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#482 Like you then

In the afternoon, Gong Lingye and Amian left the town.

He drove directly to Ningcheng, where he traded with Shen Yu.

Both parties sat down, and after Shen Yu read Gong Lingye's prescription, his eyes were filled with excitement.

He said, "What does the little brother want?"

At this moment, Gong Lingye felt that there was no need to hide his identity.

He said: "Let Bei Mingshen exchange the black box of the plane crashed by the Tiangong Group."

Shen Yu was a little surprised: "Do you know that friend?"

Gong Lingye hooked her lips: "He should be impressed with me."

Obviously, Shen Yu is really a person immersed in academics, so he did not show any curiosity or doubt about the identity of Gong Lingye and Bei Mingshen at all, because he got another ancient medicine.

Gong Lingye didn't worry that he would take the prescription and do nothing, let alone that Bei Mingshen would not be able to get the black box.

He flew directly back to China that day.

The Tiangong Group's matter must be resolved.

It just so happens that when the black box is in hand, it is even simpler.


At this moment, Bei Mingshen was still in that small courtyard.

The small courtyard is Shen Yu's property, and his two sons are also studying Chinese medicine. Only the youngest daughter is studying Western medicine.

At this moment, in the courtyard, Bei Mingshen received a call from Shen Yu and stared slightly.

Immediately, he smiled bitterly.

That day, he rejected Bei Mingmo's request, but today, he has to agree to it himself.

"Okay, promise him, I will fulfill his request." He had guessed the identity of Gong Lingye almost instantly.

In the courtyard, the girl came to him and said, "Sir, my father said, you have to take a bath these days, and after he comes back, he will start treatment."

Bei Ming nodded deeply: "Okay, I see, thank you."

The girl pointed to the medicinal room: "Then go quickly! It will take half an hour!"

"Yeah." Bei Mingmo continued nodding.

"Furthermore, your face must be buried in the water." The girl said again: "Of course it didn't make you hold your breath. I mean, after you are buried in the water, you can surface to the surface for breathing in the middle."

Bei Mingshen felt a bit pain in his head, but he was patient: "Okay, thank you Miss."

"I'm not a lady, just call me Shen Qianqian." The girl finished speaking, and looked at the room.

Bei Mingshen had no choice but to pass.

He walked into the room and made a phone call first: "Zheng Xiaohui, there is one thing you need to do... Yes, get the black box at all costs."

After the phone call, he locked the door and began to undress.

The explosion that day, at this moment, he still remembers the feeling of the flame burning on his skin.

The clothes faded completely, and the mask was taken off, exposing a third of the burned skin.

Saying that you don’t care about appearance is false.

Even if it is a man, he hopes that in front of the girl he likes, not to scare her.

He stared at the criss-cross scars on his back, held on to the edge of the barrel, and walked in.

Suddenly, a feeling of coolness spread all over the body, Bei Mingshen sat down and immersed his body and head in the water little by little.

He remembered something many years ago.

At that time, he was still in middle school, went swimming with Bei Mingxiao, and was rescued from drowning.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Bei Mingmo running over.

There was panic in her big eyes, and big tears kept falling. She seemed to be running all the way, one shoe ran off, and there were broken scars on her knee.

When she saw them, she rushed over.

At that time, Bei Mingxiao had just woke up and was completely powerless, so it was Bei Mingshen who caught her.

At that moment, Bei Mingshen still remembers clearly.

He only remembered that her body was small and soft, and she trembled when she crashed into his arms.

She cried hoarse, as if he and Bei Mingxiao were dead.

He thought at the time, in fact, he and her have a very ordinary relationship, and Bei Mingxiao often teased her and her little sisters, why would she worry about them so much?

Until she cried out of breath, he stretched out his hand to follow her breath, and when she was relieved, he said dumbly: "Momo, crying, we are not dead."

She suddenly raised her hand to cover his lips, not letting him continue to say that.

At that moment, he remembered that her palm was soft, but there was mud in her palm, which was obviously caused by a fall on the way.

"I heard that the ghost gate is open these days, I'm afraid you will be caught by the ghost!" When she was in the third year of junior high school, she, who had obviously studied science, even believed in such things.

He curled his lips at the time and said, "I never believed in what it is!"

After that, he looked at her crying red eyes and asked: "Are you still worried about me?"

He added in his heart, after all, I hardly said a few words to you.

She nodded: "Worry!"

In that way, without hesitation, his heartbeat missed a beat.

Since his parents left in the plane crash, he and his younger brother have been sent to the fence. Although the uncle and aunt have not detained them, the boy of that age is also sensitive and inferior.

He didn't expect that she would really worry about him.

Someone really worried about him.

After that, although he still got along with her like in the past, and every day was pitiful, but as long as she asked him, he would be satisfied.

At first, he thought it was just brother and sister relationship.

Until, his father suddenly came to him, he learned all the truth.

There seemed to be no her on the road in front of him.

At that time, he knew that she could influence his decision.

However, he had no choice after all.

After that, they seemed to get further and further away.

But only he knows, in fact, he always looks at her.

Watching her grow up, watching her have many friends.

Look at her again, fall in love...

Her vision is really bad, and she always likes little white faces.

However, she seemed to have no tolerance for Xiao Bai Lian, always playing like a child, and she got tired of talking within a few days. Even the hand hasn't been held yet.

At that time, he thought, it’s okay, he just looked at her so far, she will never grow up, or...

Bei Mingshen felt that the water had covered his scalp, and he did not come out until the diaphragm in his chest began to twitch.

He suddenly remembered the feeling of drowning, but he understood that she would not be there after he got up.

There is no longer any silly girl who will obviously see them all right, crying like she has lost the whole world.

He slowly surfaced, looking at the time on the wall clock.

I don’t know what the girl he loves is doing...

At this moment, Bei Mingmo is also in Ningguo.

She came this morning, because of a promotion from Unique, she must attend.

After a day's platform, at the end, my legs are a little sore.

As soon as I sat down in the background, a long figure appeared in front of him.

When Bei Mingmo saw Xuanyuan Che, he was taken aback: "Why are you here?"

He didn't say anything, but put a pair of soft flat sneakers in front of her.