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At the moment, Gong Lingye is turning on his phone and editing audio.

    He captured part of the conversation between Le Haisheng and him just now, especially the sentence ‘All this has nothing to do with Xiaoshuang? ’, ‘What does it have to do with her? all because of you! ’

    He sent the audio to Bae Jun: "Bae Jun, you put this to Xiaoshuang to listen, and then invited Xiaoshuang's psychiatrist to come over from abroad."

    Bae Jun quickly responded, and immediately proceeded to work.

    The next day, Song Yiren invited Yu Xingfan and Yu Ruoxia to be guests at home, while Gong Lingye went to Tiangong Group.

    At the lobby on the first floor, the two secretaries at the front desk saw Gong Lingye's arrival and their eyes lit up.

    They haven't seen the president in many days. I heard that the president is married for honeymoon. I always wanted to see if the married president is radiant?

    Seeing Gong Lingye and Pei Jun coming in, the two quickly walked to the side to salute: "President is early! Pete helps early!"

    Gong Lingye nodded lightly and walked towards the elevator.

    A secretary at the front desk was excited to help him press the exclusive elevator. She secretly looked at Gong Lingye, but she felt that the married president seemed more masculine.

    But, it seems that his face and lips are slightly pale?

    Is it overwork?

    She didn't know what she had thought of. In a flash, her ears were all red.

    Seeing the elevator coming, she lowered her head and dared not watch Gong Lingye: "President, Pete Aide, please!"

    Gong Lingye didn't pay attention to these episodes at all. He reached the office where he belonged, put the good things, and went to another one.

    Over there, Gong Mochen has been around for a while.

    Since Gong Lingye's wedding ended, Gong Mochen has dedicated himself to work, arriving early every day and returning home late.

    In a few days, his heroic eyebrows seemed to have settled a lot again. The whole person showed the taste of a mature man, but it made women more fascinated than the cold cold abstinence.

    Seeing Gong Lingye coming in, he was a little surprised and stood up: "Little Uncle."

    Immediately, he saw Gong Lingye's pale face, and could not help asking: "Uncle, your body--"

    Gong Lingye's lips were slightly raised, but her tone was understated: "Mo Chen, I'm fine."

    Gong Mochen paused for a second, shocked and lowered his voice: "Cure the blood problem?"

    Gong Ling nodded at night.

    Gong Mochen seemed to digest the news, and then said: "Does Grandma know?"

    "I haven't had time to tell her, she wasn't even aware of what happened before me," Gong Ling Yedao said.

    Gong Mochen nodded, thinking of something, he quickly went to the safe and took out a file bag: "Uncle, I will return the shares to you."

    "No." Gong Ling night said: "Since it's given to you, you take it."

    Gong Mochen shook his head: "All the documents are in order, but I didn't sign the final confirmation. So, uncle, the transfer you gave me has not yet taken effect."

    Gong Lingye looked at him in shock.

    Gong Mochen laughed and laughed at himself. He wouldn’t have said these words before. Now he doesn’t know if he has experienced something. His mentality has changed, so he said: "Uncle, I left without a signature at the time, just thinking , Maybe if I don’t sign, you will be fine."

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes.

    "You are only three years older than me, but I have depended on you since I was a child, especially when you have an accident. This feeling is more obvious." Gong Mochen laughed at himself: "I knew I was deceiving myself, but I still did it because I was afraid I could not Do what you give me."

    Gong Lingye looked at his nephew. They grew up together, but he may have been born prematurely. He started to learn business. Gong Gongchen is still playing remote control car games.

    For many years after that, he was used to Gong Mochen slowing him one step at a time. I never thought that he should train him more.

    It was not until he reached the age of 30. After that, after a shareholder meeting, he heard that two shareholders questioned Gong Mochen in the bathroom, and he made up his mind to send Gong Mochen to country f.

    Perhaps something was negligent.

    Gong Lingye walked over and hugged Mo Chen, who embraced Gong: "But I saw that for the most part of the month when I was away, you did well. Mo Chen, you have to remember that you can choose whether or not I am The burden and responsibility of the Qi Gong family."

    At the same time, the Song Yi people secretly obtained Yu Xingfan and Yu Ruoxia's hair follicle samples.

    She put it away carefully, and then greeted her sister and brother to eat fruit.

    Since the wedding, Yu Ruoxia's husband broke off with the woman outside him, and now, he lives with Yu Ruoxia wholeheartedly, and his attitude is exactly like a different person.

    It's just that some things are cracked and can't be repaired anymore. Yu Ruoxia is now, but he just treats the man as a cash machine.

    When the relationship between husband and wife becomes a pure benefit, sometimes, it is more reliable than emotion.

    Yu Ruoxia is not too young, so she only wants to manage the company. For that man, she is just a tenant.

    Yu Ruoxin has returned to work in Ningguo. Because it happened to be a day off today, I heard that the eldest sister and younger brother are coming to the third son, so I sent a video application.

    When Song Yiren saw her calling, she answered and smiled at the screen: "Second sister, we are eating durian!"

    Yu Ruoxin smiled: "I don't want to stink your mansion, the brother-in-law came back to think what happened to you!"

    Song Yi raised his eyebrows: "When he comes back, I will feed him!"

    Yu Ruoxin smiled: "You are spreading dog food to me again!"

    With that, she said something to the people around her, and then said, "Come here!"

    Immediately afterwards, there was a man who looked calm and full of grace on the phone screen.

    Song Yiren guessed a few points. Sure enough, Yu Ruoxin embarrassedly introduced: "My boyfriend, Zhang Qianhe."

    Having said that, he also introduced Song Qianren and others to Zhang Qianhe.

    Song Yi looked at the man and saw him gentle and polite. He looked at Yu Ruoxin's eyes with obvious indulgence. He couldn't help but sigh. It was good. Her second sister also found her own happiness.

    She still remembers that when she persuaded Ruoxin to leave the male husband's ex-husband, Yu Ruoxin said that she had no education and was 27 years old, and she would have nothing but to continue to live a life of domestic violence.

    But she told her that as long as she worked hard, she could have a bright future.

    This day has finally arrived.

    She saw a self-confident, sunny, yet original sister.

    Everything is so good.

    On the same day, Gong Lingye came back a little late, but he asked Pei Jun to come over and take a sample of hair follicles and send it to a special identification agency.

    And that night, Bei Mingmo, who was busy for a few days, finally had a chance to relax.

    She went to a restaurant with good furniture and tightness. She gave her a good stomach. When she came out, she met Beimingxiao who was filming in Huahai, a coastal city.

    "Yo, my dear sister, alone?" He greeted her in a hurry.

    She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows: "My star brother, why don't you wear a mask? Are you afraid that your fans will drown you?"

    Speaking of fans, Beiming Xiaoyan suddenly had a grudge on his face.

    He got a little red at the time of the New Year, and was going to fight a beautiful battle by the domineering president idol drama, knowing that the heroine is out of the way. Delayed indefinitely...

    After many years of debut, Bei Mingxiao didn't know how many times he had encountered such a thing, and he felt that he could rely on this luck to reach the 18th line of the entertainment industry.