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Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "You can't just die like that."

    Dead, it's too cheap for her!

    Song Yiren said beside him, "Can you give it to me about her?"

    Gong Lingye raised his eyes: "Warm warm, don't have to be soft-hearted."

    Song Yi nodded: "I won't."

    "Good." Gong Lingye rushed to Amian: "You look at her first, don't let her run away, I will tell you what to do later."

    When A Mian left, the Song Yi people were trying to explain something, Gong Lingye said again: "Nuan Nuan, come and continue."

    Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "You are hurt!"

    Gong Lingye pointed to his lips: "Not here."

    She really didn't know what to say, but it was still past, and the two began to kiss again.

    This time, as if the sky thunder triggered the ground fire, the two began to exercise some restraint. When they reached the back, they directly forgot what tonight.

    Song Yiren only felt like he was covered with fire, the whole person became soft and hot, and even her breath became hot. She fully responded to Gong Lingye ’s kiss, her fingers unconsciously penetrated his neck socket, the two Breathing entangled, the temperature of the ward rose.

    I didn't know how long it took before they were separated from each other, but there was a trace of tiny body lotus root broken wire connected to each other, connected to each other's lips and petals, not broken.

    Song Yiren noticed that her cheeks were red, and she retreated a little later. Suddenly, the silk thread broke and her ears became hotter.

    "Nuan Nuan, I really want to sleep with you!" Gong Lingye sighed.

    Song Yi people couldn't help but said: "You are hurt so bad now, you still want these!"

    She turned her eyes and looked down. Sure enough, she saw that the thin blankets were all propped up by his obvious radian.

    Gong Lingye laughed: "I didn't get hurt there again."

    After he finished speaking, he seemed to have a sudden aftertaste, looking at her with an eyebrow raised: "So I'm injured, is it okay?"

    Song Yi took a breath and nodded to the deep eyes of Shang Gong Ling Ye at night, "Yeah."

    Gong Lingye thought he had heard it wrong, but was n’t his housewarming like the shy young wife in front of him?

    His chest undulated, and he felt the wounds swelled up with swollen blood: "Warm warm, you are torturing me."

    Knowing that he can't move now, he promised him this! How to let him sleep these days?

    The Song Yi people really burned up, and she was embarrassed and distressed: "Then you don't think about it!"

    "I want to see you." Gong Lingye grabbed Song Yiren's hand: "Forget what I said to you? 24 hours, hard for you anytime, anywhere."

    Song Yi: "..."

    She was embarrassed and angry, but a little rejoicing. He could say this to prove that he was really well, his body was gradually repairing, he was fine, it was good.

    Even after more than ten hours have passed, she still remembers that he protected her in her arms yesterday. She leaned on him completely powerless, and he hugged her with his arms tightly, facing the seven or eight people with arms, blood Fighting hard

    He was stained with blood, but he insisted on not looking down, in exchange for her escape opportunities;

    She kept begging him to leave him alone, but he said he would not let go ...

    In the past, he took her to the casino. For the first time, she saw that bloody she was afraid of him. However, yesterday, even with blood on his face, she felt more handsome than ever!

    Song Yiren leaned on Gong Lingye's arms again and said softly, "Gong Lingye, thank you."

    She continued: "Do you know, you helped me regain my confidence in facing this world."

    It turned out that her life was resurrected once, not only with revenge, but also with love; her world is not gray and black, but also lively and colorful.

    Gong Lingye turned his eyes to look at the Song Yiren's profile, those clear eyes, now filled with vicissitudes.

    He moved his heart slightly and wanted to ask something, but I wondered whether the smell on her body made him relax too much, or because he was so exhausted that he fell asleep unconsciously.

    At the moment, Su Yunfei is shopping in a mall in the Imperial City.

    She was a little puzzled, and she always felt as if someone was following her, but when she looked closely, she found that she was thinking too much.

    Last night, she received news of the person she hired and said that she had captured Song Yi.

    However, there was no more text behind, which confused her once.

    This morning, Su Yunfei made several more calls, but no one answered.

    Anyway, she only paid a deposit. Those people, regardless of whether they got the video or not, would always return it to the final payment, and they would take the initiative to find her!

    With such a thought, she felt relieved a lot, so she began to choose clothes again.

    Before, Chu Mingyao started too hard, her tail vertebrae hurt for a few days, and her face was swollen for a few days, so she could not see anyone. So, she finally recovered today and had to celebrate.

    Plus, with the video of the Song Yi people, can you still worry about the bad breath before? !

    Su Yunfei chose a suit and walked into the fitting room, but just opened the door and found that there was a man inside.

    She was instantly covered in mouth and nose.

    Immediately afterwards, a strange fragrance invaded the sense of smell. Not long after, she was released by someone, but she felt a strange agitation in her body.

    The man in front of him seems to be very old, but he is a middle-aged veteran.

    Su Yunfei began to dislike the other person's disgusting appearance, but gradually, as the body's feelings became more apparent, she began to make a shy voice.

    She didn't notice, however, that there was a camera in the dressing room that was aimed at her face and body all the way.

    The clothes faded away, until she was fully exposed in front of each other.

    She took the initiative to climb up the man's body, and soon, only the ambiguous voice was left in the dressing room ...

    This fierce battle lasted for a long time. At the end, Su Yunfei almost collapsed to the ground.

    The corners of her lips raised a pleasant arc, and it seemed that she was still enjoying the enjoyment just now.

    This desire seems to be just an episode. Although Su Yunfei was awake after being awake, but because it was okay afterwards, he quickly left it behind.

    On the same day, she still didn't wait for the video. She was insulting those people by using her heart. Maybe she got caught up with something else. She was thinking about it. This time, the Song Yi people probably escaped the disaster, and she also frightened her It is better to go back to Ningguo first, then make plans.

    At night, Su Yunfei boarded the plane to Ning Guo.

    At the moment, the Song Yi people opened the video sent by A Mian, and just looked at it, they felt spicy eyes, and immediately closed.

    Beside, Gong Lingye asked: "Wan Nuan, have you planned it?"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Well, when Su Yunfei returns to Chu Mingyao, I will give them a big gift."

    Gong Lingye's lips: "All right, it's up to you."

    The Song Yi people are actually a bit unhappy. After all, Su Yunfei hurt Gong Lingye so much, she really wished to kill her, but the past hatred, Su Yunfei died ten times!

    She had to save her life and let her pay it off!