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#99 I want to have a wedding

The Song Yi people were shocked when they saw the contents of the email.

    I do not know how to describe the agitation in her heart. She tried to suppress the strange expression on her face and quickly replied: "She is not Momo. The information shows that she was born in China and was the same year as Momo, but shorter than Momo. Auntie. , Can you tell me more about the gene identification? "

    Obviously, Bei Mingmo's mother kept guarding the mail, so it was not long before Song Yi sent it, and she replied.

    She said: "I first used my hair follicle to do a paternity test and found that it was my biological; then, I quietly took my husband's and also identified it, showing that it was also his biological. But I clearly know that I only have Momo Daughter. I also saw the original B-mode ultrasound. I am not pregnant with twins. "

    Two minutes later, she sent another e-mail: "I suddenly understood! At the time, I was pregnant and checked in a hospital. The woman in charge of me was very young. After I gave birth to the baby, I also tempted me. Husband, we were chased away by us. Was she already deliberately lying to me? Show me a fake B-mode image ?! "

    "But it's strange that she has been in Ningguo. I saw it accidentally once in the past few years. Moreover, after Momo was born, she was driven away by us, and she didn't threaten me with another baby ..."

    Song Yi people have seen this, they already have conjecture in mind.

    Perhaps Beimingmo had a twin sister at the beginning, but because the doctor was interested in Beimingmo's father, he concealed the fact that they were twins, just to bring a child over in the future and did not know how to plot.

    As for why the children lived in China and were adopted by an ordinary couple, then they need to be investigated in depth.

    She replied: "She is now ill and is in the central hospital of the Imperial City. However, because she looks exactly like Momo, so if you want to see her, you must come over in secret. If you are seen by someone who is interested, it is likely It hurt her instead. "

    Mrs. Bei Ming also understood this, but, after all, her flesh and blood are together, and her own biological daughter is still alive and dead, how can she know that there is another daughter, and do not come over in person? !

    She replied: "Okay, I will come, just look at her from afar."

    Song Yiren knew that Chu Mingyao knew Mrs. Beiming, so he told the other party: "Please pay attention to the mail at any time, and the time is according to my arrangement."

    After sending the e-mail, Song Yiren realized that Gong Lingye had been looking at her all the time, with an unknown light in her eyes.

    She was shocked, did he see anything?

    But, following Gong Lingye's gaze, he didn't seem to look at her screen.

    Just listen to him and ask, "Wan Nuan, with whom to send a message, so engaged?"

    She blinked: "Did you not see?"

    He pulled her into his arms: "No."

    Then he said: "We should have space for each other when we are together. I respect your privacy, so I won't turn your phone without your permission."

    Song Yiren suddenly remembered that some classmates had talked about the boyfriend's bloody things about her boyfriend turning her phone.

    At first, Luo Tianqi was persuaded, and now, they will deal with the relationship between them.

    To be honest, she doesn't even know how to trust a person completely, so if he really looks at her screen, she feels that she doesn't know what to do.

    "So occasionally you can still be your father." Gong Lingye said the tip of her tongue deliberately swept Song Yi's pinna when she said the last two words.

    She only felt the electricity, and the whole person shrank and gasped.

    "Is there such a dad?" She asked rhetorically.

    His hand swam behind her: "There are even more dads."

    Just to say it, she reached into her clothes.

    Song Yi was anxious: "I'll bite you like this again."

    Bae Jun, who was driving in front, pretended not to know anything, already hummed a minor, and then lowered the flap.

    Song Yi: "..."

    She was very annoyed, but she immediately thought of something: "You said, will Azi die?"

    Gong Lingye said naturally: "Everyone will die, he will die old, he will die, and his life will be normal."

    "It's not up to you. Of course you can say that." Song Yi people felt sad when they thought of Beimingmo, who was still alive.

    "Wan Nuan, if it really happened to me, you don't have to be sad." Gong Lingye seemed to be saying irrelevant words: "If I encounter an accident that is headshot, you just go directly I collect the corpse. If you die of a disease, do n’t be sad, anyway, I have n’t been in vain for so many years ... "

    Song Yi frowned: "How can you curse yourself like this?"

    "I'm serious." He stared at her: "Nuan Nuan, there are too many unknowns in this world, so I told you in advance, you just remember."

    Song Yi pouted: "You're really perverted, haven't you seen anyone who is clearly good, but started to explain the matter, don't you feel unlucky?"

    Gong Lingye's lips: "Distressed?"

    "Cut, who cares for you?" She turned away: "If you were--"

    She wanted to say that if you were really dead, I wouldn't have half a tear, but the words rolled to her mouth and she couldn't say it.

    Bah, what is dead, it's unlucky!

    "I know, you just don't want me." Someone kicked his nose on the face, buckled Song Yi's neck, and kissed her.

    On the way to the hospital, Song Yi was kissed all over, originally worried about Li Xiaozi's mood, because the gag of Gong Lingye just seemed to dissipate a lot.

    They walked into the ward together and saw Luo Tianqi and He Wanshuang sitting by the bed.

    However, only ten days after seeing Luo Tianqi, Song Yi was a little surprised.

    His face was obviously thinner, his eyes were black and black, his body was not as shiny and fashionable as before, and the whole person was a little more decadent.

    Aside, He Wanshuang is cutting apples, obviously she hasn't done this before, and her movements are a bit stupid.

    Luo Tianqi saw this and said, "Xiaoshuang, you can't get married like this!"

    He Wanshuang glared at him, but surprisingly did not choke him.

    On the hospital bed, Li Xiaozi seemed to have fallen asleep, his hand was outside the quilt, and was infusion. He had seen it a while ago, but now it seems that he has lost a lot of weight.

    Skinny, a little scary.

    The thought of her being a sister of Bei Mingmo, Song Yi people's hearts burst into sadness.

    Unfortunately, I don't know if Momo can see her.

    By the bed, Luo Tianqi, who had been silent, suddenly said: "Brother Ye, I plan to hold a wedding for Azi."

    Gong Lingye didn't seem surprised, and asked directly: "When?"

    "Just recently, the sooner the better." Luo Tianqi said.

    "Okay, I will help you arrange the place." Gong Lingye responded.