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#18 Satisfied

Song Yiren turned his head and entered the palace. In the sun, the wheat skin seemed to be plated with a layer of metal texture, as beautiful as the Greek legend of the sun god.

She was surprised that he would save her in a critical moment after doubting her. She said sincerely, "thank you for your help!"

He sat behind her, holding her slender waist with one hand, his chin almost resting on her head because it was close, and his voice was low magnetic: "I thought Miss Yu would let me fold back first and care about the death and life of that woman."

"If it wasn't for Mr. Gong to save me, it would be me who had just been trampled on by a horse." Song Yi shrugs and looks innocent: "why should I care about her?"

What's more, she's so eager for Su Yunfei to die! At the moment, Su Yunfei looks like she's been trampled half of her life. She's so much happier than anyone else!

Song Yi People's heart, to palace Ling night's gratitude was also deep.

Gong Lingye didn't expect that the woman in front of him was so frank. Unlike other women, he deliberately pretended to be kind and weak in front of the man and wanted to win favor.

He raised his eyebrows. "So, are you gloating?"

Song Yiren raised his lips and said, "yes! And I don't think Mr. Gong is the one who has pity on her. "

"Ha ha!" Gong Lingye is amused by the song Yiren and his chest vibrates.

They were so close together that the seigneurs clearly felt the man's hard chest and abdominal muscles, as well as the invisible smell of hormones.

She was a little cramped, and sat up awkwardly.

He asked her, "Why are you here?"

The head of the SRA asked me to come and find an expert to get some information. " "That expert is here today, so let me come here," the songI explained

Gong Ling nods at night: "what's the name?"

"Luis," the songI replied

Gong Ling nods at night: "I just know you. Take you there."

He said, suddenly speeding up. All of a sudden, the horse galloped, as if flying up.

The vision is open, the green grass in front of us is going backwards, even the grass leaves are beating with golden sunshine.

Song Yi people think it's only three years. They've never been so broad-minded. It seems that the whole people are light.

At present, Chu Mingyao is afraid of fighting invincible. As long as she is alive and able to breathe, she can one day repay the blood debt of that beast!

Gong Ling put Song Yi people to the club at night, and rode away directly.

When the Song Yi people took out the information, the upright and elegant figure of the man disappeared quickly.

These days, people in Songyi are almost busy at MsrA.

Today's task is rather heavy. After the experiment, it's a little late. In addition, I didn't sleep well the first night. Yu ruohuan's body constitution is weak. Song Yi people only feel that leaving the building is a little heavy.

Therefore, she didn't notice that since she walked through the alley, suddenly there were several men behind her

In a black car.

"President, your medical report." Gong Lingye's special help Peijun hands a report to Gong Lingye who just got on the bus.

Gong Lingye picks it up, turns on the lights and checks the physical examination report.

Gong Lingye was originally six brothers and sisters, four men and two women. Both of them are healthy and live in the old house behind them.

However, Gong Lingye is the only one left.

And it's strange that Gong Lingye's three brothers died at the age of 32, so there is a legend that the men of the generation of Gong family are cursed and can't live beyond the age of 32.

Just because the three men of the palace family died early, in addition to Gong Mochen's father married early and gave birth to a son, the second gave birth to a daughter, and the third died suddenly even without marriage.

In fact, there is only one Gong Ling night for the previous generation of men, and the next generation is Gong Mo Chen.

Gong Lingye never believed in any curse, but believed that it was man-made. But this reason has not been found yet.

Since it is artificial, he will have a comprehensive physical examination every six months and a common blood test every month.