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#20 What are you doing?

Both men were dressed in suits and looked gentle, but the light in their eyes was inexplicably chilling.

"What are you doing?" The chief bandit shivered.

But the only answer was the sound of his fist across the air.

Gong Lingye's driver and special assistant are both practicing their family. Almost for a few breaths, they laid down two people and stepped on the third person who wanted to escape.

"Leave a living mouth, ask who did it, and then clean everything up." Gong Ling's cold and cruel voice sounded in the night.

"Yes." Pei Jun should, with his hands and feet nimbly and the driver together, tied up those people, and then made a phone call: "a Mian, bring some people here, Emperor Shao wants to clear the scene!"

At the moment, the Songyi people have exhausted their energy.

She now has a very weak body and a long-term lack of exercise. She feels almost empty with a little effort.

She understood that she had to support herself, but she still couldn't let her body move even if her brain gave her orders.

The pain in the abdomen is rampant in the body, but there is a strange and terrible heat flow, scurrying in the blood.

The man in the pool of blood beside her was taken away. The man was wailing. It seemed that the man who took him away thought he was too noisy. With one stroke, the man suddenly didn't even groan.

Then, Song Yi people saw a pair of exquisite and shiny leather shoes in front of them.

She followed the shoes to look at the tall and straight figure, but the light was too dim, he was against the light, she could not see his expression.

The next second, Song Yi people only feel a light body, was picked up!

Pei Jun saw that the big boss, who has always been a purist, actually took the initiative to hold a woman. He could not help but wonder, but he immediately opened the back seat door of the car for the two.

When they got on the car, Gong Lingye's eyes saw the blood on the dagger held by the Song Yi people, and there was a little more interesting light in their eyes.

He had just clearly seen that she dared to kill people. There was a determination and coldness at the bottom of her eyes that did not belong to her age.

At that moment, his eyes were shining and his blood was boiling. He felt that his heart, which had not moved for a long time since the girl died three years ago, finally showed signs of recovery.

Gong Lingye takes the towel from the shelf and takes the dagger from Song Yi's hand, so as not to hurt herself, and carefully wipes her bloody hand with the towel.

"To the hotel." He told the driver.

The driver immediately started the car, and Pei Jun was left in place, waiting for the arrival of a Mian and others.

A few moments later, several people appeared in the dark alley, nodded at Pei Jun, and threw the bundled people directly into a truck.

Then someone in the car brought down a special detergent and bucket to clean all the blood stains on the ground.

They are very skilful in their work. They are obviously a veteran. But ten minutes later, there is no trace in the alley. Even in the air, there is no smell of blood.

At the moment, song Yiren is sitting in Gong Lingye's car, knowing that she has been saved. She turns her head and whispers to the man beside her: "thank you."

He came close to her. His eyes were dark and unclear. The warm breath fell on her ears. The low magnetic voice was restrained. The lure of desire was confused: "calculate, how many times have I saved you? What are you going to thank me for, eh? "

Song Yi people only feel that the cochlea is hot and the consciousness is chaotic. The heat flow in the blood almost burns her.

She is particularly uncomfortable to Gong Ling night, it seems that there is something in him that attracts her, which can alleviate the itching in the body.

Because Gong Lingye's lips are too close to her, and she moves like this, his lips sweep her side face and stop at the corner of her lips.

The ambiguous air exploded in the car, and the Song Yi people could not restrain their voice.

As soon as his pupils were dark, he saw that she seemed to be too hot, and almost instinctively raised her hand, and pulled away some of the clothes that were already broken.

Suddenly, a large white skin exposed to the air!

Gong Ling reached out quickly at night and pressed a position. All of a sudden, the interior panel fell down, covering all the views of the rear seats.

He narrowed his eyes, just wanted to ask the Songyi people if they knew what they were doing. The woman beside him buried her face in his chest, and then, as if she could not support herself, her face continued to slide down. Where she passed, she brought a layer of current.

At last, he fell on his leg.

What's more, her face is in his most sensitive position!