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Bei Mingmo smiled deeper, but the light did not reach the bottom of his eyes: "Then I will simply pick it out!"

    She pointed to the sofa: "Not talking? Sit down and talk slowly."

    Xuanyuan Che was more puzzled, but she let go of her and sat on the sofa with her: "Okay, you said."

    "I don't like to go around in circles. Don't blame me for some things." Bei Mingmo's eyes are sharp, but the tone is casual. "The last time you went to country M, I met you. That day I came out of the restaurant and hit a woman Confession to you."

    Xuanyuan Che was startled, and then remembered who Beimingmo said.

    He was about to explain, but she continued: "Then I went back to the hotel that day and met her. That night, I went to the assistant's room and found that she called for a fruit bowl. There was a man in her room and there were kiss marks on her body."

    "Ye Shao told me that you have picked me up in country M, but you have not contacted me, and that hotel you stayed on that day."

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyes and twitched a sneer at the corner of his lips: "You contact me the next day and tell me that you are in a hurry that night."

    With Bei Mingmo's words, Xuanyuan Che only felt that his mind seemed to be suddenly, and there was nothing enlightened in general, but the enlightenment was carried with excitement.

    Therefore, her sudden change of attitude was not intentional, but because she had misunderstood him and other women?

    Speaking of here, Bei Mingmo also knew that she should have said almost that. As three years ago, she bumped into him and the woman talking and laughing, and it seems to have been insignificant.

    Opposite, Xuan Yuan Che did not speak, but took out his mobile phone.

    I didn’t know what he was turning. It seemed that he thought about it for a while, and then he found the woman’s circle of friends and handed it to Bei Mingmo: "Momo, I have nothing to do with her. The person who was with her in the room that night. It’s not me, but her current husband. She was estimated to be pregnant at that time, so she got married and recently showed her affection in the circle of friends."

    Bei Mingmo narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen.

    Sure enough it was that woman, perhaps because of pregnancy, her cheeks were a little fuller, but there was no sign of pregnancy on her stomach.

    Her circle of friends is not much, she quickly turned to the previous month.

    Sure enough, during the New Year, she sent a photo of the diamond ring, saying that she was proposed.

    Xuanyuan Che and her are classmates, so you can also see some of the classmates' comments below.

    Many people were surprised and asked when she had a boyfriend, but she replied uniformly: "I am very happy when I get married."

    It seems that she misunderstood him? He really has nothing to do with this woman?

    There was a sudden silence in the room, an inexplicable ambiguity lingering.

    Bei Mingmo pursed his lips and looked down at the mobile phone in his palm, thinking that this man had seen her finished reading, and did not know to take it away.

    Then I heard Xuanyuan Che said again: "Momo, my phone is all about the company, I don't believe you turn over."

    Bei Mingmo suddenly felt hot, and returned the phone: "Why should I turn your phone?"

    He didn't speak anymore, and the two were suffering so ambiguously.

    In the end, Bei Mingmo didn't like this kind of atmosphere, she took the lead to stand up: "Okay, I'm going to sleep, please come back!"

    Xuanyuan Che didn't move.

    She was about to urge him, but he pulled her down. Because of the power, she was unstable and she was tossed halfway down on the sofa.

    She was about to get angry, and he had already bullied him, pressed her into the soft sofa, and scorched breath sprayed on her cheek: "So let's reconcile!"

    His series of operations made her a little surprised. It was because I was stimulated at the wedding today, and he saw how his good brother treated his wife.

    Bei Mingmo didn't move, and Xuanyuan Che didn't move any further, except that the tip of her nose was against her, and most of her weight was pressed against her.

    The breath between each other is intertwined, and the outline of the man's chest on the fingertip is outlined clearly. As time crawled a little bit, Bei Mingmo clearly felt that the dangerous things of the man on his body were slowly recovering.

    She suddenly remembered that at the end of today's wedding, Song Yiren said to her that there was "no hardware", and then, uncontrollably, she remembered certain pictures that were inappropriate for children.

    She is no longer unattended, so at this moment Xuanyuan Che is so semi-suppressed with desire. Looking at her, some kind of desire in her heart was miraculously awakened.

    She pursed her lips and despised her thoughts.

    But then I thought about it, she is an adult, there is a certain way of thinking is normal, but she is not X cold.

    This is an anxious contest, which is caused by emotions and adult desires, but it is also hampered by face or other concerns. No one has taken that step first.

    Bei Mingmo's heart moved slightly, and he moved slightly, his voice complained a little, but it was just right to hook people: "Hey, you hurt me--"

    When Xuanyuan Che heard the word "pain", he didn't know why, and the tight string in his brain was so broken.

    No matter whether she is angry or not, she will eat some things after one taste, tormenting the lonely and long night, and having trouble sleeping.

    Therefore, he no longer gave her a chance to escape, and directly printed the lips that had just flirted.

    Bei Mingmo's heart is funny. Sure enough, I can't stand the flirting. It seems to be the first time before!

    As a result, the room almost entered the day-to-day stage, from the sofa to the double bed, the carpet, and even the balcony, almost everywhere, the ignited air was stained with ambiguous traces.

    At the end of the end, Bei Mingmo closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. Xuanyuan Che took her to take a bath, and finally fell to the bed.

    Before falling asleep, she felt that he lowered his head and kissed her forehead, as if satisfied, as if angry again, and called her name: "Momo."

    What she thought in her heart was that the Song Yi people said that if they lose their temperament, they will fall away.

    Well, it's pretty cool.

    Bei Mingmo bent his lips and smiled unconsciously.

    It's just that Xuanyuan Che has turned off the lights and hasn't seen anything...

    At this moment, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye had just arrived at the Dicheng Airport, accompanied them, Gu Guxue and the medical team.

    Going to Nirvana City for a wedding is already a heavy physical burden for Gu Tingxue.

    So, at the end of the wedding that day, she always rested in the room.

    However, apparently leaving the professional equipment for treatment at any time, Gu Tingxue was somewhat sullen, even the spirit of speaking was gone.

    Everyone came out of the hall together, and just about to get on the bus, Gong Lingye noticed that Gu Tingxue was not in the right condition.

    "Listen to snow?" He called her and suddenly saw her caressing her chest, seeming to be out of breath at any moment.

    "Prepare to rescue immediately!" Gong Lingye quickly ordered the medical staff: "Go to the nearest hospital!"