhole.

Song Yiren's heart was raised at once, and then, he was surprised to see that the key was inserted into the tight thread, and as Gong Lingye turned, the bronze door opened!

The two looked at each other and then carefully opened the door.

Suddenly, an artificial underground passage suddenly appeared in front of us.

Gong Lingye waited for the carbon dioxide in the basement to be neutralized, and then went down with a flashlight.

The Song Yi people followed him and stepped down the steps step by step, only to find that the underground space was so large.

The light of the flashlight passed, and suddenly, everything in the room finally appeared in front of the two—

It turned out to be a library-like place!

On the shelves, many books were neatly placed, and the Song Yi people even found that there were ancient bamboo slips.

But more of them are all made of paper, but they are all on the same day.

She walked over and saw that one of them wrote "Herbal Medicine" and another one wrote "The Rongshi Yaowang Tuanjian".

So, here is the Rongjia's collection of books!

She felt a little tight breathing, and for a time, she felt a sense of being in the middle of history.

Gong Lingye was also shocked.

The Shangguan family was regarded as a military commander in ancient times, but because of the hundreds of years of fleeing and some wars, the Huaguo Palace actually only had some porcelain and a few ancient swords left by its ancestors, but it did not have a huge library like the Rong family.

Even when I was in the house, I could think of how the original Rong family was, what kind of medical family it was, and what kind of cultural heritage it had!

But, perhaps also because of the wars in the past, the Rong family was dispersed, and future generations were left outside.

As the eldest son and grandson of the Rong family, Song Yuncheng got the key of the Rong family, but he did not know that his predecessors had left him such a treasure trove of knowledge!

I don’t know if that kind of blood is flowing in my bones, so even if Song Yuncheng did not continue his ancestral Chinese medicine, he also made some achievements in Western medicine surgery.

One of his scalpels can also be used to save the world. Even after three years of death, he is still remembered!

Song Yi people know that things here are bound to be worthless, and they come along this way, although the people around them can be trusted, but after all, if the time is dragged too long, there may be many nights.

So, after discussing with Gong Lingye, she immediately sent someone over and brought a lot of empty suitcases.

At night, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye carefully put a book into the suitcase.

Fortunately, it is almost closed, and there are no mosquitoes because they are in the middle of the mountain and not eroded by water, so most of the ancient books are well preserved.

Finally, the Song Yi people saw a diary.

The owner of the diary should be recorded by her high grandfather, telling him one by one the case of healing, and finally, the incident of the war was recorded.

On the way from Panshan Highway to home, Song Yi people have been looking at the diary.

She couldn't help but sigh, if so many things inherited from her ancestor, would she learn medicine if she saw it earlier?

However, now she really has a lack of skills, and Song Ziheng has to inherit the Haisheng Group. Their Song family is dying, did all future generations lose this one?

Or, she keeps these medical books well, and when she and Gong Lingye's baby are born, maybe...

Gong Lingye didn't know that Song Yiren had thought so far. Seeing that he was almost at the villa, he rubbed her hair: "Warm warm, take a rest, look too long, and your eyes will be uncomfortable."

The Song Yi people just put away their hands and leaned on Gong Lingye's shoulders, looking at their closer and closer home.

The suitcase with the medical books was sent to an empty room on the third floor of Gong Lingye, which almost occupied most of the space.

Song Yiren and Gong Lingye were also very tired today, so they took a bath and went to bed, prepared to wait for the customized bookcase to be delivered, and then carefully sorted out.

In the following days, Gong Lingye has been very busy.

Tiangong Group's previous aircraft manufacturing base in Country F has been fully put into production, and the first batch of aircraft has also entered the global aviation market.

At the same time, Gong Lingye announced that he would formally enter the field of automobile manufacturing, not only in the field of unmanned driving, but to launch Tiangong's automobile production plan in an all-round way.

On the day of the press conference, Tiangong Group's stock price rose 5.3%, while rival Lai Yue dropped slightly by 0.28%.

At the end of the press conference, Gong Lingye just returned to the office and received a call.

When he saw the country code shown above, he could not help raising his eyebrows. The other party reacted faster than he expected.

On the other end of the phone, there was an old but extraordinarily spiritual voice: "Ling Ye, you should have guessed my identity. I saw the press conference of Tiangong Group today."

Gong Lingye's tone was calm: "So, should I call you uncle?"

"Hahaha." Shangguan smiled proudly: "I am indeed your uncle, so you also know that when you went to Country J, who was the one who secretly helped you."

Gong Lingye said lightly: "Thank you Uncle then. I don't know if Uncle called or condemned or..."

After all, Laiyue Motors seems to be a property of the official family, and Tiangong Group's announcement to enter the traditional car manufacturing market is obviously to take a slice of the soup with Laiyue.

"There should always be competition in the market. As one of the world's three major auto giants, Lai Yue naturally has the ambition to welcome the emergence of new brands." Shangguan proudly said: "Ling Ye, I called you not for this matter. And Yes, I hope you can bring your wife to meet me."