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Su Yunfei said: "Mr. Chu Mingyao and I met at an exhibition. Ha ha, this exhibition was organized by Mrs. Xu Qing, Mr. Chu's foster mother ..."

    As she talked a little bit about their past, the people present didn't know what mood to describe.

    Because, that's the story of the white-eyed wolf that is free!

    Lawyers and presiding judges did not urge, but Su Yunfei said from the beginning that all things were fully presented.

    Song Yiren sat on the hearing seat, listening to the passage that she didn't know very clearly, only felt the fire in her heart was bit by bit, and wished to burn the two of them!

    In my memory, my parents treated Chu Mingyao as well as Song Ziheng with her. Hai Sheng's shares, she and Song Ziheng did not, but the mother promised that when she got married, she would give her part as a dowry.

    What is wrong here?

    Could it be that Chu Mingyao, who had adopted him, should hand over all the things in his family? !

    The Song Yi people wanted to laugh, but their eyes were so full of pain.

    At this moment, she really wanted Gong Lingye to be by her side. If he was there, just give her a hand. No need to say anything. Just hold her hand and pass the warmth to her.

    On the plaintiff's seat, Bei Mingmo was equally filled with indignation.

    She has known Song Yiren since childhood, and naturally also knows Chu Mingyao. Hearing Su Yunfei's words, although she knows that her girlfriends have been happy now, but the past also makes her angry!

    At this moment, Su Yunfei has already mentioned the fact that the Song Yi people bumped into her and Chu Mingyao.

    There were media reporters present. After hearing this, they picked up their cameras and shot wildly at Su Yunfei and Chu Mingyao.

    The camera on one side also completely recorded the whole process.

    Chu Mingyao trembled, and Sen Han's eyes locked on Su Yunfei. The hatred in the eyes almost made her late!

    This woman, he should n’t have stayed in the beginning, but he did n’t expect that he would have completely lost to her!

    Seeing Chu Mingyao's expression, Su Yunfei only felt extremely relieved!

    Yes, she said everything, she was not only a witness, but also an accomplice!

    But what about this? She would rather be in prison than stay outside.

    In the past few days, she only feels more suffering than hell! If she does not go to prison, she may still be tortured until she dies!

    They injected her with those things, and her life was not long. It might as well, pull Chu Mingyao down before he dies.

    Want to cut open her belly and cut out the child who was not there? Hehe, it depends on what he has!

    Now, his legs are crippled, and one of his hands seems to have been lost, even one of his eyes is empty.

    What a retribution! Su Yunfei sneered and continued to give testimony to Chu Mingyao: "Then, Chu Mingyao tied the Song Yi people to the cruise ship and directly cut off her ankles with a dagger ..."

    In the stands, Song Yi shuddered, and tears almost filled his eyes.

    Those past experiences emerged a little bit more clearly.

    Her pain, her despair, and the unwillingness and hatred that almost burned her soul!

    As Su Yunfei continued to talk down, many reporters began to cry from shock. In the past, more than 1,000 days and nights of injustice, their pen used to be a trophy for Chu Mingyao's tribute to the merits. Open, how can it be worthy of the soul that was killed by Chu Mingyao? !

    The scene was quiet, only Su Yunfei's voice was particularly clear.

    Chu Mingyao's face was gradually disappointed from his initial hatred, because he knew that he would never have the opportunity to turn over again!

    This court trial is a public trial, so all the media in the world will pay attention to it.

    Regardless of the final sentence, he will fall from the cloud of public opinion to the bottom of the valley, and it will be stinky for years!

    "Xu Qing's death was also caused by Chu Mingyao." Su Yunfei talked about it here and ticked his lips: "Fortunately, I had a mind at that time, I was afraid he would kill me, so I recorded the video, uploaded it to the Internet, and told He, if I die, this video will be made public! "

    Su Yunfei said that the plaintiff's lawyer had asked to play the video.

    Suddenly, a picture of Xu Qing's murder appeared on the big screen.

    Song Yi's breathing was tight, she held Zahara tightly, and the whole person was sad as if away from the fish in the deep sea.

    At this time, Zahara's light turned on. She looked down and saw that a line of words slowly appeared on Zahara's screen: "Don't worry, I'm here."

    When the Song Yi people saw this sentence, their tears fell.

    The court cannot bring a mobile phone, but Zahara can pass the security check after turning off the power.

    Song Yiren said to Gong Lingye yesterday that she took Zahara, and Gong Lingye said he took Ares.

    However, something happened suddenly on his side. She came to Ningguo alone, thinking that she could not be contacted, but unexpectedly, she could receive the news from him.

    In the trial hall, Xu Qing's desperate voices were on the sound.

    Song Yiren closed his eyes and gently said to the void: "Mom, I have found my happiness, you can feel at ease ..."

    The screen of hara gradually disappeared again.

    At this moment, in the imperial city thousands of miles away, Gong Lingye lay quietly in a sealed container, and his breathing was done by the ventilator.

    Outside the container, Ares lit up, and a line of words was displayed on it: "Timed message sent successfully."

    The room was quiet, and time seemed to be still.

    The court trial in Ningcheng Court continues.

    Because the process involved is quite complicated, the entire process lasted almost four hours.

    Chu Mingyao remained silent throughout, and he was the only lawyer he hired at a high salary.

    After the two parties concluded their statements, the presiding judge announced a break, and the case will continue to be heard and sentenced after two days.

    Song Yiren only felt that he seemed to have experienced a torture once again. The scars were uncovered from her life and exposed to billions of people around the world.

    However, as the truth was restored a little bit, the pain and anxiety lying in my heart were finally released.

    Cang Tian has eyes, and finally returned a whole family to their whole family!

    Song Yiren stood up after the presiding judge announced today's recess.

    She did not say hello to Bei Mingmo, but pretended not to know her and went out to find someone she had arranged before.

    Not long after, she was led by a staff member to the prison where the suspect was temporarily held.

    The staff asked Song Yi to wait a moment, and then went inside to inform the prison guard.

    The guard heard this and walked to Chu Mingyao, saying, "There is a Miss Yu who wants to see you."

    Chu Mingyao trembled, and immediately shook his head: "I don't see."

    He didn't know what kind of mood he should see her after she knew what he had done!

    However, the Song Yi people still appeared in front of him.