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Instead, Bei Mingmo was amused by Xuanyuan Che's ‘Don’t Know’. Her tone was lazy: “Xuanyuan Che, are you stupid?”

He saw her leaning softly on his chest, the skin he touched was soft and smooth, and his voice was soft and soft, so that his heart couldn't help but be confused.

Xuanyuan Che's fingers passed through Beiming Mo's curly hair, rubbing gently between his fingers, and his voice said slowly: "Well."

Bei Mingmo was confused by his voice ‘um’ and almost blurted out: “Even if I have been in love with someone? Even if I’m the first time...”

He interrupted her: "It's all gone."

Bei Mingmo was a little gripped: "Do you really care?"

Xuanyuan Che lowered her head and kissed her forehead: "It's past is past."

"Xuanyuan Che!" She stopped him, and his tone was serious: "Don't you want to know one thing?"

He looked at her: "What's the matter?"

"My first time." Bei Mingmo looked at Xuanyuan Che's eyes.

He put his arm around her arm unconsciously, but after a while, he returned to normal: "Momo, don't make trouble."

After that, I thought about it and said, "I did not have a good attitude that day. In fact, I didn't think about it that much. I am with you, and I hope that we will have a long time in the future. As for your past, it is not so important."

"It's you." Bei Mingmo suddenly spit out two words.

Xuan Yuan Che wanted to say something, but suddenly stopped: "What?"

"I said it for the first time." Bei Mingmo felt a little embarrassed, but still pretended to calmly and easily said: "It's you."

Xuanyuan Che froze for a few seconds before staring at Beiming Mo, his eyes glowing: "Mo Mo, you said that was your first time that day?"

"I was deliberately angry with you that day." Bei Mingmo saw Xuanyuan Che looking happy, and inexplicably angry. "Oh, I don't mind. I just said that this is the first time, you are so happy!"

Xuanyuan Che was about to explain that he was not happy, but he reached the tip of his tongue and found this problem again.

Therefore, Xuanyuan Che wisely chose silence.

Bei Mingmo poked him: "Are you proud?"

He wanted to laugh, trying to hold back: "Momo, I don't have one."

"You have it." Bei Mingmo may really be because she has encountered too many things recently, instinctively want to relax at this moment, and find someone to rely on, so after joking, she explained: "Just I don't know Why is there no bleeding."

Xuanyuan Che heard this and shook his head: "Momo, I don't understand this either."

Bei Mingmo was still wondering, but he was amused by Xuanyuan Che's academic appearance: "Do you think you should understand?"

Xuanyuan Che also smiled, but felt that his heart was free for a while, and for a time, did not know how to express it, so he bowed his head and kissed her again.

Kissing and kissing, the two felt the atmosphere was different, facing each other, the temperature in the room seemed to be lit.

He pressed her down again, and she didn't refuse. Soon, there was only an ambiguous voice in the room.

It has been a long time since it ended again, and Bei Mingmo really didn't want to move at all.

Xuanyuan Che took her to take a bath, and helped her dry her hair. Beiming Mo was a little sleepy, but it was almost time to see the evening. If you sleep at this time, I might be insomnia at night.

Therefore, the two of them leaned against the bed and talked with each other.

I don't know who started the conversation first. They all talked about school for a while. Bei Mingmo suddenly mentioned the matter of talking to the seniors when he was in school. He suddenly realized what he was saying and stopped.

There was a moment of silence in the room.

Bei Mingmo wanted to drink some water to ease the embarrassment, so Xuanyuan Che said.

"Momo, when the matter is over, let's get married!" He turned to look at her beside him.

Bei Mingmo suddenly turned his head: "What are you talking about?"

Xuanyuan Che did not repeat it, but looked at her so seriously.

Bei Mingmo only felt a burst of enthusiasm, rising from his throat, and soon, it seemed to have burned to his cheeks, making the whole person uncomfortable.

She took a deep breath and pretended to be casual: "Is this a proposal?"

Xuanyuan Che realized what was happening in general, and said: "Momo, this is not counted, I'm just planning..."

Bei Mingmo raised an eyebrow: "Do you always like to plan ahead?"

"Important things will happen." Xuan Yuan Che said, and asked her again: "Is it OK?"

Bei Mingmo looked down at the quilt, crumpled it into folds, and then loosened it: "It's too early, don't plan so early!"

What he just said brought her back to reality.

Anonymous phone calls, Beiming's flying eagle tattoos, all sorts of things 20 years ago... everything seemed to be a mystery, so she couldn't grasp her clue.

She didn't know what the future was like, just like today's madness, after sobering, all the emotions faded away, only those threats, hanging deeply in front of her eyes.

Bei Mingmo sighed, and the thoughts he wanted to settle down before would be postponed indefinitely...

Who knows, the man beside him said: "Okay, I'm waiting for the time you want to plan."

Bei Mingmo turned his eyes: "Ache, you--"

He inserted his hand into her hair, pressed her head in his direction, and her lips and petals also followed.

Soft lips. The petals are printed, and there is a man's taste between the lips and teeth, which is a bit familiar and brings a bit of novelty.

He didn't eagerly pry open her teeth, but just grinded with her so hard, but it was hard to ignore.

"Are we already male and female friends?" Xuanyuan Che retreated and asked second: "Momo, I am your boyfriend."

Bei Mingmo was burnt by the words "boyfriend". She lowered her eyes: "Ache, I am now--"

"I can't guarantee anything, but face it together!" His eyes were very close to her, and her face clearly reflected in her eyes: "Momo, like I said to you just now, someone's At that time, I can try my best to cooperate and show nothing."

Bei Mingmo looked up at his eyes and sighed: "Xuanyuan Che, you are driving me crazy!"

After all, she smiled and looked at him with some fragility: "I really don't know how to achieve both."

He went to kiss her again, rubbing his ears, warming each other's temperature: "Momo, it will be fine, we will be fine!"

Three years ago, she was forced to jump into the sea and blinded for so long. Such a thing would never happen again.

Although I don’t know who made the anonymous call, it’s okay for everyone to face it together.

The room was very quiet. For a long time, Bei Mingmo spoke before, with a tone of firmness and determination that he had never had before: "Well, Xuanyuan Che, we are boyfriends and girlfriends."

He was shocked, only to discover at this moment, only to hear her definite answer, only to know how happy this moment was.

He repeated: "Well, we are now boyfriends."