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#487 National son-in-law

In another small building, Shangguan Xun lit a cigarette, looked at the screen casually, and spit out a smoke ring.

"I want to see, what on earth do you have to fight with me?" he said, shaking off the soot.

On the screen, Bae Jun has begun to announce the survey data.

"Tiangong Group's first batch of cars used Road King's technology, and this technology has been recognized by the market before..."

He began to explain the process of acquiring the core technology of Road King, and also talked about the technician.

In front of the screen, Shangguan Xun sneered: "So, this is playing the emotional card? Let people know that you are also victims, so I sympathize with you?"

He put the smoke out in the ashtray and said lightly: "Gong Lingye, do you have this skill?!"

The brake system is actually relatively simple, and it has been explained very quickly.

Bae Jun said: "Although we are also victims, we cannot excuse the responsibility for this matter."

Having said that, he stood up and bowed to the camera: "I'm sorry, consumers, we promise that there will be no similar situations in the future. Moreover, I am very grateful to the person who broke this. Let the car have not had time Sales on the market have also avoided greater hidden dangers and casualties."

He speaks earnestly, and Pei Jun is already handsome and calm, and for a while, many netizens in front of the computer began to soften their attitude a little.

"Isn't it enough to apologize like this! Why do you stand up and say something when you have to scold the whole network?"

"Yes, with such a good attitude, we won't be holding on to it. However, this matter has been exposed, how to deal with other things? That is a living life!"

"In other words, do I think that Pete is the only one who makes him handsome? To have good looks and to have emotional intelligence. How do I feel that this is the perfect image of a son-in-law in my mother's heart?"

"Hahaha, what you said upstairs is really true! My mom was next to me just now, and she said that this guy is handsome and polite, so I will look for someone like this in the future!"

"Ahhhh, my mother said it too!"

"No? So Bae Jun became the national son-in-law because of a press conference?"

"Hey hey hey, are you crooked? Are they all Yangou? Why have we forgotten our original intention?"

"It's over. I can't stand it until Pei Jun comes out to speak. After a while, the two palace chiefs will come out. I think I might be betraying..."

There is a lot of discussion online.

Until, Bae Jun sat back in his seat and said: "Next, we will proceed to the second topic, about TG-03 hitting and killing the tramp."

Upon hearing this, some reporters wanted to speak again.

After all, the second thing that happened was about a plane crash.

It involves three hundred lives, and the Tiangong Group avoids the importance of it and just talks about it first. Does it mean that they have no clarification at all?

After all, the black box has not been found!

And Pei Jun has already spoken: "I have invited our president, Mr. Gong Lingye, to help everyone."

Gong Lingye spoke to the loudspeaker in front of him and said, "Everyone, the strategy of Tiangong Group in the past few years is basically clear to everyone. The automobile market, aircraft manufacturing. We will talk about aircraft afterwards. First of all, we Proud of the driverless series."

He paused and continued: "Yes, even at this moment when everyone is questioning, I still say that the TG series is what I have always been most proud of."

"Because, as everyone knows, China is relatively late in developing driverless technology. After M country, but also after Ningguo. However, in these short two years, Tiangong Group's TG-03 has been among the world's super-class level. So here, I want to express my respect to all employees of our AI team!"

Everyone absolutely didn't expect him to say such a thing, so that even on Weibo, it was quiet and quiet, waiting for Gong Lingye to follow.

He continued: "Of course, you may not be able to understand how I feel now, so let's watch some videos."

After he said, the staff has activated the remote control. Suddenly, audio-visual pictures appeared on the screens on both sides of the rostrum.

In the picture, there is the research and development of the technical team and the process of the company's production line.

Finally, there are some close-ups of employees' working status.

All the pictures are rigorous, tidy, and actively working hard.

Even through the screen, you can still feel that hundreds of employees, from technology research and development to the first production line, are all moving towards a goal.

"Everyone, what does it feel like watching the video?" Gong Lingye said: "These are just some of the pictures. What I want to say is that our technical team often lives in the company for a few days when developing. Including my wife, I haven't seen her for a few days. When I went to look for her, she crawled out from under the console, her face was all flowers."

He paused and said, "So, this has always been my pride."

In front of the computer screen, Shangguan Yan glanced at Song Yiren and shrugged: "The old man will be sensationalized by dog ​​food!"

Song Yiren laughed: "Then you can also send me something to taste!"

Shangguan Yan jumped immediately: "There are so many women who like me! I just look down on Xiaoye!"

"Oh, do you have a picky vision? Then what do you like?" Song Yiren said, and then said: "Why, now I call myself a little master, not a baby?"

Shangguan Yan did not open his face and snorted: "The one I like is naturally the most beautiful and the most powerful! Tell you that you don't understand it!"

Song Yiren didn't bother to care about him and continued to watch the live broadcast.

At this moment, Gong Lingye has taken out a document and said: "The above can only explain our efforts. Then, next, you will see a simple explanation of the principle of TGB-03."

Someone posted the document, and a specific explanation soon appeared on the screens on both sides.

The animation explained is made by Anic. It tells the whole process of the simple principles of the entire driverless car, from design to testing to final production, and it is considered popular among people outside the industry.

On the Internet, someone watched the video and began to admire: "Fuck, the unmanned driving technology is so awesome, it's a long experience!"

"Since unmanned driving is so powerful, there shouldn't be any mistakes in theory, so how did the accident of TG-03 hit a person?"

Thousands of miles away, Shangguan Xun, who was in front of the computer, looked at Gong Lingye's calm face, beginning to feel a little uncertain.

After all, Gong Lingye didn't seem to have any tricks to do this, but in reality, he was doing it every step of the way, fully explaining the situation to everyone.

Moreover, he even played the promotional video at the end, which turned out to be an arrogant advertisement for the Tiangong Group!

What does it mean that he can do this?

It means that Gong Lingye may already have favorable evidence!

At this moment, Shangguan Xun's cell phone rang, and he slid to answer.

On the phone, the voice of his subordinates panicked: "Sir, it's not good. We just discovered that the room where we put the black box was moved!"

Shangguan Xun felt cold: "Is the black box still there?"

The human said: "It's still there, but I don't know if it's the original one, because I always feel that it doesn't feel right..."