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Gong Lingye was a little confused by Song Yi ’s ‘Why did you grow up suddenly’, he squeezed her face, and his voice was teased a little: “Baby, where did you say I grew up?”

    After all, she grabbed her hand and slid up the chest muscles: "Here? Or below?"

    Song Yi people reacted at once, withdrew their hands suddenly.

    She carefully looked at Gong Lingye in front of her: "I just dreamed about what you looked like when you were a kid ..."

    Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows: "Huh?"

    Song Yiren wanted to confirm, so he shook his arm: "Do you have any pictures of your childhood here? I want to see."

    Gong Lingye thought about it and got up: "I'll get it."

    He took out an album from the cabinet outside: "Here are some pictures of me when I was in school."

    Song Yiren looked over one by one, and she looked up: "When you were young, your face was round too? The eyes are round, so cute!"

    But as I turned backwards, the outline of the man's facial features in the photo gradually became clear.

    She saw what he was wearing in a little suit when he was in kindergarten, and saw him in elementary school. Then, she turned to a photo, which was of the dream age.

    Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye in the photo and was shocked: "I just dreamed of you like this!"

    Gong Lingye also felt magical: "Have you seen me before?"

    Song Yiren shook his head: "I don't remember ..." She explained the scene in her dream, and she was confused: "How could you go to my door, right?"

    Gong Lingye said: "I remembered. When I was ten years old, I went to Ningguo once with my mother and third brother. At that time there was a banquet. I did wear a tuxedo."

    At that time, he didn't really like that tuxedo, but his mother had to dress him up like that, so he left halfway through the banquet.

    Song Yiren said in shock: "Ah, then I know, I must have seen you at that time! At that time, it should be a banquet at Ning Guo Mo's house. I went with my mother at that time. At that time, I slipped out to play, find I could n’t reach the entrance of the hall, so I asked a little brother for directions. At that time, I thought this little brother was wearing a tuxedo is the best look I ’ve ever seen! I just do n’t know why. Twenty years later, I suddenly remembered again in my dream ... "

    Gong Lingye also remembered, his eyes darkened: "So, that's our first real meeting?"

    Song Yi nodded, lamenting the wonder of fate: "Yes!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes deepened: "You call me my little brother?"

    Song Yiren: "..." In other words, should his focus be so biased?

    "Call me seriously." Gong Lingye approached Song Yiren.

    Song Yiren hid back: "Gong Ling Ye, do you want to be such a rogue?"

    "When we were the first time yesterday, you didn't call me that." Gong Lingye said, throwing Song Yi down on the bed.

    Unexpectedly, he even scratched her tickle flesh. She was helpless by him, and she burst into tears: "What the hell are you doing?"

    Gong Lingye lured. Confused: "It's better to call your brother, or better to call your husband."

    Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye's expectant look, she was a bit crying and laughing, but she thought to tease him again.

    She got up, and leaned into his ear in the eyes he expected, and the heat sprayed into his cochlea: "Brother."

    The voice is soft and sweet, with the glutinous sense of the girl.

    Gong Lingye only felt that his bones would be crisp in an instant.

    He slowed down for a few seconds before turning around, pressing Song Yi on the bed, bowing his head and kissing.

    Song Yi was kissed in a messy atmosphere, and when Gong Lingye finally let her breathe out, he grabbed his clothes: "It's almost seven o'clock, and they are coming."

    Gong Lingye turned his head and found that it was indeed almost time. Although he wanted to put her on the spot, he didn't have enough time. He couldn't eat well and it was not conducive to the harmonious development of the couple in the future.

    His lips left the Song Yi people, but his hands still caught her waist: "Warm warm, when I said I liked Song Yi people before, what did you ask me? You fell into the water at the same time, who will I save first?"

    Song Yiren's heart snapped. She used to tease Gong Lingye. After she confessed now, he reacted and wanted to turn over the old account?

    "Nuan Nuan, you still ask me, who do I like more? I said I like you, you said I am not affectionate enough; I said I like her, and you are jealous again." Gong Lingye touched the tip of Song Yiren's nose: "Intentionally, Ok?"

    Song Yiren pursed her lips, she rarely made fun of him, now, how could he get a confession?

    "I think you acted very well at that time. I was thinking about how to coax girls." Gong Lingye reached into Song Yi's clothes.

    Song Yi people were kneaded and jumped away to hide.

    Gong Lingye chased behind, and soon chased her, pushing her against the wall.

    After a long ride, Song Yi was gnawed by Gong Lingye again, with messy hair and disheveled clothes.

    He seemed to be barely enough to be ‘punishment’, and turned his head to glance at the time: “I ’ll go ahead and look, they probably are coming.”

    I was about to leave and paused again: "Baby, I still call you warm in the future, not because I like you now or in the past, but I hope your future life will be warm."

    Song Yiren looked at the back view of Gong Lingye's departure, and what he had just said hit his heart. There was a warm feeling, and her lips bent.

    However, when he saw the time, he secretly scolded Gong Lingye for a meal.

    It's almost seven o'clock. I guess they are all here? Her eyes are still swollen now, her hair is a chicken coop, and she does n’t even know where she was thrown off because of her clothes!

    Song Yi people hurriedly washed their faces and combed their hair and dressed. Outside, Gong Lingye had just walked to the living room and heard the servant coming to report that Luo Tianqi had arrived.

    "Brother Ye, happy birthday!" Luo Tianqi said, taking out the gift he had prepared.

    Gong Lingye took it with a smile, and saw that it was a bag, opened, but found that it was a box for clothes, not too big, with only a logo on it.

    "You send me clothes?" Gong Lingye wondered.

    "Hey, open it with Ruo Nuan at night." Luo Tianqi was mysterious.

    At this time, He Wanshuang also arrived, came over and looked over: "What did you send?"

    When she saw the logo, her face changed: "Luo Tianqi, you even gave Yege a sexy suit!"

    "Xiaoshuang, you know a lot!" Luo Tianqi raised his eyebrows.

    "My former roommate's boyfriend gave this brand on her birthday." He Wanshuang turned to Gong Gongling Night Road: "Yege, you beat him!"

    Gong Lingye smiled and received the gift from He Wanshuang. Asked: "Ache is coming soon?"

    "Well, it should be coming soon. I just called him when he came out, and he said he had already set off," Luo Tianqi said.

    A few people were talking, footsteps of leather shoes and high heels were heard outside.