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Bae Jun's mobile phone was quickly connected, but no one answered after the ringing.

    What the Song Yi people don't know is that Pei Jun is locked in a room at the moment.

    In the room, good wine, good meat and good tea, but unfortunately, it is impossible to leave.

    He also didn't expect that Lieyuan Shen asked him to meet, and he would come straight to the point. I really do n’t know that the Emperor City is also at the foot of the emperor, and he also talks about Wang Fa?

    Just because Lieyuan Shen didn't play cards according to common sense, Bae Jun was really put under house arrest. He confiscated all the communication equipment and greeted the three generations of Lieyuan Shen's ancestors.

    In the evening two days ago, Lieyuan Shen had just left the hospital.

    He was driving, the co-pilot was Lie Xiaoruo, and the back seat was He Wanshuang.

    None of the three spoke, and the atmosphere in the car was almost frozen.

    All the way to the underground parking lot, Lie Xiaoruo first came down from the co-pilot seat. She was carrying her bag and was about to go to the back row of He Wanshuang, and was drunk by Lie Yuanshen: "Xiao Ruan, don't care about her Is n’t it patience, you still need help? "

    Lie Xiao was silent, seeing that there was a bag in the back row, hesitated, or helped He Wanshuang.

    "Thank you." He Wanshuang said, and got out of the car.

    The abdomen was still a bit painful, and her footsteps were a little soft. When they walked behind the brothers and sisters, they were dropped by them.

    Her empty hands covered her lower abdomen unconsciously.

    There was a small life that once stayed, but now, she has left her.

    At that time, when she was taken to the hospital and pushed into the operating room, the baby had already separated from her mother.

    He was just a little germ. She didn't even feel his presence except when she had a bad appetite, but she left her so unexpectedly.

    She didn't want it at the beginning, but it was really gone, but her heart seemed to be blocked by something heavy, unable to breathe, so sad that she wanted to cry.

    Seeing that Lieyuan Shen and Lie Xiaoruo had reached the elevator door, He Wanshuang suddenly didn't know what he had done with the past.

    The reason why she married Lieyuan Shen was because of the child in her belly. Then, the child is gone, what is the need between them ...

    He Wanshuang's hands tightened, and his mind had already made a decision.

    She should have corrected this erroneous past.

    And just when she planned to go to Chong Lieyuan and Shen Di to divorce, she suddenly felt a shadow in front of her.

    The man's eyes still gather together, and his voice is filled with anger: "Do you want me to lift the big car and wait for you to go back?"

    He Wanshuang shrank back unconsciously. She had just had a miscarriage, and even her lips were very pale. She met the man's eyes with a low voice: "No, I don't think I need to go up."

    Lieyuan narrowed his eyes, and the invisible pressure around him was like a dark cloud over the sky, striking He Wanshuang: "What do you mean?"

    "Let's divorce." He Wanshuang tried hard to withstand all the pressure and looked at Lie Yuanshen: "There is no stumbling between us now."

    For a few seconds, when He Wanshuang thought that Lieyuan Shen would not care about her, he smiled, but his expression was more horrified: "He Wanshuang, you killed my child, and have not paid the debt. Go? Divorce, don't even think about it! "

    He Wanshuang shuddered.

    "I don't want to go home, okay, let's roll over to see you Gong Lingye!" Lieyuan Shen dropped this sentence and strode away.

    He Wanshuang stood still, motionless.

    Over there, Lie Xiaoyuan saw Lie Yuan Shen coming alone and couldn't help saying: "How about sister-in-law?"

    "She's already gone." Lie Yuan Shen said, walked into the elevator, and directly closed the door.

    When the two went upstairs, Lie Xiaoyuan saw that Lie Yuan Shen really locked the door and couldn't help saying: "Brother, you shut her out alone, wouldn't it be an accident?"

    "What happened to her as a big living person?" Lieyuan sank angrily. "Now there is no child to drop her again."

    "Brother, I don't think you're so angry!" Lie Xiaoruo raised her hand on Lie Yuanshen's shoulder: "It's not intentional that the sister-in-law fell. The child can be reborn without it ..."

    "Isn't she intentional?" Lieyuan Shen threw the coat: "If she wasn't for that--"

    When he said this, he suddenly stopped.

    Lie Xiaoruo didn't wait for the following article, so he raised his eyebrows and moved closer: "Brother, why didn't you say that?"

    "It's nothing." Lie Yuan took a deep breath and tried to suppress the fire in his heart. The voice had calmed down: "Xiao Ruan, I will be very busy starting tomorrow."

    "Brother, you just had something to hide from me." Lie Xiaoruan didn't know that He Wanshuang liked Gong Lingye. Seeing Lieyuan calmed down like this, she couldn't help raising her eyebrows: "It wouldn't be her carrying her secretly to see her ex boyfriend Wrestling and miscarriage on the road? "

    Lieyuan Shen: "Xiao Ruan, you have no dinner tonight."

    Downstairs, He Wanshuang slowly came out of the underground garage.

    Her bag was just taken away by Lie Xiaoruo, and she now has nothing on her body.

    It was cold outside and she wrapped her down jacket.

    I don't know if it was just because of the miscarriage, she felt that the spring breeze was still piercing her.

    There was still pain in her lower abdomen. She walked forward step by step. For a time, she didn't know where she could go.

    She clearly wanted to see Gong Lingye before, but, after not knowing why the baby was gone, she suddenly became discouraged and no one wanted to see her.

    At the moment, she only wanted to hide alone.

    He Wanshuang came out of the community because he had no mobile phone and no money on his body, so he could only walk along the road.

    Perhaps because of the physical discomfort after giving birth, she was completely exhausted after walking for half an hour.

    Seeing that there was a bench by the road, He Wanshuang walked over to sit down, and his lower abdomen seemed to have fallen lead, which was swollen and painful, and he could not move at all.

    How should she go back and explain to her mother?

    Lieyuan Shen said that he will not divorce her because her debts have not been repaid, so, can she really only torture each other with him?

    As night fell a little, He Wanshuang's body was gradually frozen, and at the back, she could not even feel the numbness of her abdomen, and she couldn't really move.

    In the building of Dicheng L Group, Lieyuan was in the office.

    Hearing the landline rang, he immediately picked it up to answer.

    After listening to that, his eyes were a little bit more ruthless: "Yes, suppress it right away! That project made the Starry Night Group stillborn!"

    The humane at the end of the phone said: "Mr. Lie, if we do this, our foundation in China may also be affected. It may not be easy for the old president to say it. Look ..."

    "I will do what I say, and I will bear the consequences!" Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "You must do everything within three days to make the Starry Night Group completely bankrupt!"

    Hanging up the phone, Ling Shaofeng behind Lie Yuan said: "Third Brother, I know you are very angry, but you also told me before that there are some things that need not be anxious. Since Gong Lingye is going to die, let's just watch it change. If you do this and crush it with the L group, it will completely damage the enemy by 1,000 and damage yourself by 800! "

    "Shaofeng, he let my child have no chance of birth, such a thing, it is impossible to endure!" Lieyuan Shen threw a file of Ling Shaofeng: "Do not sleep today, get these things ready!"

    Ling Shaofeng knew that Li Yuanyuan could not be persuaded, so he nodded.